The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage


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Wealthy, powerful and handsome; Gu Jingze is the cream of the crop in the entire country. Every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to be with him. His life is perfect… except that he has one tiny secret that keeps him from getting close to any woman—apparent impotency.

That is, until he wakes up in bed with a total stranger one day. The next thing he knows, he is forced to marry this stranger; a feisty and boisterous woman by the name of Lin Che.

Lin Che is an average girl whose only aim is to become a successful actress. Ostracized by her family and forced to become independent, she cooks up a scheme to attain her goal. But her plan fails and she ends up marrying this cold and seemingly heartless Gu Jingze. Not only that, she must now find her place in high society, where jealous women and devious plots lay abound – all while juggling her new career.

Two strangers under one roof: From the outset, they agree to stay out of each other’s lives, but he somehow always manages to appear during her moments of crisis. Slowly and unwittingly, Lin Che begins to find it difficult to imagine a future without him. Will their relationship grow, or is their marriage destined to remain just a contract?

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Maikh rated it
March 9, 2019
Status: --
Girl intends to drug A-list actor so she can pretend to sleep with him and cause a scandal to shoot up her popularity. She ends up accidentally drugging the elder brother who is the ML instead and the drug turns out to be a potent aphrodisiac somehow. ML apparently has a weird illness where contact with females leads to rashes breaking over his body but somehow he ends up having s** with our FL. His family is overjoyed that he finally touched a woman without breaking out and so... more>> force him to marry FL. However ML already has a childhood lover whom he wants to marry so he proposes a empty marriage to FL who will divorce with him when the circumstances are right. The story is about them slowly falling in love as they live in the same.

I don't know if this was one of the author's first works because there's too much lack of detailing, awkward dialogues and illogical events in this story.


The ML gets drugged and ends sleeping with a total stranger and his parents want him to marry her? And they seem to hate the childhood sweetheart for no reason? Somehow the entire family loves the FL just on meeting her, like hello? She drugged your son? Granted she thought it was a knockout drug but how is it not a questionable act to drug someone with anything?
Also the fact that ML is insistent on marrying his 'childhood sweetheart' though he neither feels aroused by her nor can touch her. He has actually acknowledged her as his girlfriend over all these years and also tells her to wait for him until he sorts out this mess but then gets annoyed because she is crying because he wasn't with her on her birthday. Like what?? Sure you're falling for your wife but at least have some guilt towards the girl you're making wait and cut off things cleanly with her. At one side he comforts his girlfriend and on the other side he teases the FL for hiding her body because he's already seen her everything. If he had any loyalty he'd have kept his distance from the FL.
And how does the ML's brother not know his brother got married and whoever the hell the girl is?
Also how is it that the FL had an accident which CUT HER MAJOR ARTERY IN THE THIGH and is getting her operation/stitches and the ML is there kissing her? Is that even hygienic for her injury???
The FL too is another level of ditz. She shows no discomfort living in another's house. Within the first day itself she's changing her clothes in the bedroom with the door unlocked and she sits in ways that expose her panties?

Many of the substantial events are glossed over - like the FL's audition which gets her the third female role and how she got the injury in the car accident. The writing is like she came and BAAM it happened and we're reading about the consequences of the event but not event itself.

Enough ranting. Long stuff short, the author glosses over a lot of stuff but talks a lot about the after effects of whatever happened. I find no depth in the character. No proper background provided. All that's mentioned about the FL is that she's an illegitimate child and her family keeps threatening to throw her mother's ashes to the sea and that's ho they subdue her. ML seems like an idiot emotionally and socially and FL is dumb about other people's intentions.

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SamSam rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: c1571
hi ! I already read the whole novel and this will end at the 1571 th chapters not 1583 as it's written here ! The translation is better here than what I read before.

I really love it ; ok the ML is CEO again and there are some psycho around them BUT this story is so positive with no r*pe, no hits, no humiliation. They begin their relationship with a misunderstanding, they get married so it's a marriage first and love later. The FL is funny and strong. Our secondary... more>> characters are also nice, in the storyline and not too boring, just enough to give us something light and nice.

