The Academy’s Time Stop Player


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I entered an academy inside a game.
While having an OP skill that destroys the balance.

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아카데미의 시간 정지 플레이어
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New Lynxfury
May 22, 2024
Status: c4
I'm not even going to officially rate this one. The things I don't like in it are things others might praise so it's too hard to judge. I still want to point out some things though so here is my review.

First of all, I like and even prefer OP main characters. So this story SHOULD be right up my alley. And honestly, the power of this MC is not the problem for me. It's his system that made me toss the story out the window.

His system gives him quests which... more>> it then forces him to take, already a bad sign. Then it actually punishes him for SUCCEEDING in his quests in chapter 4. It then gets even worse when the system further punishes him for having the skills IT gave him in the first place. Oh and one of those skills is basically a form of system mind control, altering his mind and thought processes in fundamental ways. And no he can't turn it off.

Some of the other reviews talk about how sullen the MC acts. I'm not surprised! Thrown without his consent into a much more dangerous world than our own, railroaded into actions he would not take if he had a choice, and punished no matter what he does. Who would be enthusiastic in those situations? Gaining an awesome power isn't going to make the resentment go away.

Given the above my personal rating is one star, because I find the story unreadable. But as the actual quality of the story is at least above that, and/or for people who don't mind the above flaws, this story would and should be rated higher. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
September 10, 2022
Status: c8
While I often dislike misunderstanding comedy, this novel has much worse issues even before considering that.

It reads like an otaku wanted to cram in as many shounen tropes as possible.... It should be telling that the two positive reviews before this say "I like this because it's like [insert other novels here]!" This is a neutral point to me because "generic" is only bad if you dislike the genre. Of course, the author doesn't combine the tropes particularly well so far, but I'd be willing to give such a novel... more>> time to develop.

There are two main issues that made me drop the novel, here.

  • The first and most glaring issue to me is the protagonist's ability. Time manipulation of any time is one of the "forbidden powers" that are just too strong and convenient that they easily overpower every other aspect of the novel if they can be used without special limits. With this kind of power, any time the protagonist has a problem in the future I'll think of an obvious solution he could have used his time stop to easily fix it that he won't even think about. Also, what he's able or unable to do within time stop is not super well explained so the author can just arbitrarily decide in each situation. "Bonus" points lost because it's a typical hentai superpower but he hasn't even considered using it for personal amus**ent, even though it's the obvious thing to do*.
  • Apparently a student with an unknown ability who's mediocre in knowledge and only marginally faster than the second place in the practical skills test can be #1 in the class solely on the basis of destroying everything in the venue including the venue itself. This shows that the student either can't control his ability well, doesn't care to control his ability, or just really enjoys destroying everything around him. Putting him on top of the class on that basis is equivalent to encouraging the rest of the students to pursue destructive power without caring about things like collateral damage or other kinds of abilities... Instead of misunderstandings, it looks instead like everyone interprets everything he does in the best way possible.
tl;dr if you like an OP protagonist in a fantasy battle academy with lots of cliche situations, a bored and boring protagonist who will somehow attract all the women who show up, and a game setting that the protagonist knows all about, but wished that you could tie all those things together with misunderstanding comedy, this is probably for you. <<less
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ExtremelyLazy rated it
November 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Quite a fun story to read if you simply want to see a protagonist overwhelm his opponents. He literally has yet to receive a single loss throughout the entire time I've been reading.


He has yet to receive a single scratch. The principal and his pals fight their comrade who is the leader of the Villain Alliance. The protagonist swoops in before the principal is killed, gets a power-up through magic transfer from the principal, and beats the Villain Alliance leader to death. At this point he's fighting "God" and when "God" tries to fight him in his subconscious, the protagonist kicks "God" out.


The plot is nothing too special. There are some interesting mysteries pertaining to the protagonist and the hammer but it isn't anything too amazing in terms of writing.


While the protagonist goes on with his days. He tries to maintain a schedule protecting and guiding the four main characters to their good ends. Their pasts and the feuds with their final bosses get revealed along the way and it usually ends with the protagonist interfering and smacking the final bosses down. While doing so he finds out about the truth behind the character he is playing. He happens to be from a rich household in the UK who loses his parents through the schemes of their butler. He has a sister who he left behind so that she doesn't get caught up in this, steals his family's ancient artifact to prevent his enemies from stealing his wealth, and hides in South Korea. As for why he lost his magic and how he gains Time Stop is yet to be explained. Along the way you find out that the hammer is connected to the dungeons and that the previous owner was the one who ruled over the demons who was later backstabbed by the other kings.



