The Best Male God


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Zhou Zeyi is a lonely ghost who tunnels from world to world to complete tasks issued by several wishers. He believed that once he completed one thousand tasks, he would be able to go back to the past and find his real self.

A deceived film empress, a child bullied in school, an unfaithful wife’s husband, an abducted college student sent into a mountain village…

Zhou Zeyi met various wishers and changed many lives.

This is Zhou Zeyi’s tale.

This is how the seemingly endless journey began.

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Date Group Release
04/15/19 Fallen To MTL c3
04/13/19 Fallen To MTL c2
04/12/19 Fallen To MTL c1
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Alina Moktan
New Alina Moktan rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: Completed
One of best Quick Transmigration novel with male protagonist. Highly recommend this gem novel. Each arcs is so sad, sweet and fluffy. Its had its own charmed, all plot are interesting that hooked me up. I like how Male Protagonist transmigration different kind of person. He become good man, husband and son. Also like different characters female lead. I like how loyal MC and dote on FL.

If you are into straight romance 1v1 novel with male MC. Then This is for you. Recommend it

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Pachia rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: Completed
Love this novel! Though there are things unsatisfactory here and there, but pretty much nothning is perfect. Out of many world hopping novels that I read so far, this one is one of the best (at least in my opinion) ! It was so enjoyable that I wished that it had a thousands more chapters instead of ending at a 1400 chapters.
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Aina Seira
Aina Seira rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: Completed
This is one of the best BG Quick Transmigration out there so I hope this gets translated fully.
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