The Almighty Asura


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In the turbulent era, the world was under the reign of cunning careerists. A young man named Mu Feng grew up in numerous battles and unceasingly made earnest efforts to stand on his own feet.

His father was murdered, and two hundred thousand of his people were slaughtered. Mu Feng accidently obtained the Sacred Book of Asura, and then he embarked on his journey of revenge with fierceness and blood!

Killing and blood proved his love for family and his people!

He was the almighty Asura!

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jacobpaige rated it
November 11, 2019
Status: c37
Its a bog standard xianxia. Braindead mustache twirling 2D villains. Braindead musclehead MC whose only personality traits are machismo, hypocrisy and sexism. Braindead females that exist only to try to join the perpetual virgin MC's ever expanding harem simply because he exists and came somewhat close to their physical locations. And poorly executed cliches for days. It adds absolutely nothing to the genre. And while its not the worst xianxia I've seen, that's the most complimentary thing I can say about it.
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