The Blackened Male God Always Wants To Set A Routine For Me


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Her system said that if she wants to get back her godhead, she has to fulfill the male lead’s wish. As a result, she started the long road of attacking the male lead.

The young boy’s eyes were sad: “You can only like me alone.”

The sick prince’s eyes were faint: “You said you will stay with me for a lifetime.”

The evil phantom emperor: “Little Su Yan, come here, my dear.”

Su Yan felt tangled. She just wanted to find her own godhead, how did she get tangled up?

Seeing that the look of the man in front was wrong, she immediately changed her words. “Yes, yes, all for you, I like you the most!”

The man was covered in blood, and approached step by step, muttering: “You said, you will stay with me, and you will never leave.”

Su Yan coaxed: “Well, I listen to you, let’s wipe this blood first, don’t scare others?”

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The Blackened Male Leads All Want Me
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xtruthxliex rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: c196
It's good. I like MC


I hate ML. They should put rxpe, sxxual abuse, etc in the tags.

... more>> MC might be a God but right now she has the IQ of a special needs child. The system knows more than her. It's sickening how ML is so... Disgusting.

I thought arc 2 was bad because he didn't allow her time to herself or even remember that she needed to eat... 3rd arc is even more sickening. He constantly bites her and even though she says he's good... He still forces her to do sxxual stuff against her will. She obviously doesn't want it..

This is an easy pass for me.

Also... Where is this so called fluff? Yall like this? This isn't fluffy. It's dark and wavering over the edge manipulation on the MLs part.

Fluff is light and warm. This is cold and dark. Just because he's possessive doesn't make this fluffy. <<less
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crprlnm rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: Completed
‪This is one of the nicest quick transmigration novel I've read and if you love sweet and fluffy novel well you'll like it as well.‬

‪As how the ML described Su yan (FL), she's like a wood - not that she doesn't have emotion, she does have emotion but just doesnt know how to express it well. But her emotions grew thanks to the ML's teasing love and her companions (her lil snake and bug). ‬

because the head lord wanted her to be the heir of the heaven, he stripped out all her negative emotions and her negative emotions has a human form but she's locked down in underworld!!


‪Expect FL to be OP! She's the head of God ofc she'll be OP but she has a weakness (its not really a weakness but more like a trauma for her) ‬.

The ML is shameless as its finest. Who said being dominant is the best way to get your lover? ML loves acting weak and coquettish to FL just to get her attention. He's a yandere and sometimes a masochist

The dude literally waited for 10, 000 years and sacrifice his soul and body for her


It's all sweet and fluffy - she accept everything about the ML, even when he's acting annoyingly cute to her. But there's also a little bit of angst!

They broke up at some arc!!! This is the first time I've read where FL and ML broke up. The reason is that the FL wants to protect the ML because ML keeps on getting hurt for her and he aint telling her anything. And she's feeling hurt everytime she sees him hurting but doesnt know how to express well, she suggested that they need to break up. ML didnt want to accept it at first but he did AND GOD THE TENSION WHENEVER THEY MEET


Their identity hooked me! The author gave out their identity pretty quickly but the more they reveal, the more you get hooked Like the connection of Su Yan to other Gods and also ML's parent.

Looking forward to re-read this again ˘͈ᵕ˘͈ Kudos to the translator ‪♡
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Empress M rated it
January 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Hello! I’m the translator for this novel, and I noticed Webnovel had put this on trial read. They will most definitely provide better translations than me, and um- they make official translations, unlike me.

I also noticed another person’s rant review- what they have said is true. I really butchered it-

It was nice while it lasted, and I think I should quit translating to focus on my health.

Not sure if I should leave the chapters up or not, however.

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Czarinananana rated it
April 2, 2020
Status: Completed
This is like 100 Ways to Get the Male God, so if you're like me and absolutely love that novel (and hate the inconsistent author), then you would definitely love this World hopping/Quick transmigration novel (minus the annoying author in 100 ways that would never finish a damned series because this is already completed.)

... more>>

SU YAN- The Female Lead

SO the FL is very OP. I mean, "supposedly", especially in the first arc where her IQ is 1 and Physic is 3 you can truly see how she is made the leader of the nine (Gods? Forgot don't sue me). Even the system was scared at first because it thought that she was a demon and will not listen/or act high and mightly but she was actually this serious cute FL XD.

