The Absolute Evil for My Hero


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A hero novel about adolescence, painting justice and evil.

Some province, some region somewhere in Japan, Tsukimori City. Structured the same as any other city, Tsukimori has just one point that sets it apart from the rest. That is the fact the city is protected by a single hero.

A young girl who usually lives her life as a high school student, Mia. Whenever the kaijin of the evil organization Calamity Co. Leviathan threaten the peace of the city, she transforms into a hero and fights day and night. A young boy, her childhood friend Takeru watches over her work as a hero. A normal high school student with no redeeming features, Takeru had a certain secret—that he himself was the leader of Calamity Co. Leviathan, Lord Helvenom. Takeru’s goal, it is all for Mia, fated to live as Gaimoon, forced to battle evil for the rest of her life, to continue standing as her sworn foe.

What sort of fate awaits the relationship of evil leader and hero?

To protect those they hold dear, the battle wages between beloved. This is a hero novel of justice and evil!

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Waga Hero no Tame no Alchemuls
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
07/06/21 Eternal Translation v2 prologue
06/22/18 Yoraikun Translation v1 postscript
06/22/18 Yoraikun Translation v1 epilogue
06/22/18 Yoraikun Translation v1c4
06/14/18 Yoraikun Translation v1c3
06/11/18 Yoraikun Translation v1c2
06/11/18 Yoraikun Translation v1c1
06/11/18 Yoraikun Translation v1 prologue
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rozenmaiden rated it
June 22, 2018
Status: v1c4 epilogue
A beautiful story about relationship of hero and villain. You see this one isn't light story by any means. Instead, you'll see a heavy story that will occasionally ask character morality and choice. This novel isn't a novel about 'a super good-guy and strong' hero and 'a thoroughly evil' villain, but about A hero's loneliness as he musn't be defeated and strongest, and a villain's will to protect hero from danger (The danger isn't necessarily from outside).

A solid story in volume 1. I'll give it 4.5 stars. Depend on the... more>> end and plot, it'll be fall or rise.

Good Novel. <<less
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Fatim rated it
September 11, 2020
Status: v1c4
So I am looking for this kind of story', and I think it would be fun and funny but what I get here is so deep emotional and angst 😭

I am looking for next vol. I hope its got better and happy end

Also, the translation is pretty good but some part they didnt sparate each character thought, so I give it minus and the language little bit stiff but there is still room for improvement
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