The Big Bosses Are Not What I Expected After I Transmigrated Into A Book


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Qiao Yang transmigrated into a novel full of the rich and the powerful’s scheming.

In the novel, he fought with his brothers over the family’s inheritance. He engaged in internecine strife and the brothers turned against each other. Also in the novel, he fought openly and secretly with the male protagonist, Gu Ye, in the business world. The two just couldn’t coexist together.

Only to quickly be defeated and lose everything. In the end, his reputation was ruined, and even abandoned by his family, he came to a miserable end.

Qiao Yang checked his bank account balance and counted the long series of zeros behind it: ten … hundred … thousand … hundred thousand … million…ten million.

Damn! There’s no point in me continuing to work hard anymore!

First he gave up his middle position to his brothers, and then withdrew the bidding project with the male protagonist Gu Ye. From then on, he stayed away from the business world and lived the life of a noble son.

Every day is to play music, go to nightclubs, relax and enjoy the time. It’s just that people who were at odds with him, the look in his eyes is getting more and more kind.

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Heungbo rated it
October 1, 2020
Status: Completed
(Since it's a really long review there's a TLDR at the end lol)

I really like this story. There's no unnecessary and overblown drama, no s*upid villains here for the sake of having the MC defeat villains (tho there are some s*upid people). The characters are also not really OP considering their origins/what they lived through

... more>>

like MC's ability with music which was hinted since the first chapter, so it's not a surprise that he ends up striving in it (tho it is a bit cliche it's not bad cliche bc it's nicely done). MC also knows he has no business ability so he doesn't try to pretend otherwise

ML is also a really good businessman bc he started really early, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have times when he struggles


I also really like the fact that the secondary characters are not 2D or either black or white. No one's perfect, no need to destroy people for something bad they did/said. Lessons are learned and there's no epic revenge (and not a lot of face slapping) which I find really refreshing.


It may seem s*upid but the fact that Qin Man (the girl who chases ML at the start of the story) was not made into a villain or a big obstacle to the main couple. Usually, these characters are discarded rapidly once they show up or they blacken and s*upidly try to get the person they love but Qin Man is much more than that. She just fell in love with someone who never loved her in return and she didn't try to push too far. She becomes friends with MC and once she learns about their relationship she doesn't try to childishly sabotage it.

The first time she saw MC (after he publicly confessed to ML), she said it would take some time but she'll definitely get someone better to love haha

Mo Yu is also an interesting character who knows when he missed a chance and knows when to let the past go so I was really happy when he became friends with MC instead of blackening or being forgotten after two lines.


The main couple's dynamic is really nice - no insta love, no unhealthy relationship (so rare these days lol). While the ML is a bit possessive, he knows how to restrain himself. Also, they try to communicate!!!! Obviously the communication is not the best


with MC, feeling like an imposter (bc he's not the original one) the more he gets attached to this new life, and fearing to reveal to anyone that he's from another world, and ML just not used to communicate with anyone because he grew up not trusting anyone, with no friend and circled by his power hungry relatives


but they try. When ML's possessive behaviour starts to get a bit too far, MC reminds him. Also, when he says "stop", ML stops. This seems so basic but many MLs out there don't do it QAQ

I think it's mainly a story about a guy who has to adapt to another world and his new family, but not while forgetting his old world.

The family is strong in this one


MC reunites with his brother (who is now known as Su Cheng) which I was so happy for bc I didn't want one of his new brothers to get erased instead. I mostly liked the fact that his appearance didn't bring any unnecessary drama (it did bring a lot of jealousy for ML tho haha)

MC and Su Chen are both still close but they're not their everything like in their past (miserable) life

Su Cheng could have actually transmigrated in Qiao Zhen's body because he nearly got the parents hesitated between Cheng and Zhen

Also, MC starts to feel like an imposter the longer he interacts and gets to know his new family and he eventually confesses to his (new) dad. Turns out dad already knew he wasn't the original bc he had a dream the night before MC came about everything that should have happened. Dad has had time to grieve for original body of MC and Dad considers MC as his son and they cry together lol especially after he tells him his original life and that his brother is also here now