At first, they don't get along with each other but little by little, they build a strong marriage. They are SO CUTE. What you don't understand at first, it will be explained later (sweethearts childhood, why the family loves her from nowhere, etc). The only mystery all along the story is the allergy of our ML... ENJOY ! <<less
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AnuBis28 rated it
October 26, 2020
Status: C 798
What is this sh*t !!! No, seriously, why did I even read it ??? CEO here is like an almighty deity.. He also has an elder brother who is the country's president.. The family is so loaded that even Emperors will blush..

The women have nothing to do other than chasing after rich guys and plotting against other women.. They lack self respect and common sense..

r*pe is always justified in this type of garbage.. Men always punish their girls by f*cking them forcefully.. And women don't mind it as long as... more>> the offender is handsome and rich.. They even accept sham marriages if the man is an elite.. Never knew women are this cheap.. I'm enlightened..

ML forces s*x on FL because of jealousy or disagreement.. Is it not marital r*pe ??? I used to think it is.. Perhaps I need to change my worldviews because it's portrayed here as lover's fit.. FL doesn't mind getting forced because she understands that ML didn't mean to f*ck her until she almost passed out, because ML was just angry, because ML was also pitiful.. She's not actually naive, instead she just has an empty skull..

The president is no better.. He even forced his wife to carry his child.. Her opinion is worthless to him.. Is she just a breeding tool for him ??? What a messed up ruler.. Birds of same feather truly flock together.. <<less
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
August 5, 2019
Status: c10
Garbage novel, I would give 0/5 if possible. Why?

The whole premise of the novel is flawed and I cannot support the female MC. Basically the male love interest has this allergic reaction to women where if they touch him, he will break out in hives or something. The female MC is the only one who can touch him and they eventually fall in love. Except, the male MC has this childhood sweetheart who he loves and she loves him back, but they can't be together because if she touches him,... more>> the male MC will die. Enter the female MC who steals the male MC from his childhood sweetheart.

You see where this is going? Its tr*sh. <<less
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MicroMacaron rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: Completed
It's not bad enough for me to drop but it's also not amazingly wonderful that I would ever read again (Full Marks Hidden Marriage is a good example of one I will definitely reread). Although MC and ML have sweet moments together he's often times verbally and emotionally abusive to her. He always puts her down, and calls her s*upid. Even his son is exactly the same way.

... more>>

Speaking of their son, this is probably one of the most unrealistic part about this novel. The kid is 4 but is smarter and more capable than the above average adult. He can gather supporters, get revenge, make people "dissappear", and talk down to his mother. It's not often that I'd read a novel and thinks a kid should be disciplined, but this kid just gives me that feeling. Another point, MC doesn't seem to be very involved in her kid. She doesn't even understand him as a person. Not sure she should be having kids tbh...


MC is not the cream of the crop in terms of intelligence. Some of her decisions are questionable at best... did she even think about all the consequences for her actions? ML unreasonably dote on her to the point where it's ridiculous.

Long story stort, good way to pass the time as long as you're not setting the bar too high. Lots of things are glossed over and the characters are just meh. Just a bunch of people throwing money, power, and secret armies at the problem until it goes away. The female villains are all insane because they're obsessively in "love" with ML. The other villains just want to take over ML's power. The side characters were much more likeable. Repetitive plots but that's a given with this genre. <<less
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xxxyoshino rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: c816
Good and fluffy story with likeable characters and cute side stories.

I'm giving it a 3 since even though it's a cute story, the conflicts tend to be repetitive. It's usually a girl running after the male lead and a jealous actress hindering the female lead. It's alright as it keeps the story flowing but I had to put off reading several times just because it became tiring. I feel like if you cut back with the repetitive conflicts, you can just have 500 chapters at most, with the fluff and... more>> the actual plot's premise.


