The Bad Man System Collapse


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616 feels that as a 24-carat pure Bad Man System, bad men’s tasks are much better than being a goody-two-shoes. It can be completed by just pulling any passerby. However, it pulled Lu Ze.

616: “Ahhhhh, why you are doing this? Why are you spoiling her?! You’re a bad man, it’s just a matter of letting her die!!!”

Lu Ze had an innocent expression: “Yes, ah… I’m a bad man. Didn’t you hear my wife scolded me for being naughty last night?”

#who said a man can’t be pampered by his wife’s family#

#how the scum man doesn’t collapse; but spoils his wife, younger sister, and parents#

#the proud man spoils his wife daily#

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Huài Nánrén Xìtǒng Bēngkuìle
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New Nelle rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: Completed
The arcs are so well-thought out. The comedy is good and the MC is so omnipotent and shameless. The MC's character is well done and he is not one-dimensional at all - his actions and subconscious reactions does not always depend on the body he transmigrates into, he has his own thoughts and feelings. The author is so creative in that the MC will have a unique and sometimes crazy approach on how he fulfills the wishes of the bodies. All-in-all this is really deserving of 5 stars.

However, why did... more>> I deduct a star? When the story is nearing its end, I found my self skipping some arcs because they do not really meet the standard of the previous arcs, which I have to say were excellent. In addition, I was so intrigued on how MC became omnipotent. Sadly, I was disappointed when it was revealed. My reaction was 'that's it?' <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
March 2, 2020
Status: Completed
My favorite best QT novel. It’s amazing, wonderful and hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing, I love MC, he is so cunning, clever and smart. The way he deal with villain, greedy white eyed wolves, scum, two face bit*h is funny. All arcs are nice and interesting. I love all arcs, so sweet, funny, revenge is so satisfying.

Highly recommend this gem novel.??❤️
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Kei-Em03 rated it
March 9, 2020
Status: Completed
Completed in MTL

Easy to read in MTL

Arcs are very different from the other multiverse novels ive read

... more>>

I mean, most of the world hopping ive read is mostly regrets of good souls that died painfully, blackened, etc. Or bad souls full of regret and wanting to change.

But here, whether its good souls or scums he had to do their wish (even if its so unfair since they are bad souls)

He finds ways to somehow fulfill it.

Theres bits of funny pieces as well ??? Since hes si shameless most of the time.


With a touch of romance, but it was just a touch since it wasnt the main focus. I wouldve love to see more.

All in all

Its a good read ? ☆☆☆☆☆ <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
November 3, 2020
Status: c52.1
Very interesting!! All the plots are pretty interesting.

So far, there's no BS about "all romantic relationships are the same person", but for this story that actually makes me happy. Rather than romance, it's more like MC pampering whatever party he ends up bestowed.

Tbh this is the first male protagonist BG quick transmigration story I've read because honestly I didn't really like the idea? I also don't know why. However, after reading, I realized a strong advantage of this is that MC is entirely responsible for his tasks without any help... more>> from romantic partners at all. I won't go into the sexism dynamics (which are prevalent in the entire industry), but I'm just saying I like how this MC is entirely independent.

Anyway, good story. I especially liked the arc of Regent and his parenting style.

Btw, the first one was the worst imo. So if you don't really like the dynamics there, stick around for a little longer and you might end up changing your mind. <<less
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luzumafu rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: Completed
MTL completely and it was readable—I would prefer legit translations for the ending since it was slightly abrupt at least for me MTL.

Like some of the best world hopping system novels out there, the OP MC has his own backstory and the worlds he travels through DO end up serving a larger purpose than simply resolving regrets and getting revenge etc.

In fact, there is even a moral question involved throughout the entire novel which is also kind of related to why he transmigrates in the first place and connects these... more>> very different worlds albeit very abstractly if I understood correctly from MTL, making this novel almost qualify to be considered a work of literature—at least, as "literature" as a novel for entertainment purposes can get.