Su Chen also tells him that their parents (in their first life) actually looked like current Dad and (deceased) Mom before they died


My favourite character is definitely ML's mom. She's such a strong woman who takes no sht from anyone and she fought hard, even tho she didn't have a strong backing and was alone at first, for her son when her husband died and his fortune was coveted by their relatives. Everything she does is for her son's wellbeing and if she has to appear as a villain and ML resents her, she'll gladly do it as long as he's okay. She also knows her limits and is not too pushy so even MC ends up admiring her haha


Towards the end, there's a power struggle at ML's company and he might get evicted so she acts all sweet with MC (who wasn't aware of anything since he doesn't go much online) and complains that ML these days doesn't eat well so MC should go give him lunch directly at his company now. Obviously MC accepts and goes there but ML is in a meeting and instead of being happy when he sees who arrived, he gets angry and sorry without explaining. MC then understand that ML's mother did that to show every shareholder at that meeting that MC's family is on ML's side, and they're supporting him against that Li something who's ML's opponent.

So ML's mother actually did that without saying anything to MC (even tho he would have agreed knowing it) knowing that it would anger his son for using MC as a sort of bargaining chip. But ML is the only one angry and MC (who's thankful for ML's mother and a bit angry no one told him anything (others actually assumed ML already told him lol)) even goes the day after saying loudly in the reception that he came to see his boyfriend haha


She also has cute moments so I really like anytime she appears


When everyone tries to get close MC once he starts to get popular and people brag with pictures of them with MC on sns, she posts pictures of her son and MC so others will be jealous of her haha


TLDR: no unnecessary drama (!!!!), characters have personalities, no one's too op, they know their limits and they grow as people

So yeah, I definitely recommend this story (unless you're looking for a good vs bad kind of story) <<less
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Kisaki_Tsubasa rated it
August 17, 2021
Status: c77
I'm on chapter 77 of 95 and honestly I'm starting to get tired and annoyed.

The story starts very good, quite interesting, very cute and has a lot of very funny parts without being too silly. However, as the story progresses, things keep popping up that are a bit problematic.

The story is not as fluffy and the couple is not as healthy as the story claims to be. It might be different further in the story, who knows, but at this point, it's already annoying me.

A lot of people might not... more>> realize or mind these little things that I'm about to point out, but these are things that are problematic and therefore take from the fluffiness of the story, at least for me.

This story perpetuates the romanticism of jealousy. Jealousy is not a good thing. I'll tolerate some jealousy because it means you are afraid of losing the person you like, especially if it's before the couple gets together or when the couple just starts dating, but I really don't like raging jealousy. ML is crazy jealous. Yes, a lot of MLs in Chinese novels get jealous easily and I'm not a fan, but this ML is not like other MLs. Other MLs get jealous easily but will only just sulk for a bit or just be more insistent during bedroom activities. This ML though, gets so jealous it's almost scary. We know he won't do anything to the MC because he loves him too much, but just barely.


Like when ML saw MC talking on the phone with his "sworn brother". ML raged with jealousy and just grabbed MC causing MC to drop the phone. He held MC, not letting MC move and keeping MC from picking up his phone. ML was crazily jealous of MC's "sworn brother", so he didn't want MC to talk to him, even though the MC's "sworn brother" was very worried and thought something happened to MC when he heard the phone dropping. Plus, MC and his "sworn brother" were on the phone discussing something really urgent at the time, but ML didn't give two f*cks. ML didn't want MC to talk to his "sworn brother", so he held on until MC was starting to get really angry. (I say it was MC's "sworn brother" because the guy was MC's actual biological brother in their past lives, but they aren't related in this life, so they tell others they are sworn brothers)


I don't like how they romanticize possessiveness in Chinese novels and how they use s*x as a method to possess a person. This novel does that. ML wants to have s*x with MC to make him completely his instead of wanting to do it to be closer and express their connection in a more intimate level.

