The Boss Behind The Game


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Lu Wu, an aimless video game developer, had been feeling perturbed ever since he found out he was the direct descendant of a king from the underworld. Other than the title, His Excellency, his ancestor hadn’t passed down anything else to him. On top of that, all of his ancestor’s subordinates had rebelled against him and completely usurped his inherited territory.

Under the circumstances, Lu Wu built a battle game server with the help of his new mysterious friend and transported gamers from the real world straight to the underworld using virtual reality. They then created the main quest, the character classes, the Instance Dungeon, the storyline, and the non-player characters for the game.
Relying solely on these video gamers’ strengths, Lu Wu began his expedition to reclaim his rightful inheritance. What could possibly go wrong?

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New Chuniii rated it
August 3, 2020
Status: c312
I don't care about the others. I mean, the title IS called The Boss BEHIND the Game. Get it? BEHIND. Many people are saying that he was not participating, just watches them. The reason why he didn't help them is because he was giving the players freedom.


That's why there are the so called hidden inheritance.


I hope that all of you atleast try to read it.
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tides rated it
February 24, 2020
Status: c838
this is similar to the "Gamers of the Underworld/ dungeon gamers" novel however the ending sucks and dungeon gamers is a better novel but less interesting to read.


MC is a descendant of one of the rulers of hell. MC's ancestor, the ruler of hell, created an artifact and with the help of the little girl who is an ally, made hell into a "VR MMO game".

however this is also where all the plot holes start.

... more>>

the MC is later revealed to be the nth reincarnation of the strongest god in hell and his ancestor, was just the ruler of a small area of hell. the first "real" ruler of hell is the original MC disciple and it was the gods in heaven who stopped the people on earth to cultivate and caused a war between hell and earth.

so the ancient gods of hell hate heaven and want to replace them for several reasons.

first is that "heaven" is the stronger realm because stopping the qi in earth also affected hell.

and second is that the real rulers of heaven are actually aliens/foreigners. and those who joined heaven are traitors


the story is mostly told from the players perspective, making it interesting to read. however what you read is only an overview of the events, so you don't really see the journey of any players, but their involvement in the events that follows.

there are many, many plotholes aside from the ones that are not explained at the end. the first is how the MC and his helper can use their powers on earth. their cultivation never grows for the first 600-700 chapters yet they can use the "gm powers" of the "game" on earth.

powers of the mc?

next is the "gm powers" in the "game". we know that the "game" is actually "hell" and it's real. yet the MC + the girl can often observe events from a bird's eye view in hell.

the author also later states that u can't "fly" unless are you of a certain realm, but remember that the MC + his servant are hardly cultivating...

of course you can fool yourself into believing that the artifact is allowing them to do so, but it would be difficult to do so because the author constantly reminds you that hell is so big and the MC is often observing areas that are not under his control yet.


also note that the artifact and it's powers is never explained fully even up to the last chapter, and note that the MC actually powers up from zero to godlike in the last few chapters


the truth of the game

its very disappointing to see that the author has more or less stopped giving a damn about the novel near the end of the novel.

the truth of the game was never told to the players, and yet the author actually has the audacity to write that the final two battles of the novel lasted over thousands of years.

since the "game" is real, time has always been 1:1 and there are no mention of time in the game being faster or slower. so how the heck are the players still alive at the last chapter?

author often writes chapters of pointless, useless, confusing and perplexing plots

throughout the novel, the author also tries to be "smart" and writes about weird paradoxes or events that do not fit with the theme.

one event is that he fooled a player into thinking that she was in the matrix and when readers questioned why he wrote this kind of rubbish, the author said that the readers are not smart enough to understand.

no, we are smart enough to understand but we are just perplexed as to why such a chapter should even appear in the novel because it is out of place.

of course, the explanation is that the MC is just trolling and "testing" the players to pick out "capable people", and that the artifact which is basically god can do everything without explanation.

final thing to note

while those reading the translation will not see this, I feel like I have to point this out because people reading the original will often see notices from the author.

in his notices, he often calls out plagiarisms but that's nonsense.

why? simply because he's calling out novels of the same genre.

it's like doom calling every FPS out for plagiarism when it's untrue.


the novel is a joy to read, but somewhere down the road, you will notice that you are just wasting your time.

the reason is because

1. the players cant die and there are no death penalty. so almost every arc are the players using human wave tactics to kill their enemies. they know this and do it so blatantly that it gets really tiring to read after a while.

