The Adventures Of The Black Cat Nyango – I’ve Received A Rare Attribute, So I Aim To Be A Carefree Adventurer


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A boy who was killed in an accident after a bullying in the stairs is reborn as a catkin in another world.

In his new catkin body, which is said to be inferior in physical strength, magic, and even intelligence, the boy aims for a carefree adventurer’s life, making full use of his rare attribute magic that is said to be useless.

He enjoys the festival stall with his childhood friend, making the bullies of this world gasp, fleeing for his life when chased by goblins, challenging Kobolds in desperate battles, and other adventures of the black cat Nyango.

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Kuroneko Nyango no Bouken ~ Rare Zokusei o Hikiatetanode, Kimamana Bouken-sha o Mezashimasu ~
Kuro neko nyango no bōken ~ Rea zokusei o hikiatetanode, kimamana bōken-sha seikatsu o mezashimasu ~
黒猫ニャンゴの冒険 ~レア属性を引き当てたので、気ままな冒険者生活を目指します~
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January 10, 2023
Status: c6
A poor excuse of a story, but I’m bias against Japanese novels. Lazy and pathetic, but calling it pathetic would include way too much emotion and thinking about the right word to use would be more effort than the author could ever dream of doing.

beta MC, no good characters, laziest world building and plot is missing like the father who went out for milk.

anyway, the story doesn’t have form of coherent plot. Literally, you can read chapter 9 then 3 then 4 then 9 again and you will understand just... more>> as much if you read the chapters in order.

Characters/Race/World building- so there are races and obviously they are based off earth animals instead of animals in the world where the story takes place, but whatever. MC is a catkin, author says he is pathetic. Author is just as pathetic clearly, since they don’t know cats would make excellent assassins and purposely made them weak. A cat can jump 6 feet into the air from sitting position. Obviously such a pointless skill. Let’s also forget how quick and silent they are. Or how they can run without losing their breath as quickly as dogs. Cats are just absolute tr*sh. Note sarcasm. This novel is absolute tr*sh. This isn’t sarcasm. <<less
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