The Case In Which Streaming In Another World Led To The Creation Of A Massive Yandere Following


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Living in Ataraxia, a world of swords and magic, a reincarnated individual decided to make a living out of streaming.

Living in a world where such a thing did not exist despite the many forms of entertainment, he quickly made a name for himself.

This is not the tale of just a streamer… but of a boy who becomes a legend as a haishinsha.

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Isekai de Haishin Katsudou wo Shitara Tairyou no Yandere Shinja wo Umidashite Shimatta Ken
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Fluffums rated it
January 17, 2023
Status: c32
This novel is never good, but mostly it's readable. If you want to read a novel about a streamer in another world and don't mind the tags (+ missing dense protagonist tag) then no problem. It's not really offensive.

Except for the forcibly dense protagonist. See, he actually notices one or two particular characters acting like they love him and thinks about it something like ten times, and each time goes "no, it's impossible". The latest time he even goes so far as to tell the reader "it's something I long... more>> for but it's only possible in a fantasy". Bro, you're in a fantasy. You're the most powerful person in the world. You're the most famous person in the world. You know all these things.

This novel would be a 2/5 but the worst parts get recycled and reused repeatedly. <<less
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Mad_Man rated it
September 13, 2022
Status: c16
An entertaining read for people who like this. For me, the devotion that these people have to him is excessive for the reasons given if you read it. The character reminds me of cid from eminence in the shadows except less psychotic and less apathetic. He is someone who more people could relate to probably. Which makes it even harder to understand why all of these powerful people treat him like they do. The understanding of his strength but the lack of concern about it or someone spreading ideas like... more>> he is makes it even more confounding.

To sum up. Writing that should not be analyzed or broken down for any plot holes what so ever. Writing that requires you to stretch your understanding of cause and effect. And writing that is lacking in world building/ setting management. (Last one is because he is able to communicate across countries and no one thinks that this is a major thing but roads are in disrepair and a king is ruling with nobles and people are being executed) No struggles for the MC in sight. <<less
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BK_Bleed rated it
July 9, 2023
Status: v3c81
I love it!

Op MC and Misunderstandings are one of my favourite tropes/cliches, especially if there is Harem and Yandere followers.

The MC here is a gem you rarely see in Japanese works. He can be proactive and understand the feelings of those who have interest in him, I don't mind the indecisiveness since he's still taking action so the girls are satisfied thats a win for me.
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Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: c125
All these low ratings and reviews are tr*sh. I also think its funny how most of the negative reviewers (2 stars or less) have only read around 30 chapters or less.

This is a satirical series about a guy streaming in a fantasy world and its hilarious. If you don't take it too seriously and just enjoy it for what it is then you'll have a great time reading it (the manga is great too). Although streaming does play a large part of this series, the majority of its content is... more>> mainly focused on his off-stream interactions as well as his fans/yanderes (all of which have interesting personalities and backgrounds). The MC himself is also a likable/charismatic guy, kinda dense but not oblivious like most harem protags.

I'd rate it a 4/5 but I'm giving a 5/5 just to balance out the undeserved low ratings. <<less
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Kermit Pretender
Kermit Pretender rated it
June 6, 2023
Status: c50
I consider the title as misleading because SO FAR the yandere moments have been non existant, save for one occasion.

The girls are obsessed with the MC but have enough brains to not act like crazy in consideration of his mental health, he is a normal person after all.

He holds the moral values of modern Japan, so that makes his opinions worth listening for the people of this new world, but the author drops the ball in that he doesn't delve into the issues presented, MC's opinions are law and nobody... more>> comes with counter arguments or try to reject his stance, like in the first chapters there's war between Humanity and Demonkind for God knows how long and nobody can explain as to why they keep doing it until MC said so, its just so s*upid.

And its a shame because taking things a little bit more seriously would make for such a compeling story, since the MC doesn't realize the scope of his broadcast, much less the power of some of his followers, opening his eyes to the reality in the worst possible way would be very interesting. Sadly, I don't think this will happen since everything is so tame and easily resolved.

So yeah, good enough to kill some free time, but if you expect something like Abnormal Kei Joshi this is not for you. <<less
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VISHRUT rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: c8
Good so far...

Too early to judge but I think it has good potential

Story of op oblivious MC and how the world works for him without him knowing it.. well not the world but his fans so kinda the same thing.

Good concept and implementation so far
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cheezieTrees rated it
May 31, 2023
Status: c26
It's a goofy/light-hearted story and a fun read overall. The author is just having fun, not taking the story too seriously, and the comedy isn't derived from character abuse, "lucky pe*vert moments", or overly forced co*kblocking (the unfunny b*stardization of comedy that plagues nearly all Japanese isekai stories and only shows the s*upidity of lazy, talentless authors). The comedy here is situational humor, which is truly refreshing in the sea of tr*sh isekai harem novels. The absence of significant world-building is the only reason it doesn't get 5 stars. Definitely... more>> read this one if you want a fun time without an overly serious story. <<less
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165916 rated it
June 14, 2023
Status: c72
Not much of a plot going on here but maybe that's what some people want in a harem. MC becomes an isekai streamer for fun and everybody just loves him because he says outrageous things like prostitution is a necessary evil or s*aves are people too. Girls are yandere in the sense that they send people to get rid of critics and people who want to hurt the MC. Its solid if you turn off your brain and just read it for laughs, but it does lose its novelty the... more>> more you read. <<less
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tsuowo rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: c49
The protag is dense but well, he doesn't try to be obnoxious so that's something.