It's alright at first but after >3 antagonist females running after ML (and to make matters worse, they comeback after their supposed arcs were resolved) it kind of got annoying. It's the same with the female lead. 3 or more antagonistic females in the entertainment industry.


The female lead is also portrayed as strong but really a lot of her problems (and these includes major ones) are solved by people around or supporting her. Yes, it is her good point being nice and making people like her but I felt like she could have managed alone few of her problems.


She literally said to ML that she'll handle a certain problem herself but she just sits back and let Minmin handle it. Even during the times she tried, she fails until someone helps her out. These might not be always but at least most of the time.


The male lead would have been perfect but

he literally left alone/didn't contact the FL as she was pregnant and up until their son was 3 years old. Yes, it's not to lose focus and she's well guarded/provided for but for me that's practically one of the essential period in life. I'd get it if he were absent for few months (a year at most) but how could you resist your family like that. He also said he was thinking of fetching back FL one of these days after those years, but if it were me, the second the coast was clear, I would've got them back them immediately. Who has the time to say pleasantries at a party that doesn't really centers/needs you?

And he also said that he regrets meeting FL because he lost himself but since he met her can no longer live without her, which was supposed to be during a romantic time but didn't really sit well with me. If you're able to regret meeting the person, idk maybe you din't truly love them fully because in your subconscious you wish you were without them.

He also kept calling her s*upid, especially at the first parts that I kind of got offended in the FL's place. He's a genius but that doesn't give him the right. Besides, FL isn't that slow, especially when compared to villains or other characters.


There were also other problematic cliches once in a while as well.

FL drugging ML at first (she thought it was sleeping pill though and didn't really intend to sleep with him) and ML forcing FL in bed but it wasn't swept just because he apologized so I guess it was handled well.


I'd still recommend it because I'd say its good, lovely, and funny. The romance is also delightful and you won't have to be nervous whether they'd have a fallout, at least most of the times. However, it's not really something that I'd binge read till the end. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: c178
MC is ditzy and ML is a suave cool businessman and their love story is sweet - they have their misunderstandings but those don't drag too long. But there are too many b1tches cropping up one after another gunning for ML - it's getting repetitive... Also, the story is very disjointed, just telling events happened in a summary, major plots are glossed over, mainly concentrating over the MC-ML interactions...

The two side-couple's story is also based on fake marraige with their own twists - if not for all those females and... more>> author dragging out the story, might have liked the story more... <<less
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DrJoe1 rated it
March 30, 2022
Status: 724
So I want to like the novel. I like the FL and her friends. But I'm giving up because of all the problems. The ML is an abusive, mu*dering rapist who thinks it is natural selection to fire secretaries because they were unlucky enough to bring him coffee. He constantly belittles the FL for her s*upidity / idiocy and she agrees. After violent s*x due jealous rage she has to go to the hospital to get stitches due to internal bleeding, which just shows how strong his love is. The... more>> other main male characters are as bad or worse. I feel the most sympathy for the female villains - they are destroyed by the male characters. Plot holes abound. All of society knows the FL is married to the ML, but somehow nobody in the entertainment world knows. Apparently they use a different internet. The FL and ML don't learn from past history - they stagger from kidnapping to kidnapping with because it is safe here unlike in C Country. You'd think after the second or third time they'd figure it all out. This would have been better had it been ended around chapter 500. <<less
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Baby_Aiwei rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: c1000
In the beginning I like the story of a strong powerful man shielding a woman he is destined with but then I realize how f*** up this novel is.

Let's start by the plot. D*mn it's so traumatizing and annoying. The fact that one reporter bump the FL and the ML be like imma fire this woman. Imagine you a low income worker struggling to find a job and if you did you're bullied by seniors or higher coworkers then a single bump will cost you your job.

Next the Gu Family.... more>> A family who has power over the whole country that everyone fear them. If someone offends them just like a child they'll start a war. I mean literal war.

