The Bottom-Tier Adventurer Middle-Aged Guy: Realizing My Unexpected Cheat Abilities in the Territory Management Game for an Effortless Real-Life


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After being reincarnated into a fantasy world from an unremarkable life, the protagonist expected his new life to be just as unremarkable. However, He soon realize that the “game” skills he thought were useless are actually incredible. Thus begins the tired old man’s late-blooming, cheat-filled adventure in a new world.

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Bottom-Tier Old Man, Living the Easy Life in Another World with Cheat Powers
Teihen bōkensha na ossan no ore ima sara chīto o motte iru koto ni kizuku ryōchi keiei gēmu de genjitsu mo rakuraku raifu
Teihen Ossan, Cheat Kokusei de Isekai Rakuraku Life
底辺冒険者なおっさんの俺いまさらチートを持っていることに気付く 領地経営ゲームで現実も楽々ライフ
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boltpl rated it
August 20, 2023
Status: --
Yet another Kakuyomu novel, so it would need miracle to be average (3 stars).

All Kakuyomu novels, this one included, fallow similar pattern, novel start average, but after few chapters MC is thrown in dungeon, or some other basic generic setting, to make novel easy to write.

You can easily tell that novel is written "on the go", without future planing, some not well thought early decisions, like having acces to unlimited fruits that increase stats, completely break novel. Author often forgets that MC posesed body of person from another world, and... more>> writes in style that says that MC was reincarnated and lives in this world from childhood.

MC is given multiple cheat powers, to make easy for author reusing content from another novels, and sadly it is plainly visible, he has unlimited number of stat increasing fruits (It is extremely similar to one popular novel), ability to steal other people and monsters skills (classic), and ability to use shop from another world (classic slow life thing).

World building bareilly exists in begining, MC knows nothing about world, while living in it for 10 years after body swap, like what? And world building completely disappears after MC is thrown into dungeon. There are to many one time only characters.

Sadly even novel setting is broken, after body swap MC played game for multiple years, and never noticed "shop button", like how, that is not how gaming works, after weeks players will backtrack their steeps, to check if they missed something, and he didn't t try that for years? In simple mobile like game with small world?

Ps. Above review contains no major spoilers, I tried to not write about content that is in 10 chapter+, only mentioned spending most of the time in dungeon, happens above that chapters. <<less
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plainwalk rated it
August 25, 2023
Status: c41
It's decent, if a little cliche. Weak guy is ignored and/or treated as lesser, suddenly becomes strong. Nothing is terribly good or bad, but it does contain a pet peeve of mine.

... more>>

MC encounters a young woman (in this case, two) who think they're pretty and thus entitled to his help. In this story, the girls demand the MC join their party to be a meat shield while constantly accusing him of being a pe*vert. Later, they leave for "better prospects." When the MC gets in trouble later, they lie about him to get him in worse trouble. In a 3 to 1 duel to clear his name, the MC torments the girls' new victim and doesn't touch them once. Because they're girls.

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satoshi1 rated it
April 18, 2024
Status: c278
Starts off cliche but still interesting as the MC:

... more>>

Learns about his skills and goes through new experiences. He started as a pathetic old man and he builds himself up by learning ways to make money.


Afterwards he goes to the dungeon and:


He gets really strong over time. He meets kids who he takes care of in a party only for the girls to kick him out of the party he only joined to take care of the kids.


The main character goes back to the capital city and he is now stronger with a bit rougher personality:


As whenever something is an issue, he just uses violence to solve it such as dealing with human traffickers.


As the story goes on the MC whines about how he isn't a hero, he's a coward. How he won't help people if people ask for help only to:


Help whenever asked, and unable to argue back at women who order him to help. Such as his three legal loli elf wives or the queen who demands his seed, or really any women demanding his pp.


By the time we get back to the royal capital he is roped into another long-winded journey to the south where:


He encounters a Tanuki queen who he recruits into his skill. A vampire princess who her father dumps onto him. And opens up a new hot spring town.


When he comes back more powerful than ever, he:


Is ordered to go out again for another job which he cannot decline.


From the little summary above, you can tell the author does a lot of time-wasting. The MC will waste paragraphs to chapters whining about being an anti-hero/coward only for him to be someone else's dog because he has no backbone. He, despite all of this, becomes rather violent and chapters where he is told to go do something just for it to turn into constant battles as his skills get +1 making him more powerful over time. A large amount of chapters post chapter 90+ become skippable tr*sh as the author is just saying what is essentially:

Goblin Appeared! MC kills the goblin. MC gets X skill/ X skill +1.
MC goes hmm, what is this skill. Lemme appraisal it.

This but repeated several times throughout a chapter while a few lines goes to what is happening for the plot or describing the setting.

Then you get sections of MC eating Japanese food and doing the cliche "OMG so good". All the while everywhere he goes he's collecting more women but he's like "Sorry, I got three lolis already".

It is painfully boring as the initial parts about looking at how to make money and how to work were far more interesting than having the MC power through a demon lord with what are essentially paragraphs that could be replaced with BOOM, BAM, and WHOMP and nothing of value was lost.

I would advise people to drop it after the initial arc change as past the dungeon arc, the story goes down hill pretty quickly. <<less
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Ryuukage rated it
March 29, 2024
Status: c95
Okay, for starters, the story is goodm the concept is nice, even though its a bit cliche.

but what made this two stars is the translator, it can be understood yes, but confusing, to the point you would rather read the machine translated version, it feels like the translation site doesn't have a proof reader, the earlier chapters is okay though, but at around chapter 60 is where the translation start to degrade.
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TimeVoid rated it
March 28, 2024
Status: c94
To be honest, I would like to give 3 stars for the novel. Sadly, due to horrible translation became apparent from chapter 90+ it became 2. It is evident that Our MC is a male character which already obvious that to describe our MC as He, His and Him. Some how, on Chapter 94 the translation turns out horribly wrong as the word has been replaced as " they, their and them". It is a hassle to read further.
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