2. the powers that the MC has will also sooner or later have you questioning what is it's limit. and the answer is that there is no limit. there is also no explanation as to why he can do this or that when he shouldn't be able to.

3. the ending really points out the plot holes and makes you feel like you have wasted your time.

if you are wondering why Gamers of the Underworld/ dungeon gamers is a better novel but less interesting to read, it's because the game system in dungeon gamer and plot is much better than this novel.

however because the players are often marginalized in dungeon gamers and can be seen as background, this novel tells the story through the players and you might go many chapters without seeing the MC do anything important.

dungeon gamers MC is also emotionless and boring, while the MC of this novel is much more interesting to read about. but sadly, this novel is full of plotholes that just don't make sense.

if you are the type to read without using your brain, then perhaps this will be an enjoyable read but for the rest of people who read with their brains, it will be unlikely that this novel will be enjoyable <<less
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selweron rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: c27
There's a lot of wasted potential in the form of skipping character growth, plot holes, lack of lifelike interactions, next to no believable behaviors, MC being a loser and idiot. Also the characters' intelligence is capped at the author's, so all CEOs and other influential people are no smarter than MC and less capable than a loli. Their decisions are a far cry from perfection. There's no depth to the novel either.

It reads smoothly though and is not as bad as many other novels in its genre so it deserves... more>> 3 stars. It's readable if you ignore all its imperfections and just chill. But if I were to be honest even The God of Games is a definitive upgrade to this novel. <<less
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: --
Not even up to chapter hundred and I'm already rolling my eyes. Ignore the plotholes for a sec and focus on the MC, the guy is an idiot. His helper basically does everything for him, even helps him think! The story starts our saying he is a game developer but he doesn't do a single development! Then the MC takes up tasks to help develop the game but these are ultimately done by his loli helper while he claps from the sidelines. Is the MC the MC or is... more>> the helper tge MC? <<less
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DeviantManhua rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: c140

Sighs where do I start... I just feel this is so dumb, I mean the main goal of the MC is to take back his inheritance and be active in getting stronger but from the beginning till now all he has done is sit and around on earth looking down on people because he just started cultivation and became a cat he hasn't interfered and pointed the "players" in the right direction to capture his land/inheritance back and he just watches them mess with the land all the time he doesn't join in on the activities nor does he have a role at all apart from being an onlooker if I didn't know he was an MC I would have forgotten about him...

all he has done is link souls to the Yin domain and gave a vague mission and just left it to the "players" it's worse than those kingdom-building novels where MC palms off all the jobs to other people to do because even then at least MC partakes in the kingdom-building cultivates and interacts with his people I feel like this is just a mess honestly guy isn't even strong and he's already acting aloof like an immortal but he's broke lives in a rundown area and can't afford proper food and is currently avoiding "players" so he's stuck on earth... I don't understand where he got his arrogance from for real he's done nothing hasn't gained any inheritance and is living like a bum

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Goodreadsonly rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: c140
It's a pretty compelling gamer story. It's not a solely from the MC's POV. You get to learn about different players if the game and the game itself. The book does a really good job of building a world. Like a game there's a bunch of side stories.

My only complaint is that the MC doesn't really seem like an MC most of time. I think that will change once he becomes more powerful and maybe enters the 'game' as himself instead of a player.

The storyline is pretty good and there's... more>> not a big lull in plot like a lot of stories about games where they just grind and you get get nothing else.


I truly hate Liu Chiu (I think that's his name) the guy who kills a dog...I'm being petty but so is he. I got annoyed when the story kept focusing on him because I never want him to win. Lol

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