I really like this FL, she is not annoying, she doesn't act like virg*n mary, and she is not a narcissist with a head as big as the world. She just does what she is told and she is also reasonably petty/cute when it comes to people who try to hurt her or the ML.

EDIT: She is the leader of the Nine Gods and is the Heir of Heaven (or something like that). Supposedly, the missions she was doing are to make her more GOD (she should've rid of her emotions by the end of the missions). However, because of the ML and his soul fragments and The friends (pets) she gained, she became more exposed to emotions and became more and more humane.

FL's patience for the ML is almost bottomless. As long as he doesn't get hurt, she would agree to all his requests. She's the real boss in the relationship but really, everyone who knows how much she dotes on the ML would say that she spoils him too much.

JUN YU- The Male Lead

The ML is a sucker for the FL. Although he doesn't necessarily fall-in-love with the FL at first sight, he tends to be attached to her. We have the same ML in every arc, and DAMN, for EVERYONE
(like me) with a fetish for yandere sweet ml, then you just struck a gold mine! The obsessive and possessive tags are legit!!!!

The ML is very obsessive and possessive with the FL and (I'm still in the third arc so this might not necessarily be true) most of all, he is not annoying. He's pretty ruthless and simple in handling bees and butterflies that you won't even have a chance to get annoyed that long because he cleans them up for our FL. The male lead is the Abyss (demon lord? Correct me if I'm wrong) that has been sealed. IDK what happened but the ML gave the FL and bracelet and the FL has it and still wears it even in the small worlds.


The ML is the Prince (the only son) of the Abyss. Like his dad who was a sucker for his mom, the ML is also a sucker for the SY. His soul got destroyed because he destroyed the Nether stone (which has the power to replace the FL, yes, it's that strong) which ended up severely injuring him. His body was left in the underworld (?) to rot while his soul was sealed by his father so that he could recuperate. In the latter chapters, he would leave the seal to go to the FL.

FL's Brother and other Gods call him BLACK TEA because he tends to act weak in front of the FL to hot all her attention and to make her agree to all his wishes. Ahahahah Not green tea because I guess he's too evil for that.
Antagonists in the arcs.

Can I say that I pity them? Lol. Yes, they are annoying but in the face of our FL and ML who are not really humans, they are just animals trying hard to live. But they do keep the story interesting. ISH. Ahahhaha




The real antagonists are not really the mere humans but 2 of the nine main gods and the Heaven (I really don't know what to call that old man, but it was the old man that made SY the Head of the Nine Gods).

They are both jealous that SY was a God since birth and they think that she doesn't deserve her position.

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Rin.Rin rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: c102
The romance is very bland. Nothing very spicy and the MC's personality is kind of boring. I understand that her stats on her brain/mental/body strength is low at the moment but the first two arcs has me dreading through. I can barely stay interested because the plot line has no seasoning.

There is no revenge or schemes that the MC has to partake in. She's like.... just there... helping the ML (kind of). I wish there was something more interesting and wild for me to feel passionate to read this novel.

I... more>> do like that she's s*upid sometimes because in certain circumstances it's kind of funny. And I like her special identity and powers which is the reason why I'm still reading.

Translation quality is very average. Pronouns and some phrases are mixed and incorrect. Got tired of seeing the whole "Su Yan l**ked the corner of her lips and replied......" I'm like huh? l**ked the corner of her lips? That sentence is literally on every page/almost every time she talks. And it's hard to imagine the MC licking the corner of her lips like every 10 minutes or something lol.

Overall I give this a 3.5 <<less
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Shortk rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: c359
Yo, the quality of writing on this is amazing especially considering I was going into this thinking it was just a "fluff novel probably" (which I wanted so it was all good). And it is like fluffy but you know fluff novels can sometimes come off pretty dull storyline wise after awhile, which is fine. BUT this is not the case. It really helps there's transmigration happening, but besides that, I think the writing is really good and I'm just reading MTL and feeling the frustration (not angsty), sadness, etc... more>> emotions the author wants us to feel. I also suspect the current translator is MTLing too (maybe I'm wrong, but regardless what I'm saying is that I think despite the basic translation I'm reading, I'm so emotionally affected for a fluffy novel. I wish I could read Chinese to see the extent of how goodthe writing could be if this is already affecting me.