The couple's relationship is based on lies. ML and MC keep using various tricks to manipulate each other into doing what they want. It's not as blatantly obvious in the story, but if you think about it, that's really what they are doing. So I'll put it plainly with these examples:

Example 1:


ML approaches MC by pretending he wanted to be "friends" with him and uses the excuse that MC's his only friend to do various things for him. This one I don't really mind too much because he really couldn't come onto the MC too strongly because that would've scared MC away, but a few things here and there were manipulative.


Example 2:


MC gets jealous because a famous actor who likes ML takes a role in ML's project in order to get between MC and ML and steal ML away. What does MC do? Instead of directly telling ML that the actor has shady intentions, he pretends to be the actor's fan and acts like an obsessed fan in front of ML to make ML rage with jealousy and not give the role to the actor. MC did this knowing how jealous the ML can get and how much his actions can affect ML, but MC didn't care about how he would make ML feel. MC just cared about venting his anger on ML for hiring a guy who was in love with ML (even though ML didn't know about this) and MC's own pride, because MC couldn't let ML know MC was jealous, because "it would be too embarrassing" according to MC.


Example 3:


MC promised to have s*x with ML for the first time, but when the time comes, he's actually quite tired and not completely prepared mentally. Instead of talking it out and discussing it with ML, MC pretends to be drunk and make ML worry about him and take care of him.


Another thing that bothers me from this novel (that others might not mind) is how it portrays vices like they aren't a big deal at all. The MC's body's original owner wasn't a smoker, so when MC transmigrated into that body, the body shouldn't have been craving cigarettes. MC even said his throat hurt the first time he smoked. But did he use that opportunity to stop smoking? NO. MC even promised his brother he would try not to smoke when he was caught smoking, but MC doesn't stop and turned his new, younger and healthy body into a smoker. The reason quitting smoking is so difficult is because the body gets addicted to it, but he just made his new body addicted too. All Chinese novels have protagonists with perfect looks and perfect teeth. You can't have perfect teeth if you smoke. PERIOD. The other vice this novel portrays as something that's ok? Drinking. MC has a drinking problem. I have no problem with his hobby of collecting rare antique bottles of alcohol and enjoying tasting them, but MC not only does that, he keeps failing to stop when he's had enough and keeps trying to drown his emotions with alcohol. Absolutely unhealthy.

The fact that MC is so freaking oblivious is also annoying. It might be funny when some characters are a bit oblivious, but there's a point where it starts to get annoying.

So, yeah. I'm getting annoyed so I'm just gonna drop it. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
October 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Straightforward and fluffy. A good read.

Our MC, Qiao Yang, is involved in a car accident after visiting his friend. The last words he hears is a heartbreaking sentence his elder brother who had passed 5 years ago.

He then immediately up to find himself as the notoriously s*upid and idiotic rich young naster Qiao Yang, a character in a novel who looks and has the same as the now deceased Qiao Yang.

... more>> Our story starts from there.

All in all, it's very sweet and the charactees are all very real. Misunderstandings are solved and there is clear communication between people.

I think the best thing is how the ML tells the MC how much he wants to lock him up (only when they started dating duh).

Now let me explain, the ML wants to do it but doesn't. No matter how possessive he is, he'd never do anything to hurt the MC (unless he did some farfetched idiotic thing to make him lose his mind). The ML respects the MC's wishes.

And of course, the MC understands the ML; his complicated background, his thoughtfulness, and how much the ML loves him. Thus, he'll talk to the ML about it. Of course, once their relationship progressed he starts to joke with the ML about his possessiveness

Very good novel and a decent read to pass time. The author did great on writing about the ML that I had the hots for him. Alas, it cannot be.


