The Beast’s Blood Boils


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After sacrificing his life on the southern border battlefield of China (in the recent Vietnam War), a soldier is miraculously reborn in a different time and space, and accidentally becomes the Shaman sacred sacrifice of Beastmen kingdom, moreover a rare dragon sacrificial offering that appears once in a millennium ! At the same time, his blood contains the favor of the most virulent devil that gave rise to a curse during the sacrifice ceremony!

What exactly is behind the curse?

His exotic charm attracts many beauties, such as a fox clan’s beauty, the mermaid princess of an undersea country, the mysterious women of Beng prefecture, the most beautiful fairy, and one by one, they all come to his side. . .

Mystical eastern warrior race, formidable giant soldiers, invincible Whale clan of the sea and warriors of the War-god Summer Palace will take the lead on this magnificent war stage, all expressing their respective magnificence.

We will follow the story of this steady officer and see how he holds his luck with women and goes on to complete this boundless adventure.

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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
July 6, 2016
Status: c4
The story is very detailed and easy to understand, the author doesn't rush the story and builds the foundation of the plot steadily.

As for the MC he has a hard-working mentality and is calm/confident just as the tags say. While lost on an unknown island, he searches a way to survive and face the danger.

The chapters are really long (approx. 3500 characters in eng.), which may quickly become boring to read or on the contrary for some. I recommend this novel, it has a lot of potential (the suspense is... more>> building up) and fortunately the translation is clear and comprehensible. <<less
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Trejon rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: c24
Well so far we get our MC that it was a veteran soldier that died in vietnam.

So far its kinda vague if he transmigrated to another body (that its super ugly) or he was transported to another world but his face was broken in the process making him a pig faced man and is now called a pigman but with muscles of a soldier (you guessed but pigmans are well... fat pigs XD)... The worst part is that he cant say he is human since he is in beastman territory... more>> or he will die, so he is in a dilemma with his pride... should I say that I am a human or keep this up and be treated as a pigman?.... But the transmigration is not really likely since he still have a special tattoo when he was in the Vietnam war, so its likely that he just got his face broken so bad that he doesn't look human anymore lol.

Now the important stuff. The MC is trapped on an island and has to survive there until he manages to get out. He has to deal with survival stuff and he is quite intelligent and capable of crafting all kinds of items needed for survival from the wild. He is adept in hunting, cooking, salvaging, and other stuff that elite soldiers have.

Its hinted that MC MAY be way stronger than a regular soldier since he killed a 2-3 meters tall magical beast almost bare handed.

Later its discovered that MC has the ability to sing battle songs to buff up and cast magic which is quite fresh. Its different than all MC that get cheats and all so its quite original. Not to mention that his "not yet wife" is a singer too <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JetonS rated it
November 3, 2016
Status: c10
The story setting in itself is good, but so far, every encounters and relationships do not seem "natural". They seem kinda forced: the little squirrel suddenly takes a liking to the MC for no reason, and the Fox female starts saying she loves the MC so abruptly without ascertaining his identity. I had high expectations at the beginning but if it keeps going like that, I'll probably even lower the rating...
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DorbenRS rated it
November 29, 2016
Status: c26 part1
The MC is... let's say, below average in intelligence as a human. He was probably just a common grunt when he served in the army. What annoys me the most is that he doesn't learn from his mistakes. It's fine to be impulsive and/or experience failures, but when he continues to do so again and again then it gets really annoying.

Also, there are so many info dumps on this novel that it just gets tedious. I end up skipping almost all of it. I'm guessing the author may be... more>> somewhat deficient as a writer. <<less
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doomeye1337 rated it
November 11, 2016
Status: --
It is a fun fresh read. However, I was slightly annoyed that one of the tools the writer used was a lazy device that only propagates certain preconceptions. Then again, even reality based fiction is often technically wrong and misleading, so I guess I should lower my expectations regarding this.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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