The MC grows and so does the system. The plotlines are always interesting. The MLs are always uniquely compelling in each storyline

despite being parts of the same person

. I do not know how this author constantly makes me want to root for the ML in each story line. Geez.

I guess if we have to talk about any negatives, I kind of wish there was more positive interactions from significant female characters in each story instead of the unreasonable women in each plot. Lol but who knows maybe she's transmigrating too with them.... <<less
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Blood Covered Angel
Blood Covered Angel rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: c142
Okay, I have no memory of reading this, yet the bookmark says I'm on chapter 142. I decided to take a look at the first chapter to get a refresher, and nothing; I look at chapter 141 and nada. I have no idea how this happened, but I am now intrigued and will be starting this now.

Edit: after I started reading, I realized that I did read this at some point in the past. However, the only thing I remember from this is the Strawberry Candy from the first story,... more>> NOTHING ELSE. What the hell, brain!? Why was the Candy the important part!?

Edit 2: The ending of story one lives rent-free in my mind and pops up at random. How the hell did I forget that this was where that came from!? <<less
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fluoresscindy rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: v257
guys I really love this novel sm!!!

i love the FL and the ML characters too although they r so frkin possessive and extremely yandere? Obsessive shjshshhshs I like it tho /////

i want to thanks the translator empress-nim very much!! 😭💘 Thank u sm for translating this,

pls get well soon and stay healthy!! I love u really <3

and someone pls update this novel okayy plsss 😭💗

pls pls pls pls pls 💘💘💘💘
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SmallBookworm rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c204
This is not fluff. At least until and including the third arc, this is not! Fluff!

The female lead is great. Honestly, I love her a lot, so the male lead is a shame. He grows worse with each arc and by the third, he pretty much r*pes her and constantly bites her. He doesn't care if she rejects him, he doesn't care if she has other things to do. He doesn't even allow a snake around her because the snake is male. He is acting ridiculous and violent. Yes, I... more>> understand that he's supposed to be a very violent person, but he doesn't even change for the woman he loves. It's unbearable.

The translation could use an Editor. It's understandable, but there are some parts where you can tell that the translation is off and a wrong one is used, and some sentences where you actually can't tell what they're supposed to mean. Anyway, the story isn't very complicated, so it's manageable. <<less
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Kirisaki_Linari rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: c21
Just with the first arc will got you hooked up. Su yan is so cool. Just stating what she had on mind straight forwardly. Though she may seem a little bland, but still better than those noisy b*tches. And she's so intelligent. I like that.

And I also didn't epect this to be on wattpad. Hoho I already followed you empress m. Please continue translating this. Thanks love lots!
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laexdream rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: c18
Very fluffy, the MC is a little slow and clueless, though that might be because her physical body only has the mental level of 1 right now. The ML inexplicably falls for her, though he's never shown interest in a girl - not even when the "school beauty" chases him... So for plot points like that, as long as you don't wonder why (and maybe they'll explain t later?), it's a very good read.

The translation is a little off, but not too bad. For some reason Wattpad keeps redirecting me... more>> to a page that doesn't exist even when I don't click anything, so that's really annoying.

But overall it's very fun to read. Definitely recommend. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yatogami rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: c447
When I first discovered this, I wasn't really able to bring myself to read it. I was used to scheming and intelligent QT FLs, and the MC here— especially at the 1st Arc, is just like a blank paper. Always asking the system about this and that, she was really clueless

... more>>

Especially in Arc 1-3, where she can't think too hard, otherwise her brain will hurt. Also she's weak as ger physical value is below the human average. But don't worry, she's originally a god, she won't be bullied easily. Her current state is brought by the limitations as she binded with a system. And as she progresses through every world and complete the missions, she'll get points and be able to increase her brain capacity and physical value.


I tried giving it a chance and I'm glad I did. And yes there's no revenge or counterattack something like that, it's obviously not that type of novel. It is just the MC trying to gain her godhead fragments through the male target. Get close, fall in love in the process, make the ML's wish come true and get the fragment hUrRaY although there's more to that actually huehue. There's still their past, their background and history with one another.