Enjoi and Adieu! <<less
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July 8, 2021
Status: Completed
[rated 4 stars]- Idk why but the star rating I gave isn't showing up soooo

MTL'd it and it was pretty easy to get through. I took one star off just cuz I didn't like how it had the typical trope of the MC "wanting to be a top." Y'know like the MC who is obviously written to be the shou is ashamed of being on the bottom and sees it as emasculating so he wants to be on top. Ugh just the general trend in the BL genre (it's pretty... more>> prevalent irl too) where being on bottom is seen as less manly so guys are often ashamed of it or even made fun of it. Would have been SO MUCH BETTER if the MC was just an assertive shou, because you can totally be on bottom and still be in control of the situation, power bottoms are the best lol

aside from that, a good thing is I was really scared the ML would turn out to be the MC's brother and it would be some weird incest sh*t, but I was very very relieved when it was confirmed otherwise haha, yay for no incest <3 <<less
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Qwex rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: Completed
This story was much better than I expected.

There are many things that were done right here.

The one I enjoyed the most is that there is no unnecessary drama here. (Key word: unnecessary). All misunderstandings are resolved withing a couple of chapters with appropriate levels of maturity (or immaturity). Some times there are moments when other stories would be focusing on things that are unimportant to a plot development only to increase a word count. Here the story does not waste time on repeating cliche scenes. This does not mean that... more>> the pacing is rushed. No, that means that the whole story reads in one breath.

MC and ML are fleshed out characters. You believe that you are reading about real people. This is because they both have a unique personalities and their characterizations are consistent (no losing IQ bc of plot reasons!). MC is straightforward and naive. He misses a lot of nonverbal communication, but once he is brought up to date he is not afraid to take action. ML is an interesting contrast of downright yandereish thoughts and gentle and respectful actions. He knows that MC does not fell the same and is prepared to patiently wait for him. There are a lot more to them than I'm prepared to wright here.

I really liked that they apologize to each other if they were wrong. In a lot of stories because of misunderstanding one of the characters ignores the other (and often insults him) but once misunderstanding is cleared it is forgotten. Here ML apologized for his actions (also his actions were so mild MC didn't even realize that he was ignored).

Background characters are also well developed. Even if they are not in the spotlight I believe that they are there, living their lives. They are also memorable. MLs mother is in, like, 5 scenes, but I remembered her even if she is not here.

The story as a whole was really good to read. I was really invested in these characters. There were a lot of moments that made me chuckle.

I honestly recommend you try reading it. Chances are you are going to really enjoy it.

And I can't stress it enough: the only reason this story is 95 chapters and not 150+ is because it does not waste time on cliched unimportant stuff. <<less
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Likalily rated it
October 1, 2020
Status: Completed
I like MC, he is very naive and innocent in relationships. He also really loved his brother, and really liked music especially the piano. Our MCs are very dedicated to music, however most of MC's life is about music and its brothers. But he also really loved ML and the Qiao family

For ML, he is very possessive of MC and that's natural because his life is only filled with work. From childhood he had been pressured by his mother to take care of the company so it was only natural... more>> that he was very possessive of his property, namely MC.

MC (Qiao Sheng / Su Cheng) older brother, he really loves his younger brother. He is like a parent to MC and naturally he is suspicious of ML because ML is like an old fox. We don't know what the goal is but ML is very sincere. Well, even though MC and ML always fight because of MC. Like ML said, MC's brother is like an evil mother-in-law. For me, SC is like a parent who doesn't want their child to have a relationship because according to him ML is still not satisfactory.

MC's father, (sorry spoilers) he covered his sadness well even though his son's soul was gone and was replaced by MC but he still loved MC like his own son. Because it was fate, it turned out that MC's parents in another world were the same as the real world.

Actually I want to write about other character traits (MC's two brothers, ML's mother and MC's friend) but I'm a little tired of writing this. Oh yeah no big deal and everything was well resolved, this is more of an emotional problem? And there are some unfinished scenes. But I really like the MCs who can solve their own problems and are also confident. And I like that there is something better than ML, namely MC's brother (Qiao Sheng / Su Cheng).< <<less
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Dianille rated it
April 6, 2023
Status: Completed

Very good!! I like most of its characters even when the author set them up as 'antagonist'... They're not unreasonable and were able to change. The MC and ML relationship is also cutee. The ML is very possessive person tho, but I guess it's okay since he never does anything pass my bottom line.
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Ramoria rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: Completed
It's an enjoyable read, with a certain amount of drama not not really to the extent it controls the whole story.

