The Bride of the Serpent Prince


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“Don’t come any closer, else don’t blame me if I retaliate!”

Both of her hands are held in front of her chest. Her lungs screaming for air as she watches it squirming closer and closer.

“Darling~ You owe me so many times~ I should take you in as my slave to repay the debt, you know~”

This prince laughed heartily, like how a villain should. He will never tell her the truth… The sole truth that he kidnapped her is to help him birth a baby.

He, Su Fei Yue, whose handsomeness is peerless, the royal prince of the demon world… is being played a fool by a stupid human woman! She even dared to step on his precious body! This is the greatest shame he have ever experienced in his entire life!

Very well then. My revenge plan will start… NOW!

She, Mu Tang Chun, is a girl with a cute face. She has lived for the past sixteen years and the only thing wrong she has done… is stepping onto a damned snake’s tail. I could have sworn the snake’s dead! So how did a beautiful and despicable villain came knocking at my door?!

It is only after this eventful meeting that she found out the snake’s true identity…

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Fu Hei She Dian Dou Meng Fei
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whosays25 rated it
July 3, 2016
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Seems to be very intriguing
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