The Bastard Called Brave And The Former Fiancé, I Will Crush All Of Them


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The continent’s largest kingdom, the Kingdom of Westphalia.

The boy Light who lived there had the lesson of the sword from his father who was a former knight of the kingdom, together with his childhood friend Lyrica and Sere.

Both Lyrica and Light being childhood lovers, promise to be engaged with each other. Sere also being in love with Light decided to be Light’s mistress.

Because you have to be a knight to have a mistress, Light slaved himself to point of death in order to be a knight of the kingdom of Westphalia.

And, in order to receive the special ability called “gift” which everyone has, when Light, Lyrica, and Sere become 16 years old, they go to the cathedral of the Westphalia kingdom in order to appraise their “gifts”.

However the cruel reality is revealed, when Lyrica and Sere both receive great gifts and Light receives a talent called “???”

An Unknown Power.

A man called Brave came from another world with two women and told both of the women:

“Are you the girls of my destiny?”

They were gathering girls with great gifts to combine their power and kill the Demon King that was recently revived.

Lyrica and Sera, together with the man called Brave and the two girls, journey together in order to kill the Demon King.

One year later…

Lyrica and Sere came back, as the wives of the Brave rage…

For the two of them, Light, which became a knight in order to marry them, is simply deserted.

Betrayed by both of his dearest Fiancés, Light, broken by sadness wandered aimlessly, weeping…

But his sorrowful emotions are killed soundlessly as anger consumed him… All of them… KILL!

Associated Names
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The Brave And The Former Fiancé
Yuusha no Yarou to Moto Konyakusha, Aitsura Zenin Buttsubusu
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Demizex rated it
June 8, 2018
Status: --
Another NTR WN with a focus on the vengeance by the MC, the only thing I want to know is what happens to the betrayers and the "Brave" but this WN is relatively new and also still developing, also SLOW UPDATING, so there is no worth in reading it at the moment so better stay away unless you actually enjoy the NTR, for me I despise it thats also why my rate is 1, and since the update is also slow, another minus.

Once again unless you like NTR stay away... more>> from this for a while, at least until there is any retribution for the b!tches in the WN. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Andrew_Ligas rated it
May 6, 2019
Status: c12
A good start, but it needs to be updated. I want to know how he gets his revenge. On May 14, 2019, I checked the publisher's website, and the author, Sato, has released three more chapters. My anticipation has increased that this story may be completed and proper updates are on their way. Sato, thank you very much!
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