One thing that hooked me is the ML's parents, it seems like they went through the same thing? Like the thing about being sealed and going through different planes



Though it seems like the ML's only wish in every world is for them to stay together lol

In Arc-which-I-forgot, maybe 5?6?, the ML wished for them to stay together until the day he dies. Due to the novel's original plot, the FL dies early (she's the villain lol) and the ML just became a madman. (Wanna explain but it'd become long af TuT) Anyways their souls met, and the ML asked if he'll have a good life?? Or something like that and the FL said yes. And which I think the next world became a compensation because the FL is the one who's coaxing and being very patient with the ML.

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MagykVen rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: --
The beginning of the novel is off putting and may be uncomfortable to read if you don’t have context.

MC has really low brain points. She’ll have headaches if she thinks too much, she’s physically weak, and she’s often written as “obedient” and “a good girl” to the ML (I seriously don’t like how so many authors use “obedient” as an “attractive trait”).

Because of this, ML can come off as predatory since he’s a yandere. He’s super possessive, clingy, occasionally insecure, violent to others but usually dotes on her. Sometimes, ... more>>

He’ll ignore how she says she doesn’t want it or doesn’t like how hard he bites her since it hurts-which can be uncomfortable to read. (Author, why?!)


HOWEVER, I’d say read the spoilers from other reviews about who the MC and ML is, then read the novel.


Putting the ML aside, it’s fun to see how MC handles her situation and how the system plus her pets interact with her.

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ntww12 rated it
December 7, 2021
Status: c734
OKAY SO. I absolutely loved this novel. I have always avoided LONG novels and this has 2000+ chapters HOLY CRAP and I’m only halfway but I needed to write this. Obviously I’m here because I clicked on the Yandere tags and anyone who reads this and complains about the ML should once again look at the tags. It’s tagged yandere for a reason.

So, the MC is a somewhat emotionless (or low EQ) lady. I love her because she does what is necessary, with no fuss. She isn’t exactly a white... more>> lotus type despite portraying that in the first arc. It was mostly because at the time, the story is just beginning and they needed to show her with low stats (1 brain power lol, if you read it, you’ll understand.) In a lot of arcs, she’s shown as white, slender, “weak”. But she’s not. She has inner strength and in a lot of arcs, she’s actually really strong. I enjoy the ones where she’s shown as stronger than the ML and has to protect the ML.


For example, in one arc, she is a general who is a mutated human who has bear genes?? I MTLed it so it wasn’t exactly clear. And she’s really really strong. Many people admire her for being domineering and in this arc, she pampers and spoils the ML like a badass cold faced CEO while he is the little white lotus. She protects him and saves him in several occasions and this just shows how awesome she is which I love.


Okay I’m all over the place but basically in the first few arcs, the MC has not grown into her strength and potential yet. She’s basically just going around the place fulfilling wishes of the ML and as a reader we don’t know what’s going on too. But as the story progresses, you’ll find out the scenario and the relationship between the ML and MC which is stronger than we think.


The MC was a Lord God betrayed by somebody whom I haven’t found out yet or the MTL is just so all over the place. The ML actually saves the MC several times, and to save her life, he went to different worlds and basically hurt himself really badly to save her. He really really loves her.


The ML does come off as r*pey, pushy in the first few arcs. I get that it isn’t for everyone but he is a yandere. In other arcs which I prefer, there are some where he is WEAK. One arc even shows that he has severe depression and the only light in his life is MC. In those arcs, the system worries that the ML can’t do well in *** because of how fragile and weak he is, but he ends up being a beast in the sheets LOL. Those arcs are ones I really like because you can see how much the MC cares for the ML. The ML has really low self-esteem and the only way he can tell himself MC loves him is by monopolizing her which really isn’t a great thing but hey, it’s a story lol. In some arcs, his low self esteem actually causes some distance/conflicts with the MC.


In one arc, MC was busy. ML was talking to her and she said, “close your mouth” and he instantly shuts up and thinks MC hates him. He doesn’t speak after that for fear that she hates him and she’s like, oh is he tired why isn’t he talking to me anymore? It’s little things like this that makes me like the ML more because those are real situations that happens in real life too.



The ML’s real name is Jun Yu and he’s a demon Lord. There’s one arc with a tsundere CEO and basically Jun Yu awakens from his seal and takes over the body he’s occupying in that world. Jun Yu is more aggressive and very jealous sort. I was actually disappointed because I wanted to see the tsundere trope explored more instead in that arc.