It flowed well, and the ML and MC have a lovely dynamic which is fun to read, and full of emotions. The relationship between the MC and his family is also very sweet to read. If you want something simple and romantic, then I recommend this for you.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
It's a sweet fluffy book, not much tension and drama but you could feel the wholesomeness

Its good for a quick read

The only problem is that we never really found out who the main antagonist was

It was kinda glossed over

But overall I'd recommend it
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March 7, 2021
Status: --
The brotherly relationships in this story are quite sweet. This danmei is a fluffy romance with family ties story where the 'salted-fish' type MC wants to stay away from the conflict from the original story and live his own life.

The MC is protected from the drama by his older brothers, and though the ML is respectful of the MC in his efforts to pursue him, I low-key ship the MC with--

... more>>

Su Cheng, though he has no blood ties in the novel story, is actually his 'real world' older sibling named Qiao Sheng. The character his original older brother transmigrates into is a 'shadowy' underworld boss that seems quite OP, and seems much stronger than the ML, lol. So of course, wanting the the MC to have the 'best man', it's a pity he can't end up with Su Cheng now they're not blood related.


The MC transmigrates into the novel story originally wanting to find his real older brother, so I somewhat was hoping that ship would have had some possibility, lol. <<less
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Melange rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Hmmm, this is probably a 3.5/5. Sweet? Yes. Easy to read? Also yes. Plot? Not really.

Another good name for this novel would be Easygoing Life After Transmigrating, because that's what this novel is. MC faces no struggles, captures ML's heart nigh immediately, and has a supportive cast of brothers to help him along the way. He has a pretty mild character and falls effortlessly into ML's conniving hands.

There's the triple Gary Stu combo of MC, MC's brother, and ML to be found. Unfortunately, the remainder of the characters don't really... more>> get any screen time and are therefore pretty 2D.

Oh well, it's a nice and quick read if you're looking for something fluffy. <<less
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redfeathersgirl rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: --
It's fluffy and simple. Easy to MTL too cause it's in a modern world. Finished this with a smile.. Cause it's heart warming.

MC was a good guy that got a second chance to live with his family. ML was an uptight guy that fortunately met the love of his life.

Really loved all the characters and I loved that there's no side pairing. Maybe a hint of them, but the focus was the main pairing.. Our MC and ML.

And don't worry..

ML was not the brother

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nitan rated it
February 9, 2022
Status: Completed
It's alright! There's a sweet romance that's the main plot of the story, so most of the plot holes are the business/side-characters that are just left to dust lmao -- otherwise, if you're wanting to read about how the CP got together and some silly sweet romance between them, you might enjoy!

Personally I think it got boring after ch60... I dragged by feet to the end because I wanted to see if it picked up, it didn't. It's just not for me, but I can see other people who might... more>> enjoy this thoroughly and appreciate it for what it is!! I recommend for people who's starting out on this genre and want to see kind of a general gist of what its about, you'd probably enjoy it.

The CP is sweet... but my immersion was missing in some part because it's too silly and white lotus-y for me. The ML is head over heels for the MC, and it didn't take long for him to become obsessed/in-love so thoroughly that it just. didn't work for me lol... the MC is very innocent, some of his plot lines I have a bone to pick with because it's just so mary sue-ish that I felt like it hit my funny bone in a bad way rather than the good way, still -- if you're the type who enjoys a sweet fluffy romance and isn't looking for something too challenging, I can see a lot of people liking this !!

If you look at it from afar.. they're that annoying couple, and to me personally I just can't get into it because it doesn't make sense lmao... it's very.. middle-school love to me. But that's just my personal opinion!! I hope everyone else enjoys it anyways!! Good luck and I hope this is what you're into/can stomach when you read!! <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c21 part2
This is a silly sweet romance novel with a corporate espionage backdrop. The enemies are numerous to the point that many confrontations are only hinted at after they have been handled by one of the MC’s family members. Only the most insidious of the enemies are able to slip this net of protection and show up in front of the MC.

