Thank You for Abandoning Our Engagement!


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I spend my days as the fiancé of the Third Prince.
Engagement annulled? Is that true…?

Does that mean I can be free now? Thank you!

*This is a story of a young lady who acknowledged her engagement annulment without much thought.

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konyaku haki arigatōgozaimasu!
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Date Group Release
06/06/18 Oceanic Lantern c1 part4
06/04/18 Oceanic Lantern c1 part3
06/02/18 Oceanic Lantern c1 part2
05/31/18 Oceanic Lantern c1 part1
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nemurenemu rated it
June 22, 2018
Status: c1 part4
Umm, what did I just read? I just finished reading the whole chapter, and I can say I'm quite confused.

Imo this is neither comedy nor romance, and surely not tragedy or drama. The story just felt really empty and flat. I know asking for world building or character building for a 4 chapters-length story would be too much, but at least don't just throw something when they serve no purpose. Idk why the introduced character were there (like the brother), they don't even give any impact to the story.

And regarding... more>> the conclusion, why is there no one opposed to her decision? I mean, isn't she a noble girl? I feel 'because it's my dream' to be a very weak reason without any backstory.

The setting also not well explained. Usually noble stories are set on the middle-age era, but this one seems to be on modern era (maybe). We don't even know what kind of noble family the MC is from.

And although I'm thankful for the translation, I must say the translator haven't done their best... The translation seem very rough and looks very google-translate like.

That's unfortunate though, since imo it has potential. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: c1 part4
I have to say...I have very, very mixed feelings about this. First off, the author probably didn't know how to end this. May be, he was hoping for this to turn into something big.

There is very little to comment about this, really. Even giving it 3 is a stretch. It is more of a trailer or a oneshot kind of thing.

Just gonna say that I had hoped for more from this.

Literally no romance or even decent comedy. It is just...a short story. Period.

This is not Mango approved.
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mmem rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: c1 part4
The stories okay, it's just there's this strange disconnect between c1.1 & c1.2, and the story goes in an unexpected direction that's kind of boring. But it's a sweet short story, I just don't understand the Prince's reactions in c1.1.
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