One of the best moments of the story is when due to the principal overexerting himself and entering a coma, the protagonist steps up as protector and announces on live television that any and all villains that enter his domain will be killed without mercy. He follows up with what he says and kills hundreds of villains afterwards. The villains dip out of South Korea after that massacre.


While there does seem to a harem with a number of girls showing interest, the protagonist shows little interest. The protagonist is usually too sleepy and indifferent to show enough care, and I honestly have no idea if his relationships with any of the girls will progress.

I give a 5/5 simply because I personally had fun reading up to this point, but the story really isn't anything special.

tl;dr If you like a protagonist that never receives a single L in a fight, have everyone be in shock and awe at his powers, and don't mind a substandard plot then you should check it out. There may be a harem and there may not be one. Protagonist has yet to get close to anyone at all besides small conversations.

Edit: I just completed the story and it remains the same to the very end.


The hammers mystery is completely unveiled. It belonged to the King of Dwarves, Horden, who had the ability to destroy and create any and all mana. The other kings feared that power and betrayed/killed him. The final bosses for this story are the 5 kings that betrayed Horden, but surprise to no one, the protagonist is OP. The only one who gives a challenge is the King of Giants who can't be destroyed easily. The hammer houses the dead dwarven race who came to accept the protagonist as their king which essentially grants him the ability to use creation, allowing him to technically one-shot the final boss.



In the middle of all of that the protagonist helps the 4 main characters by progressing their storylines which wasn't all that interesting and honestly extremely simplistic. Liam's was about a butthurt female criminal who wanted to kill him because her father's artifact chose him. Haruna was slightly interesting as she was raised to be the host of 'God' who wanted to become a true being. Anna was simply to get revenge on her brother's mu*derer. Han-soo-young is being acknowledged by his teacher, the Sword King.


The author never explains why the protagonist even got such a ridiculous ability like Time-stop or why he was transported into the game world in the first place. While the story ends on a happy note, the biggest mystery behind his role and existence is never explained.

Overall I'd give it a 4/5 simply for the fact that I was invested enough to complete it. By the way, there's no harem. Or any romance whatsoever.
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poopypp rated it
August 26, 2023
Status: --
The action of the book is simple and somewhat repetitive, however the characters and story are the main focus. The novel follows a simple formula of having a disinterested character in a world he’s trying to get on track. Overall enjoyable and would recommend.
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Dark Zenith
Dark Zenith rated it
July 8, 2023
Status: c10
It's time stop. It's time stop in it's full capacity, no strings attached. And it's absolutely OP. And I love it. I've actually read up to chapter 35, but it's disappeared now and been picked up by a new translator at the time of writing this.

The only thing that holds him back is his ordinary physique, but that's nothing in the face of time stop, and his other OP skill which is just unbreakable mental strength. And what can't you do with infinite patience and time? Haha.

And the best thing?... more>> The misunderstandings. I always love myself some good ol' misunderstandings by all the other characters when he's forced to use his OP power whether by the system, or by others, haha. <<less
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Gwim rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: c33
Imagine being so powerful you're getting naps in between punching the bad guys or whenever you want and still being the whiniest little bit*h in the universe.

This story is genuinely excruciating to read any longer so I'm stopping here. But it's honestly so utterly terrible that it's funny so here are some of the flaws for people who stumble onto this review to laugh at.

The author thinks an aloof MC is the coolest thing in the world so everything that happens in the story has to be forced upon him... more>> and seemingly 40% of the text is dedicated to the MC whining about every single thing and saying he doesn't wanna do it. And the MC doesn't want to do ANYTHING. EVER. The stuff the quests ask him to do isn't even hard, only ever time consuming, if even, but guess what? MC isn't just aloof. This MC has two whole character traits! He's also really bored! Always bored. Everyone talks about how bored he looks! Baffling that a person who doesn't want to do anything ever would be bored! Oh and we set aside the fact MC initially stopped playing this game the world is based on after starting a new character and getting the Time Stop skill. MC is starting his first job soon so he is quitting this game he's beaten 5 times and deleting all his characters, because he's all about working!