I think this was a reasonable usage of various Gary Stu characters. The main characters may be OP, but the enemies are organised, more numerous than them, and working from... more>> behind the scenes. The subplots ferret out the identities of these enemies overtime throughout the entire novel.

The MCs can’t just instakill most of these enemies just by knowing their identity either. The first revealed enemy actually takes a very long time to be caught despite the strength of the MCs. The enemies who attempt anything illegal are also usually turned over to the custody of the police to be punished according to the law, which is rather rare in this type of novel.

This overall shows one point I really appreciate: these business conflicts started before the novel began and will continue long after. There is not a major antagonist coordinating every bad event that happens to the MCs here, only inevitable competition. The happy ending you expect at the end of a fluffy novel is one the protagonists struggle and fight for before finally getting to relax at the end. In this novel, it’s clear that the protagonists will continue fighting together side-by-side for their continued happiness. The feeling as this story comes to a close is that this is only their beginning. I appreciate the subtlety of such a happy conclusion.

The main couple have an interesting duality that clearly reflect upon each other. The MC is used to showing his rough edge to survive, despite his internal gentleness. He in this new world will finally be outwardly expressing his true nature now that he isn’t living on knife’s edge. The ML on the hand expresses an equally cold cordiality to all acquaintances. ML is actually ruthless at heart, both to himself and others. It’s the MC who will teach him kindness. The beauty of this couple is that they are very similar in nature despite being very different people. Over this novel they will start to soften their edges and adapt to each other, showing utmost tenderness to their partner. Of course, anyone who endangers them or their relationship must be prepared to face their sharpest edges.

The ML is one of the most patient ‘overbearing CEO’ I have seen. He realises his feelings pretty early, but avoids rashly acting upon them or pressuring the MC. There are some pretty obvious attempts to seduce the MC, but nothing overbearing. He tries very hard to be gentle and give the MC enough space to explore his own feelings to the point that the ML even plays along with the MCs attempts at being the Gong. He pampers the MC cautiously. He’s rather possessive, but he’s afraid to hurt or scare the MC. He reveals his true colors only when he panics due to making a mistake. Yes, that’s right. Our ‘overbearing CEO’ not only makes mistakes, he also acknowledges that they happened and tries to make up for it.

The MC on the other hand is a bit more... all over the place. He grew up being very carefully protected by his brother, but his brother could not fully protect him from the subpar environment he and the MC were subjected to as orphans. He still had to teach the MC to protect himself. The two could only accept situations such as the MC accompanying his brother to his workplace, a bar. This exposed the underage MC to the wretched sides of humanity. He has only been able to maintain his kind heart due to the protection of his brother. He is only more protected after his transmigration with the support of 5 big bosses (family+lover). He’s truly lucky to be protected to this extent, yet he also wants to stand on his own two feet. He’s an adult who spent 5 years of bitterness after the death of his brother. He doesn’t want others to go through the same, so he doesn’t reject his new family and tries to protect them in his own way while embarking on his own career. I say he’s all over the place as a character because his temperament changes under crisis are even more obvious than the ML. On one hand, he is a bitter 25 year old musician, alcoholic, and smoker. On the other, he’s an innocent young man with a deep instinct to rely and depend on others. He will show no mercy to those he wants to reject and even somewhat disdains men who try to ‘entangle’ him. Yet... he craves and gets easily attached to the MLs pampering. He’s just as possessive as the ML. He’s content to breeze by and not think too deeply about things 90% of the time. He gets very serious when he does decide to put effort into thinking deeply. It’s at these times that his temperament from his last life is revealed. He will quietly pull out a smoke and even sometimes reveal his own aggressiveness.

