The Ace Producer


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Ye Zhen, a female Ph.D. in the Department of Mathematics of Hua University, changed her career to enter the entertainment industry in order to investigate the death of her birth father, Movie Emperor Ye Yi. During her interview, she accidentally made CEO Rongcheng Jue lose face in public. Yet Rongcheng Jue, unlike what was to be expected, didn’t take old grudges into account and let Ye Zhen join his company. When everyone thought Ye Zhen would become Rongcheng Jue’s personal secretary, she actually joined the entertainment department. After several twists and turns, Ye Zhen became a script supervisor for Rongcheng Entertainment’s “The Great Tang Treasure”.

Her colleagues’ bullying towards her, the pressure of changing career, and the many obstacles in her investigation all left her confused. Under Rongcheng Jue’s silent guardianship, she didn’t forget her original purpose, overcame every obstacle, and eventually became an ace producer.

Ye Zhen and Rongcheng Jue shared a common belief: no matter how bleak the hope is, how th**ny and dark the road ahead, they had only one thought in their hearts: to uncover the truth, and therefore bring peace to the soul of the Movie Emperor Ye Yi.

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