Terrarium Adventure


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Abandoned production game where all the users left and only core fans exist. Summoned to a strange world as soon as unlocking the last achievement ‘Possess 999,999,999 diamonds’. Inside which has been released yet while carrying 999,999,999 diamonds. Conquering the game world with endless diamonds!

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테라리움 어드벤처
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moonrune rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: c228
I'm reading this one raw so I can't speak for the quality of the translation (from the number of comments about the pronoun-flopping I'm guessing it's MTL, which is a shame), but this worldbuilding has all the makings of the female-targeted MMORPG of my dreams--which makes sense, because the author was working in the MMO field (I believe she quit due to overwork/burnout and to focus on writing for a bit while she catches her breath) and began writing Terrarium Adventure as a scenario exercise to channel her frustrations at... more>> the male-dominated nature of the industry.

TA is an incredibly imaginative breath of fresh air. The visual descriptions are stunning, and each druid and dryad are distinctive in personality and (in the case of the dryad) species. I love the incorporation of flower language and legends in the individual histories of the dryads, and how the relationship between the individual flower and the larger species is fully realized in a way that leaves them room to manifest their own personality and interpretation of the legend they proudly bear, and even to forge their own. No handwavy Pokemon worldbuilding holes here!

I'm suspicious of the claims that the main character seems "unintelligent, " because in my experience the kind of protagonist that gets approvingly labeled "smart" in this sphere is, nine out of ten, a total dickwad who has no compunctions about exploiting everyone they come into contact with for their own gains. Jay is a normal human being with morals who experiences reasonable difficulties adjusting to a completely different world, which isn't a popular character type with the LN crowd for reasons I won't touch (but I'm thinking them really hard). She's an excellent strategist with a gamer's instinct for spotting and taking advantage of enemy's weaknesses in battle, she's quick on her feet and resilient, she knows her own limits, and she has the strength to trust in her dryads' abilities when her own aren't suited for the situation. Plus, she really knows how to spend money. The catharsis of watching her blow stacks is a huge part of the early charm of the story, especially in her interactions with her Elderflower.

If her persistent mentality of "this is just a game and nothing is real" bothers you, know that there is a reason for it:


when trauma leaves her shaken the World Tree mind-manipulates her, reinforcing her sense of unreality to prevent her from grasping the full extent of the danger she's in and thus keeping her on the path it needs her to walk.


Also, counterpoint to disagreeing with Jay that Seedling shouldn't have cleaned up all the mobs: it's precisely because he's stronger that he should have left some mobs behind. Proximity to towns established around Branches of the World Tree naturally weakens fire, which is further fractured and suppressed after a culling like that. The fields close to settlements are literally training grounds for new fighters, how is any new druid supposed to grow if the stronger druids sweep through and raze everything? Seeking out untouched fields farther away on their own would be far more likely to kill them. The responsible thing to do as a more experienced druid would be to leave some weakened mobs scattered behind for safe combat practice, which is Jay's point. On the romance side: this is personally a point in the story's favor for me, but just a heads up that the (probable) ML is, 228 chapters in, nowhere near close to entering a romantic relationship with Jay, because he's socially stunted from being literally raised by wolves dryads and Jay barely sees him as a functioning adult at this point (lol). It's primarily an action fantasy focused on character and plot development, i.e. Jay's relationships with her team and her journey, which is a narrative I personally can't get enough of. <<less
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eseul rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: c212
i’m currently reading the raw, and on ch 212. The main female protagonist has a cheat of infinite cash (in diamonds).

I would say there is near to zero romance in this story thus far.

But the unique setting works for this story because I feel the author’s theme is that ‘money cannot buy happiness.’ All the money makes her life very easy, but actually all the moments that matter were the points that money cannot change.

All the characters are so cute and their adventure is fun. I really enjoy this story!
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Shadowminion rated it
October 12, 2022
Status: c62
I love this story and it honestly deserves much more readership than it has. This is the RPG story of my dreams and I honestly cannot be happier that someone is writing it. &Lt;3
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July 12, 2020
Status: c7
Too early to give a rating, so it's just a first impression.

It's told in first person POV, so we know MC's thinking process but her thinking process doesn't feels so smart, so the first person POV is kind of annoying.

The chapters are short and with nothing actually happening. Usually in KR novels the plot already began in chapter 2 or 3. But here, the MC is only about to take her first step in chapter 7.

