The Beloved New Daughter-In-Law of the Wolf Mansion


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Arsene, the only heir to the wolf family known for his illness, has died.

The culprits are my father and my half-sibling.

They killed the heir by lying to use the family’s healing powers.

Thanks to this, the family was destroyed, and I was caught up in it and died.


“Lady, wake up!”

When I opened my eyes, I was back at the age of seven before I died!

“Let me marry Arsene!”

I can’t die under false accusations again.

I requested a contract marriage to the Wolf family without my father’s knowledge.

After curing the heir’s illness, I was going to divorce and leave when I turned 20.

As the wolf family and our family are hostile to each other, they might hate me, but it’s better than to die motionless.

Let’s hold it in until we turn 20!

That’s what I thought—.

“Look at these fluffy feathers… how…”

“Lady, you look cute today too. Hoho, you seem to be getting cuter day by day.”

“I guarantee you, you will be the most beautiful of all the beasts at this festival!”

Strangely, the people in the Wolf Mansion like me so much?

“You’re not pretty? It looks like all the mirrors in the mansion are broken. I’ll have to ask them to buy a new one.”

My father-in-law even changed all the mirrors.

The servants wished to touch my feathers once.

Besides, my contract husband is weird, too.

I thought he was waiting for divorce whenever he had time—.

“Linsy, you’re my wife. Where are you going to leave me?”

“Now that you’re an adult, you have to fulfill your duty as a married couple.”

My adult husband’s eyes are strange.

Is this okay?

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늑대 저택의 사랑받는 새아가
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James Baily
New James Baily rated it
May 10, 2024
Status: c56
Eh. I liked it at the beginning, but the characters lack creativity. There are a bunch of contrived situations that could be resolved if the characters stopped to think for 2 seconds, but nooooo. The author has to write these dramatic situations, so idiot setting it is. But it's kinda cute, and the beginning was interesting... But contrived. (why didn't the birds just fly away? Do they lack the ability to flap their wings? Can they not poison the water? "Oh we only have healing magic, so we have no... more>> way of killing a bunch of idiots who are obsessed with honesty." Makes me disappointed with the quality of the villains.) <<less
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July 22, 2022
Status: c9
This is a really cute story that has a lot of potential! Translation is really clear and understandable. Thank you to the translator for their work!

Also - a theory that I'm gonna put spoilers on bc someone might not like to read it.


I think FL is actually a Phoenix. It would explain her "cursed" red feathers, strong healing powers, and ability to be reborn/go back in time. Idiot father just probably doesn't know what it is. I also suspect wolves don't have the same concept of red being bad.

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starcake rated it
January 5, 2024
Status: c41
Low 2 stars up to chapter 41: An unsurprising story of a girl reincarnated a few years back into her younger childhood self after a tragic death who is now determined to avoid said death, with a few superficial differences making this story slightly different from completely generic. The translation is so-so, riddled with odd and incorrect wording such as referring to feathers as hair or fur, stilted phrasing, and that annoying thing where pretty much every sentence is its own paragraph/every paragraph is a sentence so chapters look long... more>> but are actually super short. Every once in a while too it'll forget it's a first-person narrator and will break into third-person. It reads like it's been written by a 7-year-old, which is accurate to the narrator's physical age but makes it tedious reading at best, and I think is probably more due to the author than the translator.

Linsy dies when she's 12 when the wolf-family slaughters her bird-family as revenge for her father backstabbing them and mu*dering the wolf-heir. She then wakes up in her 7-year-old body determined to change her fate—not only does she not want to die of course, but her family started starving and abusing her when she turned 10 and went through her first molt only to end up with "cursed" red feathers, which even until chapter 40 has no further explanation for why this is a bad thing except "it's cursed". 90% of the story is like this, making basic statements with no further detail or explanation.

The story doesn't gain much from a child going back 5 years in time because she's still a child and despite it being even more cliché, the story would have benefited from her dying as an adult and going back in time so she'd at least have more wits and foreknowledge. As it is, everything she does is kid-simplistic at best and straight kid-dumb at worst, which does not make for a compelling story when coupled with the extremely simplistic first-person narration that describes almost nothing. Physical settings and characters are largely undescribed beyond simple details like hair/eye color or wearing clothes like a dress, action is so under-described I had to reread a scene three times to figure out that someone had jumped in front of a horse and startled it (I think?) and the person riding fell off and the horse fell on top of him and broke the guy's leg or legs (I think? Again, all of this is very unclear) and apparently the horse also broke its leg but this isn't mentioned until the next chapter, and the world-building takes the approach of just not doing it until it becomes plot relevant like when out of nowhere Linsy starts talking in sudden detail about restriction magic.