MC believes that the moment people gain awareness and a basic sense of understanding, they can not and will never change their nature or something along these lines. Example: a man who has cheated once will do it again, someone who has killed will continue to kill, bullies at school will continue bullying others or remain as the tr*sh of society for the rest of their lives, someone who accepts abuse will continue to accept it, etc. His friend wants to prove that people can change. A scenario in the novel that most explicitly shows how strong MC's belief is, is when MC comes across the reincarnation of a killer he knew from his past (I am making this spoiler as minor as I can) and immediately wanted to kill him. But he was stopped by his friend bc the reincarnation was only a baby. At the same time, MC just wanted the friend to do all the work in that world so he may have acted deliberately but that's up to the reader's discretion.


Romance plays a minor role in this novel, but is by no means lacking—MC is one hell of a perfect lover for the worlds that do have romance. Romance is never a mission for him and in fact he takes the initiative to fall in love with the women he does end up staying with even if the mission has nothing to do with them. They are all different, not the same person. <<less
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FEMA rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: c34
Its has very good writing and its a fresh take if you are tired of reading the same type of high fantasy or dog blood drama settings in QT, so far the arcs have been grounded on reality (with the exception of the MC op capabilities of course) specially the second arc, its the most original one I have seen all across the dozens QT novels I have read, the original owners fate hit me hard because it was so freaking realistic and we all know people that are like... more>> those in that arc or we uncomfortably realise that we have things in common with the antagonists in that arc.

Also while the MC is very much op, he has to complete the mission objectives while not breaking his character or the world setting so he gets creative and it can get hilarious.


Like the one where he is a lazy shameless NEET and he is trying to make his parents acept money that he secretly made with his abilities that he is not supposed to have that keeps getting foiled by his parents being super law abiding, honorable and unlucky.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
oopsaloo rated it
June 27, 2020
Status: c28.1
So far this novel is incredible. I love the unique arcs - like the second one from a unique perspective, and the face slapping is so satisfying! It’s not like the petty face-slapping of some other QT novels.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Just Another Novel Reader
Just Another Novel Reader rated it
October 13, 2020
Status: c79
The story was good then went okay for me. I read up to chapter 78, skipping most of the last arch that he was a solider in.... more>>

Also I'm little confused how he can destroy other systems so easily, sure his system is powerful. But shouldn't there be consequences for him? Wouldn't creating those system cost a lot of power/energy for the makers of the systems? I read a little more ahead and he can tear his system too?


Also the other website I read on (had finished translating) probably had translated this story from google translate.

So I couldn't read the mess of words well too. I will just put this story on hold until the links here reach where I left off. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Gliadar rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: Completed
mtl the story loved the entire thing

highly recomended, MC is very unique when it comes to fufiling some of the wishes and no two arcs are the same. Making a great QT novel.

very happy that someone took up to translate it.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xiaoliyang rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: c125
I like the uniqueness of the plot, but I think it lost its way somewhere along the line. It stopped being him overturning the "Bad Man" System cuz he pampers the ones that would be abused. It later on became something like, whatever goes goes and OP MC. That's it.

It's really sad for me. I think it peaked in the Entertainment Arc.

I'm still going to continue and I hope it gets better.

... more>>

There seems to be a plot injected about MC's little sister and about him being a mini God or something?

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whitespade rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: c191
The mtl is quite hard in some world but still understandable.

This is a very enjoyable QT if you just love endless face slappings. What is logic? What is consistency? What is characterization? No need to care about this because face slappings is all you need to sustain you to marathon the whole novel.

This novel is very feminist as it try to teach people that women can also work and grasp their own destiny. However it's very classist and materialistic because in the end only the richest person (ie our MC)... more>> will be happy. Well, we could only accept Chinese authors are always more blatant in this regard. <<less
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summerspring rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: c17
So interesting! I havent read something like this! I am lookign forward to more chappies and seeing how the MC skews his tasks lol
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aryl rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: c40.2
i have mixed feelings abt this as the story arcs are not written well bt the concept is great. I am not saying its bad bt MC is too OP. Let's see what happens nxt.
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