ML is cruel manipulative and disgusting forcing her wife just for his jealous while having another relationship. Yes he did say to his ex to leave and not wait but on several occasions on the series still let her be and don't truly punish her for her mistake thus make her think it's fine until she goes crazy. There are certain area the ex is a good person if it weren't for mixed signals and who wouldn't she's been with him since childhood he give her a promise despite being someone with a enormous IQ wouldn't realize a single promise could do.

The obsessive woman in the series makes you think woman are cheap as long as a rich man with powerful family comes you'll ignore others and bow down to their feet.

And again with a fact he uses and justifies his wrongdoings just because of power and his over protectiveness.

FL I hate her she's to b**chy and when she became his wife she became arrogant.

there was even a scene where she calls a powerful lawyer just for a gown because the manager or staff sided with their regular costumer. Yeah she's being bullied but those people are just doing their jobs and what if she's just a regular artist and the manager failed to serve those costumer they'll be shut down. But she doesn't care. Another scene is where she takes a young girl to her house and that girl plans to seduce the ML she stated that everything she done is her pure hardwork nothing else but I think she had amnesia of using the same method. She planned to drug ML's brother for popularity. Unlike the girl if the drug she bought was dangerous she could actually kill someone and if the brother was an ordinary man who worked his way onto top he'd be bashed for taking advantage of a girl in a hotel or for cheating on his fans.

Another thing is for the ML's ungratefulness for her previous family. Yes they we're cruel but what do you expect for a illegitimate child. The wife is humiliated by this fact and the fact that this girl is living with them. The father doesn't seem to care but on few occasions haven't done anything that is too much. She was still able to live. She was provided until adulthood. I would accept it if she's truly the daughter but plot twist she's not. She broke a family ruined her adoptive sisters life and even her true half sister that is probably dead being injected or abused somewhere. Another things is her acting said to be amazing but if it's wouldn't she catch a role earlier if she was. She didn't even do well in campus then suddenly she's the best actress in the world. Everything about her is flawed even her beauty. A woman with a shaggy hair, old clothes and no make up would still look dazzling heck even a bald poor woman with clean hygiene would Still be beauty. She's average then a suddenly make over turns her to a goddess?

I like the side characters as they're consistent to theircharacter. I respect novels but this novels is too much

Am on a 1000 I read it cause I have this motto that once you started it you should finish it but nag the plot is also repetitive like is there a day ora a whole 10 chapter they aren't being killed, framed etc? <<less
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Miamidori rated it
October 25, 2021
Status: --
For me this one is an okay and good stories. While it has its positive and negative, the story is interesting as I love how the ML and FL develop relationship.

It's just that..

... more>>

At first the ML was a little bit too annoying with his attitude toward FL, and because the ML did not want to admit that he fell in love with the FL, he always did the deed with or without her consent. At the same time the ML had girlfriend that he 'thought' that he loved at first but could not be touch because of his syndrome, while live a married life with the FL as FL was the only woman that can be touch by him. But after several chapter, the ML already change his attitude to a good one and sever his ties with his so-called girlfriend, then the story became more interesting. The only bad things about this story was the important side character development is very bad. ML and FL later will have a little bun, but the character growth of the little bun and many important side character were not develop really well. They also have pet, but later the pet only shown in some chapter and did not really have development in the story. It's not really well maintained that I was finding a hard time to decide the importance of the side stories/character.


But despite all of them, I like the romance development of FL and ML together, creating a very romantic story that melt my heart. <<less
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cloud28884 rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is typical of the genre, maybe that's why the NU rating is a bit low.

But I think the story is good and recomended to be read.

