The Bride Who Wants To Die


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Meg married into royalty.

She was revered as a saint by the people because of her ability to use healing magic.

But that healing magic doesn’t just heal people’s injuries, it destroys Meg’s body.

Even so, she finds happiness in being united with her beloved Roy, but he has someone else in his life…

She wishes for the happiness of the person she loves, and searches for a way to die for him every day.

Will Meg ever be happy?

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Shinitagari no Hanayome
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    2 Reviews

    Jul 19, 2021
    Status: Completed

    The prince is so much of an idiot that it's laughable. She loves him and he f*cking knows it. But he still told her that he likes someone else despite loving and marrying her. Why? Cause he thinks she's restricted and suffering in the palace cause of her ability and this marriage. Dumba*s. Did he ever ask her about it? No. When asked he says he doesn't know how she feels about this marriage but he knows it's bad for her cause she deserves better. If she ever complains or asks for a divorce then he'll allow it. THEN WHY THE HECK DID YOU EVEN MARRY HER IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Don't tell me cause of politics and pressure! If that's the case then you won't be able to divorce her anyway. What a motherf*cking dumba*s! *rolls eyes*

    Well, the FL is also a bit mentally unstable with past abuse history. You can see it from her decision to die for him in the summary. Again, it is "die to make him happy", not any normal death. Death that harms or negatively impacts him is not allowed. Hah! Oh so selfless love... But, she got quite villainous later. I liked her. She's still kinda pitiful though.

    About the ending, I'm not sure if it was a BE or HE but I liked it either way.


    But I will still finish this and rate it 3 stars cause I like seeing idiots like them abusing each other. It's my cup of tea. But, if it was not so short and there was a drama tag, I probably would have dropped it after 20+ chapters. Hmm... Let's add one additional star for the good translation. I recommend it for people who just wants to read something with a pretty good writing quality, short, not so complicated and is in the mood to see characters mildly (?) abuse each other.
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    Jul 17, 2021
    Status: c9
    It's a short story with just 17 chapters. To summarize, it's a tragic story about a couple who initially love each other.

    The MC is not s*upid but twisted and hopeless due to her upbringing while the ML is an idiot and incompetent. The 2nd ML is better than the main ML as always. The end is bloody and complicated. It doesn't answer the initial question either, of whether the MC will ever be happy unless you count the momentary happiness she felt before the end.

    I'd give it a 4.5 because... more>> it's interesting, not too short nor too long, and the overall story feels different from the rest. The last chapter feels incomplete though so minus 0.5. <<less
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