Aside from that, it's nice to read. Plus waifus are adorable~ you will know when you read it.

The site has cover updated for the story. Quite curious it isn't updated here.

Overall 4.5/5, rounds up to 5. Personally I think it lacks s*x.
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dmntt rated it
March 1, 2024
Status: c60
I like the concept of this novel, and wish fulfilment tr*sh like this is my jam. But the writing is so very bad. Just the way the narration injects subjective opinions about what's happening feels so messy and weird. All the characters are ridiculous and one-dimensional. The villains aren't even cartoony, they're like, straight-up mentally challenged most of the time, and the narration is always somehow really smug about how s*upid they are and how amazing the MC and his entourage is, which is super annoying. It's not exactly unusual... more>> in the harem genre, but it's really unbelievable that everyone would be so worked up about the MC given how average and normal all of his actions and opinions are. Like how there's absolutely nothing special about the contents of his streams that everyone's going apesh*t over, it's just some rando dude puking out his stream of consciousness about whatever's happening in a really naive and superficial way. Like "hey guys, what if demons were our friends instead of our enemies?" and everyone's like "OOOH THIS GUY IS A GENIUS". I keep reading it because there just aren't that many works that fall in the category of an isekai mega-harem, but the only other example I can think of, I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace, is superior to this one in every conceivable way. <<less
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Pelouch rated it
August 28, 2023
Status: c96
The manga art is pretty good but the novel is just meh, the Yandere are pretty tame, if you put Yandere in the title you better go all out is my take, the plot is nice I guess, a feel good harem while being a streamer in a fantasy world but it's not too interesting.

I agree with the recommendation of "How to live as a writer in a fantasy world" it's basically the serious version of the story minus the yandere and Korean.
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SeventhTale rated it
June 29, 2023
Status: c78
Cringe generic fantasy harem with lowkey arrogant MC who thinks he's 100% right, and girls who falls in love and became yandere with few words.

The plot surely is very interesting. If the author didn't focus too much with harem and fanatics, and instead make it like an episodic story where he resolves problems with his streaming, this will surely be a top-tier story. But of course the author fails to do that and instead write a braindead wish fullfillment story. This is my second time reading this, and during the... more>> first time, despite the cliche, I quite like the story because of it's plot, and well, it's wish fullfillment story so I was able to ignore the faults.

First the streaming part. It's mostly full of generic japanese template, then the MC surely is able to solve them with generic solutions. He acts very naive and just say what he thinks in frank way, which is to me, just makes it cringe since he looks very arrogant and condescending. His views and advice is very normal and idealistic. His words shouldn't have weight but his fans just follow them as if it's truth. I'm 100% sure that if the author actually started as a streamer, he won't be popular.

Now the girls, I don't have much opinion on them aside from how ridiculous they easily falls in love with the MC. Like the demon lord who for some fcking reason got move by the MC words about human and demon living with each other, because like I said, that one is very idealistic and has no weight coming from someone who don't really understand the conflict. Then the assassin girl who just freaking fall in love after the MC said that assassin's are cool, like WTF!?. He hids and don't want to reveal that he's Haishin, but then with just a little taunting, he reveals himself to the 2 girls as if saying "I want them to know I'm Haishin so I can add them to my harem".

If this story 80% focus on streaming, maybe it will be much better than this.

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FunnyFear rated it
June 5, 2023
Status: --
It's not a bad idea and could have been quite cool, but that's not the case.

How did phones come to be, what role do they play in this fantasy world? The protagonist invented SOMETHING, and now he uses it to stream... And the important step - how he became known to anyone at all missed, about him already know a lot - very lazily written.

You could have come up with the fact that there is already propaganda in every country through these phones, and he covers the whole world with... more>> his cheat and runs his independent stream. The movie The Boat That Rocked comes to mind. A lot of interesting things could have been made up, but there is nothing here, not even what exactly he won the audience over with. The streams are barely described.


For example, the moment where he "stopped" the war. The author doesn't even know where the war between humans and demons started... Like the protagonist is the smartest just because he questioned things. War is a waste, and it wouldn't be waged without benefits! At the very least, xenophobia could be the cause! But no, he asked why war? And we get peace in one chapter. So dumb.


In general, very weak writing where they scratch the ego of a schoolboy (allter ego of the author) and blowing up a harem. <<less
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Ziegfreed rated it
April 19, 2024
Status: c21
Heroines seem copy pasted, just given a different height and different color scheme but they're all basically the same. Their reason for liking the MC is too fake, he said one thing, not even directed at them and they all magically drop their panties in his presence.

They aren't even yandere's. Still an interesting take on a transmigrator so 2.5 stars
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