The concept of being transported to a game world with a max amount of game... more>> currencies is interesting. But the slow pacing, short chapters, and the MC thought process that felt kind of dumb make it not enjoyable to read for me. <<less
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Erumwhat rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: c62
I've really enjoyed reading this series so far. It's an interesting world where trees and plants are everything.

The MC's thoughts come off as a little dumb at times, but she doesn't really act on those dumb thoughts, so I don't mind it. The MC has the potential to be super OP, but she is leveling up and fighting battles like expected in an RPG. While she has unlimited diamonds, she is limited by her soul plate or whatever it is. So I'm glad to say that so far, it seems... more>> balanced enough.

I don't think the pronoun thing is as big of an issue as other reviews are making it out to be. If you pay attention to when each character is introduced, it's accurately stated who is male and female. They're also on the cover image on this page. The MC (female) in the middle, Mesquite (female) at the top, Daisy (female) at the left, and Elder (male) at the right. So while the pronoun thing can be slightly annoying at times, it isn't really that confusing if you pay attention at the start.

I highly recommend reading this for people who are into fantasy and mmorpg like stories. Especially those who prefer a female MC. On a side note, as of chapter 62, I do not see anything resembling romance so far. <<less
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November 2, 2020
Status: c54
I don't dislike the story, characters, or setting, but I can't follow the translation because every single character so far aside from Daisy (including the protagonist) has been called both "him" and "her" so I'm not sure of anyone's gender anymore. Also I still have trouble getting past the fact that the game is basically Flower Knight Girl but some of the flowers are guys (I think?) and the enemy is fire instead of in addition to pests.

Maybe I'll pick it back up again if I hear later that they've... more>> gone back to TLC the early chapters, but for now I'll drop it. <<less
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puffiness123 rated it
August 16, 2022
Status: c98
This story is cute. I'm currently reading it on its official Korean website (ridibooks). It costs 100 Korean won per chapter which is less than 10 cents so it isn't too expensive to support the author. There doesn't seem to be any romance, just her and her dryads (summons) on adventures.

It also has a manhwa if you are into webtoons.

... more>>

She spends diamonds (the money currency) like water. And solves most issues with spending. The storyline is cute as well as her summons (they are called dryads instead of summons). My favourite is the grumpy, gold-digging male priest. The only weird thing is she never tried to go home and doesn't miss her actual friends/family either. So I think there's a possibility that the author is a lonely person that lacks close ties and bonds, or maybe the author just didn't consider that a person could miss home after going to a fantasy world. Either way, this story is really cute and is a pleasant read. I'm still reading it.

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Liune rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: c47
Well, I don't really like our Protagonist, she's... sometimes complicated to understand for me, aka not relatable, but that makes her human and I really like the settings and other characters. It's rather slow paced and confusing at the beginning, but the world is really interesting.

Ex. of her bad behaviour ... more>>

Believing that nothing is real and just a game, her behaviour is just really selfish and naive, as she complains about Seedling taking on most enemies, cause she needs exp, not knowing that she really is too weak or how the world she in works, how she kicks out Seedling just cause she doesn't like him right after a Boss fight... I still like her whale behaviour and she's not s*upid or airheaded like other protagonists.


Also.. is Mesquite a female or male now? The translation is mixed up sometimes for the genders of their characters... <<less
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Haneul rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: c28
Is the protagonist actually a female? Ch 26 says she was in girl scouts and the picture for the novel has a smirking female with a ponytail holding a glowing phone which I assume is where the diamonds come from. Considering the tag is Male Protagonist... but what do I know. I don't remember earlier chapters with him/her? being referred to as oppa or anything. 4 star for now may change later.
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June 24, 2024
Status: c66
I simply loved it, it's a very good read, at first it's a little slow but it gets a lot better, it's very good for those who want to spend their time with something light but at the same time it's very addictive The characters are great and the RPG world is very well built
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September 15, 2021
Status: --
It might be the translation, but the world feels like a convoluted mess to me. Too many undescribed details for such a high fantasy world makes for an unvivid read. Put simply, I can't see the world.

But from what I could see, it was good. I wish the writing of the translation would do it justice but right now it's hard to follow most things.
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jklm rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: c19
Aimed for interesting but landed firmly in boring. Even the "dramatic" moments are a snooze fest. The tree theme could have had potential, but it just didn't stand out somehow. I wouldn't bother with this one.
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