This is supposed to be a fluffy story with a lot of family doting and romance and by 40 chapters in there's none of the latter because Linsy and Arsene are both still seven years old, and as for the former, the "doting" takes the form of the maids and butler and other house servants being almost creepily obsessed with Linsy, literally staring at her all the time because she's so cute (apparently) and trying to force-feed her desserts and dress her up like a doll. The wolf-family household appears to consist solely of Arsene and his father who kidnapped Linsy right out of her own house, although supposedly it's not kidnapping because she asked to be taken to his house.

For more about how idiotic the logic (or lack thereof) and legal system of the story is:


Linsy "escaped"/was kidnapped by sneaking out in bird form when the wolf-dad was leaving her house after proposing that in exchange for a contested piece of river territory one of the bird family daughters be married to his sickly son with the obvious intention for them to use their famous healing magic on him. Linsy gave him a note that basically said "I'm Linsy and please take me with you", and he then literally pocketed her and took her back to his house and never contacted her family again.

As s*upid as this sounds, even the ruling judiciary power (which is also the main religious power, and it is unclear if there is a separate government or the temple is the government) agrees that an adult man secretly taking a 7-year-old girl from her family right out of their house without permission and keeping her at his house isn't kidnapping as long as it was of her own free will, even if her actual father and legal guardian thinks it's kidnapping and argues that she's been conditioned into saying it was her own choice. And even if he wants her to return home, well, the temple says if she wants to stay with the wolf-family and anyway he's already agreed to a marriage between their kids, it might as well be her even if he says he'd chosen his other daughter to send over as a bride.

Also, equally creepily, beforehand various adults of the wolf mansion including wolf-dad encourage Linsy to kiss Arsene in front of the priests and declare her intention to marry him, assuring her that if she does so, she won't have to go back home to the bird-family. When some of the priests start to suggest that maybe she ought to go home with her dad because she is just a child after all, she does what the adults coached her to do, kissing Arsene and insisting she wants to marry him, and the priests are like WELL the temple ALWAYS respects and considers the wills of parties who want to get married so even if they're only 7 years old, we must RESPECT their feelings, and Linsy can and should totally be the bird-bride and stay at the wolf-house as long as it's of her own free will.

Oh, and one additional sentence from her saying "my tutor abused me" with no further explanation or questioning is enough for the temple to immediately decree that she can stay at the wolf-house forever, period, end of discussion, nor do they actually talk to bird-dad about his allegedly abusive employee. Bird-dad is not allowed any kind of argument or rebuttal or explanation (not that he tries) and for being a guy who is painted as some kind of ambitious scheming mastermind, he's about the level of intelligence that a block of mud could easily outwit.

Incidentally, the temple's rulings in such matters are carved in stone and any objection to or questioning of their decision will result in the objector's family losing all standing and being stripped of their power and land or something, I forget the exact details because it was all so s*upid and I was skimming by that point.


If this story were better-written (by the author), it could have had a star and a half or even two added because it is trying to develop more of a plot by around chapter 25 or so and I've read plenty of stories that have basic tropes or generic characters but still manage to be engaging because they were well-written, but it's just so bland and boring. The poor translation makes it even worse. I'll maybe skim ahead to see if it gets better, but I'll probably drop it soon because I just don't care about the characters or the attempt at plot—for real, I just want to know about the red bird color thing and I don't even expect that to be interesting if it's ever actually explained. <<less
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Amethyst rated it
February 21, 2023
Status: c27
This is a very cute story, there is an actual storyline and not just simply fluff and cuteness. Where I stopped there are already some hints at something bigger going on behind the scenes.

But I decided to drop this due to a personal preference of not liking actual child main characters. Adult going back to the past and becoming a child is fine since they keep their mentality, but a child going back is still a child. Although in this one she is quite a lovable child, and I really... more>> pity her for having a tr*sh family.

So if you have no problems reading about an actual child protagonist, I highly recommend this story if you like cute stories with some serious undertones. <<less
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Ariann_Lee rated it
May 28, 2022
Status: c11
This has yet to reveal it's potential since we're still on the 11th chapter but this is pretty good so far, my whole interest was still not captured and I still don't feel the story as of now but maybe in the later chapters. Translation is good too.
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znukhsoc rated it
April 29, 2024
Status: Completed
The first 100 chapters were SO FUN, I hoped I was reading a new favorite but that brat Leona and the last 30 chapters made it a 2.5 star novel. Let me begin with the positives:

MC is so extremely cute... Maybe that I'm a bird lover, she melted my heart. Her interactions with others were so satisfying too. ML surprisingly felt like a kid too. That is rare because in this genre children never feel like themselves. Oh btw, somebody in the reviews said that we'll have ML POV after... more>> chapter 100s but that's straight false information, we got those.

