The Blackened Male God Always Wants To Set A Routine For Me


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Her system said that if she wants to get back her godhead, she has to fulfill the male lead’s wish. As a result, she started the long road of attacking the male lead. Su Yan felt tangled. She just wanted to find her own godhead, how did she get tangled up?


Seeing that the look of the man in front was wrong, she immediately changed her words. Yes, yes, all for you, I like you the most! The man was covered in blood, and approached step by step, muttering: “You said, you will stay with me, and you will never leave.” Su Yan coaxed: “Well, I listen to you, let’s wipe this blood first, don’t scare others?”

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New Sonialu rated it
April 8, 2020
Status: c79
Good novel. The usual world-hopping genre but with a bit of its own unique twist to it. The interaction between the FL and ML is also worth the read for, kind of fluffy, cute yet possessive too. In a lot of aspects to the novel, its very cliche and kind of easy to guess. Side characters are also pretty flat at times but not to the point where it will make you annoyed (well in my case). Probably the only downside to this novel atm is the rough-ish translations, but... more>> still bearable enough. Totally recommended for people who want to have a light easy read about a transmigration story of our FL (innocent, simple and not mary hue) who is destined to always come across our ML (yandere and possessive which of yet is practically always described as a 'lazy' type of guy). <<less
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New Czarinananana rated it
April 2, 2020
Status: c194
This is like 100 Ways to Get the Male God, so if you're like me and absolutely love that novel (and hate the inconsistent author), then you would definitely love this World hopping/Quick transmigration novel (minus the annoying author in 100 ways that would never finish a damned series because this is already completed.)

... more>>

The Female Lead

SO the FL is very OP. I mean, "supposedly", especially in the first arc where her IQ is 1 and Physic is 3 you can truly see how she is made the leader of the nine (Gods? Forgot don't sue me). Even the system was scared at first because it thought that she was a demon and will not listen/or act high and mightly but she was actually this serious cute FL XD.

I really like this FL, she is not annoying, she doesn't act like virgin mary, and she is not a narcissist with a head as big as the world. She just does what she is told and she is also reasonably petty/cute when it comes to people who try to hurt her or the ML.

The Male Lead

The ML is a sucker for the FL. Although he doesn't necessarily fall-in-love with the FL at first sight, he tends to be attached to her. We have the same ML in every arc, and DAMN, for EVERYONE
(like me) with a fetish for yandere sweet ml, then you just struck a gold mine! The obsessive and possessive tags are legit!!!!

The ML is very obsessive and possessive with the FL and (I'm still in the third arc so this might not necessarily be true) most of all, he is not annoying. He's pretty ruthless and simple in handling bees and butterflies that you won't even have a chance to get annoyed that long because he cleans them up for our FL. The male lead is the Abyss (demon lord? Correct me if I'm wrong) that has been sealed. IDK what happened but the ML gave the FL and bracelet and the FL has it and still wears it even in the small worlds.

There is also the question "why does the FL have to collect the ML's soul fragments?" I hope that gets answered soon as well..
Antagonists in the arcs.

Can I say that I pity them? Lol. Yes, they are annoying but in the face of our FL and ML who are not really humans, they are just animals trying hard to live. But they do keep the story interesting. ISH. Ahahhaha

For now, This is a 4, I hope the antagonists do level up and the characters have a development one way or another. I just rated this 5 because I got excited because it's COMPLETED. Lol

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Kirisaki_Linari rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: c21
Just with the first arc will got you hooked up. Su yan is so cool. Just stating what she had on mind straight forwardly. Though she may seem a little bland, but still better than those noisy bitches. And she's so intelligent. I like that.

And I also didn't epect this to be on wattpad. Hoho I already followed you empress m. Please continue translating this. Thanks love lots!
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laexdream rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: c18
Very fluffy, the MC is a little slow and clueless, though that might be because her physical body only has the mental level of 1 right now. The ML inexplicably falls for her, though he's never shown interest in a girl - not even when the "school beauty" chases him... So for plot points like that, as long as you don't wonder why (and maybe they'll explain t later?), it's a very good read.

The translation is a little off, but not too bad. For some reason Wattpad keeps redirecting me... more>> to a page that doesn't exist even when I don't click anything, so that's really annoying.

But overall it's very fun to read. Definitely recommend. <<less
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vignettes rated it
March 26, 2020
Status: --
Aww another fluffy novels

The MC is dense and it's cute

Looking forward for next chapt
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MsKumiko rated it
March 25, 2020
Status: c38
It's a really fun story to read. The main character, to me, is very likeable. The ML is adorably tsundere, and I usually hate tsundere. The villain seems pitiful, and I don't have any reason to dislike her.

If you like a story that's smooth sailing and isn't a dog blood romance, this is for you. Granted, I'm not done with the first arc.

The translation isn't perfect, but I'm happy they picked this up and tried for anyone to read.
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