The Cat’s Inheritance


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One day, mister Dragon Li cat who lives in the countryside received a letter from his aunt in the city. The kind-hearted Persian lady cat left him a precious inheritance: a human male. So he packs his bundle and goes to the big city. Upon his arrival, he finds that all the cats in the city have diplomas. But the worst part is that his human does not look like he can raise himself at all. In order to support his new family, mister Dragon Li cat is determined to graduate from college…

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08/06/22 Chrysanthemum Garden c1
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New patch rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Great story of the cat called Sparta and his loving human. This is so good; plot, storyline, characters, emotional parts. I love the story and how the author brings you to the other side of the world where these fluffy and lovely cats have unique ways of integrating themselves into human society.

Highly recommended. It's a very heart-warming story.
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