Anyway I’m still MTLing the story and I love it so much that I needed to write a review. I also wanted to let Empress M know that I am grateful for their translations because despite minor typos, it is actually really GOOOD. I was hooked on the story because of their translations and am thankful that they kept it up on their site otherwise I would’ve missed a great story. Thank you for reading my long horrible review. I don’t usually write them but I had to because of all the bad reviews here. I know the start of the novel is rocky but the arcs are so interesting and there are very little face-slapping moments and mostly an exploration between MC and ML’s relationship. It’s not fluff per se, but they are always shoving dog food in our faces.

I love the 3 side characters too, Xiao Hong, Xiao Hua and the Gu King. Xiao Hua is adorable and I love how the system worries about the weak ML in certain arcs and even shows him yellow stuff to make sure he can please the MC well HAHA. Love them. Please read this novel! <<less
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KookiesMochi rated it
July 3, 2020
Status: c223
  1. This is one of the best quick transmigration type novels i've ever read. The whole reason why I love this novel is because of our main character Su Yan. She is honestly so adorable and loveable. 5/5 cute novel. (Credits to the translator who uploads 1-2 translations everyday!)
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Tazeez rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: Completed
There's not much complexity in the female lead's character that will deviate from her previously established principles, she's strong, loyal, and smart but she has weird ticks and triggers. Nevertheless, this only helps build up the plot. On the other hand, the male lead is very dedicated to her. Ugh, I loved their chemistry although there are few off-putting chapters here and there, and also, thrown near the end.

The way the author slowly introduced the other gods into the story is also appropriately timed. The character development for the... more>> main and side characters is also good. There are several borderline cliché tropes thrown every now and then but the author was able to finesse through it.

This is a feel-good kind of story (if you look at it as a whole and overlook some flaws), and if you're one of those people who finds beauty in simplicity, then this web novel is for you. There are no mind blowing plot twists, there are a few tearjerkers, and there are a lot of romance (◍•ᴗ•◍) ✧*.

PS. I read the whole thing raw so some things might get lost in translation. <<less
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Nelle rated it
September 8, 2021
Status: c257
I was enjoying reading this so much, too bad the translations stopped at c257 and I don't want to pay webnovel. 😓 The romance is good and I like how yandere MC and ML are. The MC is so adorable that she chooses the seemingly useless stuff to be her 'golden finger'. I might try mtl but so far, mtl looks difficult to comprehend.
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Crayon rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: --
I'm at the arc where ML and MC broke up. Edited: They got back together! Yay!
Hope they won't broke up again in the next-next chapter.

My heart hurt so bad. I wish MC can express her self a little more but I understand her character won't ever do that. Not that ML will bother with that because he knows her well. I really appreciate him for that.

For the r*pe tag. It is not for our main characters so chill. ML is possessive towards MC and like MC describe in one of the chapter, he likes to coax her into doing 'that' with her which she WILLINGLY follow. They've been together for hundreds years, although MC just recently realized her feelings for him is love. For her, he is the most important person even after she realizes all that.

I really really really love her cold character! I love how she never in disadvantage just like MC from Su Yu's promotion record. They're both at the opposite character but will never get into disadvantage. ❤️ Love them so bad 😘 1M/10 ⭐️

Edit: I hope someone will translate the novel about Nan Yu (MTL). It's a quick transmigration too. MC and her related in some way but she was only mention almost at the end of the story. Please someone translates more of Qin Yuan novels! 😭🙏🏻
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tedy2004 rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: c155
I only read the Two Arcs which for me were peaceful and fluffy on Wattpad. However when I saw the reviews about Arc Three, I stopped right here, curiosity kills the cat with no Mercy.

Considering the two arcs I've read I give it 4 stars, I only recommend the first two arcs if you don't want r*** and detailed s**.

What I mean about detailed is that it doesn't tell what they are doing in that room, just that they have done it, that's all.

Peaceful reading.
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kari rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: c141
Meh... it''s fine. Not great, but fine.

What I feel is the main flaw, is the main characters bland personality. I dont find it likeable at all! Nor is it an actual possibility to have.

Honestly, the story would b completely different if the personality changed...
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