Everything was perfect and I was like: Finally! I found a good comfort novel after a long time!!

Leona was the first element that ruined this book for me. She is loud, harmful and interrupts their time together. She doesn't listen to "no"s, she breaks things, comes uninvited... I didn't get why the author added a character like that. She didn't serve any purpose either. VERY annoying. There was another female character who was a potential bestie before her and she was the voice of reason, I can't comprehend why the author forgot her and added a spoiled child-like Leona. They forgot to write about that one elder who supported her too and lost too much time with unnecessary elements.

If we came to the messy 2nd half of this novel...
I didn't like how they kept her from healing the beast man, and I couldn't understand some of her moves in the bigger chaos. For example,

they could just let her heal people and say she has limitations to protect from other clans. The enemy already knows what she can do, why bother torturing a whole race of beastmen?


She thinks of getting back to her daily life (resting etc) while there are

polen terrorists sneaking around, turning people into animals and those animals attacking and killing each other.

She acts like she is unrelated. Her own father (in law) works without any rest but she is so ignorant to the topic to a point that touches my nerves. It felt like she got spoiled and thoughtless.
There was this ridiculous scene too...

In an attack scene ML tells FL to fly away while the bird clan is in the air. No surprise she gets attacked. Like... BRUH.


My other complaint is that grown-up ML and FL had no chemistry. I couldn't feel anything romantic between them. This novel definitely isn't a romance one, I should make my warnings... It was mostly a daughter/sweet father-in-law novel but the ending ruined that too.

The ending was A MESS. It was so abrupt that it made me laugh. The bad guy appeared and disappeared, she left her sister in the chaos like she's completely unrelated, she forgot about the maid who got killed in her first life because of her... I should add that in the beginning, she was so worried about her too but suddenly she didn't care I guess (author foRgoR). What happened to your brother??? WE DON'T KNOW. And... PLEASE show some scenes with the sweet father-in-law before closing this book, give us a happy epilogue, A PROPER REUNION!!. What is that? Hugged ML and finito... Are you kidding me?

My hand twitches while pressing the 3-star. I feel like it doesn't deserve it but the first part made me so happy. UGH. Anyway, that's it. <<less
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mynameiskimdokjafan rated it
April 21, 2024
Status: c187
not really fan of the ending... and I dont consider this as a romance novel... yes the ML and FL had a very deep relationship they were really close and u can tell theyre so used to eachother that they cant live without another and u can clearly see how much they care and love eachother but I didnt see all thse feelings in a romantic way at least not until the ending chapters. but the story is really nice MC is smart for her age and shes really brave... more>> love the father daughter relationship in this story (hes trully an amazing father respects his children listens to them and care for them with all his heart) and their frienship group is so sweet this was a fun read so my opinion about it is mostly positive <<less
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kaitokeiii_ rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: c187
I LOVE THIS! A solid 9/10 for me. Just because it was a bit slow paced at first because it builds up a lot of information but it all came together at the very end so I'm still satisfied with it.

... more>>

From how I see it, the father-daughter in law chemistry is more obvious compared to the lover connection between Linsy and Arsene. I believe it wasn't until chapter 150 that we're given Arsene's pov and how he feels about Linsy. He's also more clingy than possessive to the point of being toxic and that's all good for me. Another thing I noticed is that, Ancia (?) seems to have been forgotten at some point? She was the first to be Linsy's friend so I thought for sure she'll definitely be one of her dearest friend, and I think she still is but she's not as mentioned as Leona and Cain.

I love the plot very much. It started off like how most korean reincarnation/regression novels typically starts so I also assumed that it has the same classic yet cliche plot but it ended differently from what I expected. It explained a lot of things about why Linsy reincarnated, who she is, and all there is to know about her. The plot twist I definitely didn't expect is that reveal about the clan that was mysteriously wiped out. I love how that was planned out because to me, it makes sense, that "clan" makes sense, the reason behind it all makes sense. It's such a simple answer yet I didn't thought of that so I really love that.


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Geekifychic rated it
February 17, 2024
Status: c160
The love story is cute, I personally like this version of the regression troupe since in the case of this story since she was 12 at the time of her going back, her mental age isn’t that far off from her ML’s mental age. I find adults going back to childhood frustrating and creepy for that very reason.

main reason I can’t love this one is ... more>>

the FL knew from the start of her going back that her half sisters power was dangerous and what the power does but fails to mention it as a warning to anyone over the course of many years of avoidable hardship. She visibly sees multiple people who look like the life has been drained from them and never thinks to clue in her foster father.

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