The MC is the most obnoxious part of the novel but don't worry the worldbuilding and secondary characters get even worse in terms of writing.

First of all, the worldbuilding is literally whatever. Like if you just threw 10 fantasy webnovels into a hotpot. MC is a recent college grad who's about to start a job when he randomly wakes up as the last character (the only one he didn't beat the game with) in a game he played. He has the unique appearance and name of the character but then he magically gets his own appearance and name back immediately for no specific reason. The other characters name is always written in the quests but is entirely irrelevant and the MC has no family mentioned so far in the first world or second. The game takes place in modern fantasy Korea, a mix of superheroes vs supervillains, hunters going into dungeons, and monsters coming out of gates and making lairs in the world. Everyone uses melee weapons or magic / summoning, some villains randomly just have superpowers like puppet army or invulnerability, oh and the villains also have technology to isolate an area into a separate dimension and block communication, but nobody came up with guns I guess.

All the characters are just props that talk about how powerful they think the MC is. One named character is literally just there to be the person everyone thought was gonna be 1st place in the academy power rankings but was 2nd place because MC didn't want to stand out but ~Quest~ forced him to get 1st place. Other named guy challenges MC s*upidly and loses. Main female characters are rude to MC for no reason at first then he saves them or demonstrates his power and then they fall in love with him. Multiple girls but no personality or time given to any of them. Or anything else because it's all a f*cking clusterf*ck.

Remember why there's no time to get into details about any of this other stuff? Because 40% of the text is reserved for MCs little b*tch-ass whining about every little situation he's in! When MC finally got rid of the pain from disobeying quests, immediately got a quest where he'll die if he doesn't graduate with the 5 other named characters alive but he doesn't have to do every little subquest now. And MC then still says "ugh I guess I'll save all these people from a disaster 'cause I'd feel guilty I guess". Like MOTHERf*ckER you can just DO what you want to do YOU DON'T HAVE TO WHINE LIKE A LITTLE bit*h ABOUT EVERYTHING. <<less
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emperorpanda003 rated it
April 8, 2024
Status: c100
Honestly, I think the MC is too f*cking whiny for my taste. He constantly complain about being "too tired" when he could just stop time and get all the sleep he needed in the world. The only reason he mentioned why he doesn't do it is because "the sleeping bag is too hard" and that's f*cking it. Like bro, did you really survive your military service with such a whiny ass attitude? I'm surprised your superiors didn't straighten your s*upid ass right then and there. That genuinely infuriated me lmao.

There's... more>> also the problem of him never training when it was said that stats don't grow when you level up but instead when you train. Honestly, the moment I saw his attitude during the first few chapters, I just turn off my BS meter and read through it and I was STILL baffled by how genuinely infuriating this MC is lol. I mean, I get not wanting to be tied up with troublesome situations but can you not be so stubborn to a fault that you'd still try to stick with the "japanese hidden abilities trope" BS all the way even though your identity is almost fully revealed? Like, bruh. To be honest, I would have liked it if this story continued with the annoying ass system constantly kicking his ass to get a move on rather than this whiny ass lazy bum who overly relies on his ability and his hammer. He's got no personality and the only thing interesting is his ability and some of the side characters. The MC itself is uninteresting and bland. <<less
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vongolax rated it
December 29, 2023
Status: --
To push through with this story you will have to turn you BS meter down in order to swallow the sh*t the author is pushing down your throat. Very early on (not really spoiler-ish), the "system" forcibly made the MC accept a quest (b/c you can't deny quests) which the consequences of said quest leads to harsher conditions for another upcoming quest. WTF author? We all know these system quest troupe is really just lazy writing to forcibly direct the story into whatever direction the author wants, that's normally fine,... more>> wouldnt be here if I didn't like this shit. But to blatantly blame the MC for completing a quest that you force him to take and then give him sh*t for it. Man, there is lazy and there is this shit. You couldn't figure out an more organic way for this already OP MC to feel motivated to do something in this world you created? Normally I wouldn't be this tough, but considering how saturated the transmigrated with cheat skills troupe has become, to forcibly direct a MC to set up subsequent events makes me not even want to read this anymore and I only read 4 chapters. Might be too strong a stance to take but when you read too much, it just appears that way to me. Others who read further might say there is redeeming qualities but I know lazy writing when I see it <<less
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NabilaR rated it
April 27, 2024
Status: Completed
A good story.