One thing I suspect after reading to the end:


This isn’t directly implied in the story, but I suspect that the entire Qiao family in the original story was calculated and killed off. The strongest indicator of this is that the MCs dead parents are revealed to look like his new parents. This begs the question: what else is similar? This plot seems like less of a world inside a book and more like a parallel reality. If that is so and his father was just as rich before death, what happened to the inheritance? How did these two come to practically live out of a bar? If the inheritance was stolen, it wouldn’t be shocking if the perpetrator decided to make the two brothers disappear. Their deaths are a sudden illness and a car accident. Qiao Zhen hasn’t had such a random terminal illness. It doesn’t seem natural for Qiao Sheng to have such a thing despite the bodies being the same. A different soul doesn’t seem like it would effect someone’s physiology. Of course, I could be wrong. Qiao Sheng grew up in a bad environment which could have impacted his health.


My only regret is that we don’t get to see MC show his fighting skills off to the ML; there are only a few confrontations and even fewer who notice the MC’s skills. <<less
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Kurolo-Lite rated it
May 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Touching romance, where the two characters actually have to put some effort into their relationship. Binged it in one go.

Will definitely be on my reread list.
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yuukiouji rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I completed reading this novel through MTL, which is maybe 60-75% comprehendible with a lot of fill-in brain power. The writing ends up coming out simple in structure when read through MTL and very likely not as good as it likely is in Chinese. I LOVED reading this story but it isn't the same without a proper translator. So I can't wait to read the translation and appreciate that translators have picked it up. I really loved this storyline. I actually appreciate the characterization here. Also, maybe this wasn't the... more>> writer's intention, but as a neurodiverse individual myself, ML sort of gave me that kind of feeling (and that's not a bad thing at all, but I can see how neurotypical individuals might perceive the ML's character differently. I don't want to go too in depth on this because it's merely my perspective.) MC is very sweet to ML. Overall, enjoyed the read, and look forward to the translation!

Lastly, my way of gauging my level of love for books I really liked, I ask myself this question: Hypothetically, if this novel were ever officially translated and sold as a physical novel in the English language, would I purchase the book? Yes, I would add it to my bookshelf collection. <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
October 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Much better than I expected. There's not much novelty to the story but it's well written.

Fluffy. Misunderstanding is solved very quickly so things didn't get too convoluted unnecessarily. I kind of feel for daddy Qiao it's the plight of transmigration script.
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August 8, 2023
Status: c34
So far I love the MC's personality since he's not too OP and he's also genuinely kind.

I think the only complain I have right now is how draggy their family drama is haha. Or is it supposed to be this way? There wasn't any major plot yet, I just hope it'll be more interesting in the later chapters.
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seasaltxx rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved it.

i love how the main focus mostly of this one is the familial relationships which was overshadowed later on because of the romantic ones. But I love that in every step and every conflict, the family would be there to worry for him

There are some business world struggles but I like how its not described so much but it still affects the plot and the interactions of the mains in a big way.

short but sweet
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Fisukisuki rated it
August 18, 2022
Status: c95
First time I'm Fully MTL since the 1st chapter till the end of Main story. The MTL is so Easy to read so I understand the plot and the wording even some funny moments so easily. The Emotional moments even captured nicely! Sadly no MTL for the Extras...

Anyway it was Absolutely Beyond any Expectations in the Best Way Ever!!! It has Great Emotional Heartwarming Family Feels!!! We have parents who are NOT Evil or Annoying. They're parents who want their children to survive and living well and not alone.

We get... more>> to see MC being mostly Awesome but not OP. Like he won't be pushed played around by mean people. He's don't do Faceslapping just for the sake of it, but he will Counterattack when people keep trying to make trouble for him or his people.

Except the Real Villains who mostly play in the Background, most people with slight silly bad thought are not too s*upid who can't see situations. Who know who to offend and who shouldn't.

This novel has some Emotional moments, but there's no real Intense or Big Drama going on. So it's actually a Light type of Novel. Mostly Fluff and slight Slice of Life. And Great Family Feels!!! Doting Family ARE THE BEST!!!


Where's Transmigration Novel has their Parent know their Child is not their Previous Child anymore???! Definitely NOT LIKE THIS!!!




Even without extras that part basically Completed the Story into a PERFECT NOVEL EVER!!!


But I still want to read the extras if possible... <<less
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