The Bloodshot One-Eyed Zombie Emperor


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A certain terrorist scattered a virus all over the world. Infected every life-forms with the virus, causing a zombie epidemic.

The protagonist was attacked by a zombie, instead of turning he became the Zombie Emperor.

And as a cure for the zombie virus has yet to be discovered, he sets out to make the best of the situation.

Associated Names
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Katagawa Akame no Zombie Emperor
Katagawa Akame no Zonbi Enpera
Zombie Emperor
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Latest Release

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05/19/18 Madder Translates epilogue
02/02/18 Madder Translates c82
01/31/18 Madder Translates c81
01/30/18 Madder Translates c80
01/29/18 Madder Translates c79
01/28/18 Madder Translates c78
01/26/18 Madder Translates c77
01/25/18 Madder Translates c76
01/24/18 Madder Translates c75
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01/18/18 Madder Translates c69
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Ligoya rated it
January 1, 2016
Status: --
Even though there are other Zombie novel out there, I think this zombie series stand out more because the zombie can gaining their human awareness again if they have "contact" with our MC. But you guys here for R-18 stuff anyway, so why would you care about my review.
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Dassina rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c3
The wording is at least cogent. But the plot seems mediocre.

Specific issues I have:

He kisses a zombie, even though he thinks if he gets bit again he will die. He then has s*x with the zombie. These are not good decisions. Especially since he is still uncertain about his abilities, he does not even know they exist yet.

... more>> He immediately asks the zombie to be his girlfriend afterwards and bows down and apologizes for swapping spit with other zombies (to restore their minds). Are all japanese betas?

The plot also seems to be somewhat mediocre and generic. It didn't really pop for me. <<less
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Hutterer_Novel-Otaku rated it
March 24, 2016
Status: --
I wanted to rate it 5-star as it is quite superb compared to Zombie Master where, in contrast with the latter, the main character, Jin-san, at least has his head screwed on right most of the time and has some sense of morals when compared with the main character of ZM. That being said, neither main character is infallible and do contain a few peculiarities; but Jin-san's behavior on the whole is much more tolerable than the other's, which goes beyond pedophilia, an inhumane trait as has always been the... more>> case.

SIDE NOTE: I, as a man, absolutely abhor pedophilia, regardless of whether the perpetrator is male or female. Regardless of whether it is used as a plot-building tool, the author should never apply it to a main character nor to any main heroine for that matter as that would leave a bad taste in the mouths of many readers, myself included. <<less
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kenneth223 rated it
January 1, 2016
Status: --
I-It's not like I like this kind of genre! B-Baka!

Humans that were now dead and are undead with a concious of a dead person can regain their concious back as a living being through
... more>>

The magical "sperm"


I think the tag should have Revival of human concious or Zombie with human concious because it feels like when you do sex, zombies gain back their humanity although they are undead. Weird eh?

Give it a go, you might hate it because it's the usual zombie virus outbreak and all of a sudden you get a cheat and necrophilia (sorry I said that..) because web novel... but believe me, I read this and it gave me a "eh? zombies can be human again? wtf?" kind of feeling when reading it.

If you dislike reading this, then tell the readers what you hate about it even though it's your usual zombie outbreak and not giving us some useless review about it. Yes, I gave this a 4 but it will change when more chapters are released. <<less
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ThirdJewel rated it
January 17, 2016
Status: --
im not opposed to adult themes but the first fu**ing chapter to have rape, necrophilia, and ephebophilia highly turned me off from the series.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aho555 rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: c72
This is more like a R18 story with a dash of zombie apocalypse elements. It focuses more on the R18 stuff rather than the zombie setting. If you want a novel that's the reverse (zombie apocalypse story with R18 elements), try (Only I am not attacked....). That one has more of the tension and darkness associated with zombie apocalypse stories.

As for this one, the story is... acceptable. Adequately written and has quite an unusual backstory for the zombie infection. The writer clumsily throws in some dark plot elements once in... more>> a while but they're quickly forgotten, so actually this is a light-hearted story imo. The R18 side was interesting at first but gets boring by ch72 as the author doesn't do anything new with it.

I'd recommend to try the higher quality r18's on this site before you turn your attention to this one. <<less
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Renaxan rated it
June 27, 2018
Status: epilogue
Theres a lot zombie novel with mature content inside it, but this one surely a good one. If you read to satisfy ur lust, then this one is good. Dont hope much to the story, theres should be a lot things in detail that make this novel could be wonderfull enough but author decide to left this as plot hole and take a peace path. Well maybe im just too much reading chinese zombie bloody type novel and influenced from them so you may find the story fit for you.
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