There are pros and cons but pretty enjoyable cuz I finished binge reading this in just one day.

Read this cuz I want an OP MC with somehow mysterious back history (ofc the OP mysterious vibe are from other character misunderstanding pov haha)

... more>> There are people complaing how OP MC are and how easy it is to defeat his opponent.

C'mon, read the tittle. Should have known that someone who control the time is of course above all, especially if the ability didn't have any restriction. For what excatly did we come to read this?

And it's not that he go one hit kill, he spend a lot of time hammering his opponent in time stop, so it takes a lot of efforts considering his low stat in stamina.

The only think that I regret was :


the author didn't explain how he got the time stop thing, it just hinted that liber aka the MC's body previous occupant did something that exchange his mana power with the time stop, that's why his hair turned black. Still that's not explaining at all. And why did the MC got into tha game?


For mc's personality =


I agree that the MC are somewhat 'whiny' always complaining how he is tired, but I think that's his character dynamic and while in the earlier to mid chapter he doesnt have the skill to somehwat undo a freezing thing when he stop time, imagine the pain to sleep in a rock bed? Personally I too don't want it when I can just sleep in a comfortable bed. And as for why did he still complain when he can rest in the time stop, Like the time stop are his fighting field, so even if he spend resting time in it still kinda feels a burden in mind, so better rest in a real time.

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rakyu2911 rated it
April 15, 2024
Status: c172
it was quite an enjoyable story.

Having an OP time stop ability allowed him to stand against most enemies, but he will have to put in a significant amount of effort to actually beat any of them. Against the truly strong, the S-class, he is not able to beat them, since he is limited by his normal human physique, he would have to spend a lot of time stacking up a lot of normal damage in order to do any real impact against those of S-class. This seems fair at the... more>> beginning.

but ever since he got his hands on magic, although the story didn't go bad, but it somehow got less interesting. MC is now unstoppable. He don't have to spend months in the time stop world to stack up damage, no longer limited by his normal physique. No one could stand up against him anymore.

The stories of the sword saint disciple, the rune girl, the sage girl, and the lance guy, which is originally is the focus of the story, now feel like it got shifted to a side story instead. Feels kind of dull. <<less
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gke96 rated it
September 17, 2023
Status: c63
It is a generic academy isekai.

It is overall good and definitely an "overpowered protagonist" novel but there are inconsistentcies and lack of creativity on how MC uses time stop.

For example:

... more>>

He keeps sleeping in real time all day supposedly because he spends a lot of time when time stops and gets tired. However it was mentioned that he can sleep when time is stopped as he did so in some fights. So why does he ever sleep when time is not stopped? Also it was not clear how he does not die of hunger or lack of water considering he could not eat when time is stopped. About creativity even though protagonists with time-stop ability in novels usually use it in very creative ways the way MC uses it is extremely basic. He is just hammering.

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Dyudd04 rated it
January 23, 2024
Status: c78
Has potential, but the author ruined it. The Side character can be more developed instead solely focusing on the MC. There is barely any interaction with the side character through out the mc's daily life. The writter instead skipped all that and opted for text like "some time has passed", I mean they can deepen the character and make the reader feel more attached to them, yet instead they are just lazy to do that.

Along with the fact that the translation really need a proofreader, this make this story far... more>> more bad read because of the inconsistency in the translation and the shift of POV (as in 1st person & 3rd person)

seriously if the translation are better, it would be bearable to read this thing <<less
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reader_O8 rated it
December 3, 2023
Status: Completed
A fun story to read if you're bored.

The MC possesses a character with the ability to stop time and its as op as you imagine it. I only have two complaints and that's there are a few side plots that never really had a proper closure. They just get mentioned and its like about a really interesting thing too (things like what happened to the original owner of the body) and the author just never really addresses it. The other one is that the ending feels kind of abrupt, as... more>> I previously mentioned there are a few plots that the author didn't really write about so the ending feels like it ended too fast. I could see the novel go for like 10+ more chapters.

Even with those complaints its still a very fun story about an op protagonist who can brute force his way through almost anything. I like reading this every now and then especially right after reading about something heavy. <<less
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