The Abandoned Child Bride is a Koi


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Wang Family’s child bride Su Wan is a koi.

After Su Wan entered the Wang family, her future husband Wang Luosheng passed the imperial examination and the Wang family became increasingly wealthy.

But the Wang family believed that everything they had was thanks to the well-educated concubine Yang Yunyan and that the legal wife Su Wan was ignorant, clumsy, and could only bring shame to the Wang family.

Su Wan, who transmigrated to the book, was furious. She had the luck of a lucky koi but still suffered such a humiliation.

So before she married Wang Luosheng, Su Wan packed up her things and went to find Shen Lin, who treated her like a treasure in the book after she was divorced.

Wang Luosheng got rid of the ignorant child bride as he wished and made Yang Yunyan his legal wife.

However, why did his family become more and more destitute? Where were the fame and money he had in his previous life?

Wang Luosheng looked at the big house and the new shop that the once poor Shen family had bought in the city, and fell into confusion…

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1 Review

New F.A.M.H
Jul 04, 2024
Status: Completed
After reading this novel, I can see why it has a low rating despet its nice appear story.

It really has an immature and lacking writing style, it all clitch that makes you want to cover your eyes, feel goosboumps all over your body.

And very important thing is while reading you'll feel that you're not reading a novel, but a summary.
Almost 85-90 of the story was narrative, a quick narrative, and summary.

This story has a very good potintal, but was written too badly and boring!
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