The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting


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Divorced, disowned and down on her luck, Shui Anluo was determined to move on and live a peaceful life… That is, until her ex-husband somehow managed to find out about her baby. Now, he’s insisting that she should move back in with him. Soon, he realizes that he cannot live without her… But the road to marriage is bumpy, and Shui Anluo isn’t too willing to go through with the heartbreak again. Can she take back everything that belongs to her? Will she find the courage to jump in and fall in love again?

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ike_00000 rated it
November 26, 2019
Status: c32
The heck is this tr*sh? I've read overbearing, tyrant CEOs but this ML is on a whole other tr*shy level.

He effectively kidnaps and blackmails MC, and then traps her in the apartment. She physically can't leave and her cellphone is confiscated. He totally invades her privacy and pretty much subjects her to media blackening. Literally, every conversation they have ends with her raging mad, but she shuts her mouth because she has no power. But because everything is done since "he wants to protect her", it's all good????? Omg.

Manipulating and... more>> controlling her at every turn. Every single character, including her own favourite mother, doesn't treat her as a person and tries to control the direction of her life. I was hoping it'd get better, but it hasn't and I'm tapping out. <<less
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Tachi Works
Tachi Works rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: c139
He throws her phone out, gives her a new one with 0 contacts besides the ones he approves of.

she isn’t even given house keys to go back to his apartment if she gets locked out... get this: her stepmother and stepsister have access to her apartment so they can Waltz in and attack her in her own home. But SHE THE PERSON LIVING THERE isn’t even allowed back into her own home in order for her to be reliant on the ML to be allowed in and out of the... more>> apartment. <<less
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Dhaturas rated it
January 24, 2020
Status: c164
This was a fun read for a while, but it quickly got annoying down the line.

The premise is what you would expect. Divorced Ex-Wife has a baby gets found out by the tr*sh husband and takes her and the kid back because he falls head over heels for his kid.

Plenty of tropes present. Wicked sister, shitty father, tr*sh ex-husband, bestfriend, second male lead who likes the FL secretly.

... more>> Sounds like it might be worth reading, right? Well, no.

The problems stem from the fact that the ML is a prideful piece of tr*sh that can't realize fast enough that he actually likes his ex-wife and tries to understand her on a personal level. Oh no, he's the proud CEO, former soldier handsome dreamboat, he's too good to actually apologise and rationally express his feelings consistently. He also doubles as a gullible idiot who believes the schemes of his female bestfriend who "doesn't" have any feelings for him. He's also mentally still a child whenever things don't go his way. One time, he got so jealous of the FL and the second ML, that he f*cking bites the FL all over her body. The author tries to make it all cute and domineering, but it's just abuse. He also loves to slam her against the wall to threaten her every other chapter.

The female lead also has her share of the blame. She's petty and naive at times. She's a really sweet girl, but the environment around her is too vicious. She's just 21 and already a mother. Her dad kicked her and her mom out of the house on a falsified DNA test. She doesn't have any money, resources, or reliable allies. No one to back her up against her enemies. Her only real option would be her ex-husband, but she's too prideful to go there. For good reason though. He's a tr*sh person and the enemies going against her are usually connected to the guy so she cannot trust him to have her back. It's really understandable. She was betrayed. By her father, by her older sister, by her ex-husband. She cannot trust him. And for that, she suffers.

It's also infuriating how the FL's own mother and bestfriend want her to stay with her tr*sh ex-husband. That prideful piece of domestic abuse who can't even plainly admit, "Yes, I'm jealous", is supposed to protect her?

I honestly only kept reading with the hope that she leaves the guy for good. But that's too unlikely, on account of the author's decisions and her lack of options and powerlessness.

She's just a medical intern who hasn't even graduated from college. And already, she's a mother who has to be constantly ridiculed by the entire freaking city because of that tr*shy ex-husband of hers.

Just the thought of the ML and FL actually ending up together sends me into a fit of rage. The author will probably force the FL into a life-threatening situation where only the ML saves her. And she automatically swallows all her grievances away. Cuz what else can she do? She's just a kid? She's not smart enough to live a good life around the ML.

Tldr. Too much pointless melodrama. No real enjoyable moments. Even the fluffy scenes never feel good, knowing that it's with that tr*sh of an ML. <<less
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shiroibara17 rated it
November 19, 2019
Status: c52
The male lead is a typical cold hearted, super powerful, and arrogant male lead. He doesn’t have very good qualities except that he can see through the scheming women. He shows kindness from time to time, but he isn’t really redeemable at this point. The story is pretty basic; the FL got kicked out b/c of a fake DNA Test that showed her mother had an affair and that FL isn’t related to her father. She has a half sister from another woman and both women are dumb, just like... more>> FL’s father. The FL also has a cousin that likes ML, but doesn’t show it. The ML’s dad is smart, but his mom doesn’t like the FL and is annoying.

Honestly the only reason I liked it is because of the FL. I wish she had more power to leverage, but she’s a disowned daughter with no job, a divorced woman, and with a tarnished reputation, so the ML overpowers her too much. She does talk back and she’s strong willed. She doesn’t take any tr*sh talk about her mom and son. I like that she has a back bone and will retaliate if needed. She’s the saving grace of the story; the baby is cute but too young to do anything endearing. <<less
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