Yes it has it own annoying loophole, bitterly repetitive sweetness and other downside but it's still good and it has great ending for it's each Main Character (Lin Che & Gu Jing Ze, Shen Youran & Chen Yucheng, Yu Min Min & Gu Jing Ming, Gu Jing Yan & Lu Bei Chen, Su Wan & Gu Jing Yu, Mu Fei Ran & Mo... more>> Jing Yan, even Ah Bi & Xue Yang get it's happy end)... so it's OK for me <<less
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maplestreet rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c580
Gets very repetitive as the same type of conflicts arise over and over. Most of it honestly doesn't make a lot of sense, MC gets kidnapped multiple times despite being married to the most powerful family with the most powerful bodyguards and despite there being multiple attempts on her life. The dynamic between Jingze and Che is riddled with unbelievably poor communication between them and constantly having dramatic misunderstandings because neither of them confess their feelings from their heart instead continually being vague and saying things opposite to their inner... more>> desires. A lot of the character development revolves around how skilled Jingze is at everything and how Che has beautiful skin. Not that interesting to me. <<less
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sagacity rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: v677
the plot itself is kind of weak but the story telling style is good. The MC is also a hit or miss since she is definitely not a mary sue. She's naive which I'm used to seeing on a supporting MC but rarely on an MC.

Moreover, I don't like the ML, he's weak... I mean his presence in the story is as weak as his EQ. He's supposed to be smart but his being indescisive is very distasteful and is only hurting the MC. As for his presence, the ML... more>> is nowhere near the MC's presence. Even the MC's Ex-gf has stronger presence than ML on the first 300chapters.

The story telling style, I very much like particularly the detailing of events and supporting events. The plot is so-so and the characters are so-so as well. <<less
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Jacy. D
Jacy. D
April 19, 2020
Status: c137
Not yet finished but this is my 2 cents... We have the FL who kinda dumb and yeah we have ML who kinda oversmart everybody... The ML family kinda big older brother of the ML is president, then we have ML ceo of the company, his younger brother the best actor at the moment and his younger sister who also dominating the business world... Then we have our FL who is damsel in distress with 2 stepsisters who bully her all the time with the useless father and the bad... more>> stepmother...

Here also we have the FL friend who managed her activity as an actress and yeah... That's all....

Imagine if the smartest person in the world meet the dumbest person... Just imagine... That' is the story about.. although we can see the FL character development later but it's not much...

Side note: I prefer the Mr president and his madam love story... Although the Mr president kinda big pe*vert.... <<less
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SleepyFox rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: c219
From what I've read I'd give this 4 stars, its funny, charming and overall an enjoyable read. That said, I feel that where it is after 200 chapters, it should be heading towards the ending at this point... there are currently 400+ chapters translated. Fine. 300-400 is what I would expect, and since it's a CN I'll accept the author dragging it a bit farther. But 1500? 1500 chapters? Of what?! So I'm removing a star.

Ugh. Why do so many romance/romcom novels do this? Keep it short and sweet, the... more>> best are all between 100-200 chapters! <<less
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Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship rated it
June 15, 2019
Status: c80
This one is pretty good. Like someone else mentioned there's no r*pe or hitting or any of that other weird baggage a lot of C-Romance novels have, which is great. The leads interactions are fun and cute and all in all, it's a pretty easy read.

There are some things that drag it down a bit though. The inciting incident is literally the female lead drugging the male lead (unintentionally) followed by the male lead's grandfather forcing him to marry her. The whole thing is very rushed and nonsensical but I... more>> guess at the end of the day there aren't many ways to have two perfect strangers married to each other in modern society so I suppose it gets a pass. (I don't understand why the leads always have to be married to each other from chapter 1 in these romance novels - isn't proposing usually supposed to be romantic?? - but that's neither here nor there.)

The other big drag is that pretty much the only reason the ML marries the FL and subsequently falls in love is that she is the only woman he can physically touch? He has some "illness" that makes him sick whenever he touches a woman - except for the female lead. I mean, it's good for the FL and the ML to have some special connection that no one else has but otoh why does that connection have to be physical touch? It makes it feel like the whole relationship is based on the purely physical aspect which is... not great, at least in my opinion.

But if you can look past that stuff and just enjoy the day to day antics between the two of them it's a pretty fun read. <<less
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Saxsho rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: --
I like the plot and how it progress between the main leads (their interaction is so cute) but waaay too many plotholes to the point that I cant ignore it anymore. The author doesnt seems like she/he did any research before writing the novel resulting in awkward interaction and unrealistic story telling.
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