The Best Actor’s Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter, Please Love Me!


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Yun Muxi was a young scriptwriter in the 21st century who once time-traveled back into the olden days of China.

There, she met and fell in love with the Emperor, Duanmu Gongyu. After a torturous heartbreak, the duo separated and never saw each other again.

When Yun Muxi returned to the modern world, she ended up working with a rising actor, Gong Yu, who happened to be the same man she once loved with her whole heart. As soon as he set his eyes on her, the feelings of yesterday came back and he was determined to make her his again.

As Gong Yu tried to woo Yun Muxi repeatedly, she realized that she found it hard to resist his charms. However, the duo was trapped in a series of events that made falling in love impossible.

The modern-day Yun Muxi now has a daughter while the father of the child remained unknown. Gong Yu, on the other hand, had developed a history of heart attack.

On top of that, their story unraveled with shocking truths at every turn. The star-crossed lovers were faced with steep challenges that constituted the endless list and many sacrifices had to be made.

Would they eventually be given the chance to love freely?

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cookieconquerer rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: --
I read the raws (MTL) , and if you're uncomfortable with rape, don't read this.

... more>>

It's near the beginning of the story, but the villain has one of the other characters raped (not the FL but still). Poor girl didn't deserve it and honestly I found it really, truly, upsetting. I only lasted to ~47 before I skipped to the end (HE) and while I have no clear idea of what is going on I don't want to go back and fill in the blanks either. That's how messed up it was.

It doesn't help that the ML spent the chapter before on a date with some chick without informing the FL which is just cannonfodder for future misunderstandings. So, I'm pretty sure that this novel is just going to be misunderstandings galore.

Then, the ML is basically forcing himself on the FL every chance he gets (kissing, touching, not s*x though). No respect for personal space, just resentment and possession. I have some concerns for the author's idea of what makes an acceptable romantic partner (a cold guy who wants you to trust him unconditionally but doesn't explain his sketchy actions or let you in on his plans doesn't fit that bill mmkay), as well as acceptable plot devices (having someone raped and videotaped just to show how bad a bit*h the villain is, is not one).


I had some high hopes for this, as the premise of the story of a chick who goes to the past then returns to the present only to be followed by her man from ancient times is interesting. Unfortunately, there was more focus on misunderstandings and destruction than the construction of a worthwhile partnership. <<less
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joey183 rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: c10
It looks interesting in the synopsis so I decided to give it a try. Sadly I was disappointed. Like what the previous reviewer wrote, the ML is a super possessive guy without any sense of respect for personal space at all to FL.

The entire story by and large reeks of Stockholm Syndrome because of the way the ML treats the FL. From what I read so far, the ML is basically forcing himself on the FL at every meeting including their first official meetup. ... more>>

The ML immediately deep-throat kissed the FL in their first meeting. Then in the next scene, the ML force himself onto the same taxi the FL flagged and was riding. The weirdest part of it all was when the Taxi driver continued driving towards the FL's house (destination) despite the FL obvious discomfort at how the ML acted inside the taxi. The author had even described the Taxi driver being creeped out by the aggressive way the ML was behaving, yet he didn't think of driving them to the police station just because the Taxi driver thinks they are 'couple'. Even for real 'couple', it doesn't excuse the ML's behavior towards FL. Another strange thing is when the ML was able to barged in all the way into the FL's house from the security checkpoint in her apartment, resulting with the FL being assaulted by the ML for the second time. Seriously I feel the FL dumping the ML in the first place (their past lifes in ancient times) is the right thing to do.


The Fl's character is incredibly good though which is why I couldn't stand the ML's personality. Because I can't shipped the FL with the ML, I've decided not to read any further. <<less
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WAJOW rated it
February 11, 2019
Status: c23
There is only a lot of negative reviews for this novel, but I encourage people to give this a chance. So far and hopefully not in the future I haven't come across anything disturbing; the ML and FL seem to have a very mysterious past and also seem to have a huge misunderstanding. The ML also acts quite aggressive but hasn't physically hurt the FL and also holds a very deep love for her. Not sure how this novel will develop but I recommend people try this novel first and... more>> read a minimum 20 chapters before deciding whether to continue or not.

I will update this review later. <<less
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