The Abandoned Prince Treats an Enemy Soldier on the Frontline, but It Turns Out She’s the Seventh Princess


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Reichel von Agarlam was a reincarnated individual blessed with a cheat ability and the first prince of the Kingdom of Agarlam.

This cheat ability allowed him to cure any ailment of those he touched. Reichel intended to use this power to live a long and prosperous life.

However, the Kingdom of Agarlam was unstable in many ways. Unfortunately, war broke out with their neighboring country, the Dragoon Empire.

Amid the ever-changing situation, Reichel’s father, the king, died in an accident, leading to a political upheaval where Reichel was stripped of his throne and his fiancée by his younger brother.

The new king, considering Reichel’s cheat ability to be an extraordinary healing magic, ordered him to the front lines.

As a healing mage on the front lines, Reichel solidified his position, gained many subordinates, and five years passed.

One day, he found a dying enemy soldier on the verge of death.

That soldier turned out to be the seventh princess of the enemy country…

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