That Person. Later on… 2


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Wazu who defeated the Evil God. At last, I thought I could relax, but that wasn’t the case. It is 7 days until the wedding with my wives. By then, we have to do something……. Of course, the cause is Butler’s Floyd.

Note: This would be a continuation of the book version, so please note that there are several differences to the original web version. The main changes are mainly the addition of a new heroine Kathy, some changes that led to the inclusion of Aria as one of the heroines, and lastly, Shiro and the dark goddess who were previously antagonistic have been converted into friends.

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Sono mono. Nochi ni... Part 2
その者。のちに… 第二部
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That Person. Later on… (Prequel)
Sono Mono Nochi Ni (LN) (Prequel)
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