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One day, I realized that I, a former Japanese, has reincarnated into a different world as Cristea Ellisfeed, a Duke’s daughter . Reincarnation…? Duke’s daughter…? A world with magic…? Is this a light novel!?!? I received the reality while being confused. However… I’m dissatisfied with this! This full course is somewhat dissatisfying! Sweet-only sweets! I’m sick of it already!! The taste of commoners, please!!

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The Reincarnated Young Lady Is Hungry for Commoner Food
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Anra7777 rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: c131
I have some mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it's super cute and fluffy, hence the 4 stars. On the other, not only are there some plot inconsistencies ... more>>

(at first MC is considered special for being able to understand sacred beasts, only later everyone can understand them because of the deus ex machina of "I made it so they can understand me." Also, my original impression was that the sacred beasts were usually hidden in some sort of sub space, but later the MC has to physically hide them, so no?)

but also I can understand one of the other reviewer's criticism of "Japanese food banzai!" culture. I know that when I started eating Japanese food, there was a lot that tasted so strange to me, I couldn't tell whether I liked or disliked it. Yet everyone in the story immediately finds everything the MC makes to be so delicious, to the point of fighting over it. And I wish the MC would stop trying to make everyone eat raw eggs. I remember being given oyakodon while in Japan once, and no matter how everyone reassured me it was safe, I was so freaked out, I could barely stand eating the non-raw bits.

Also, the fact that no one ever questions how the MC got her knowledge about food unknown to her culture, even when she's touting its health benefits, seems far-fetched. Even the "Japanese"-ish people in this world don't really question it.

Still, this is a lighthearted, fun story.

Update for 174: to be honest, I'd now put this at 3 stars or 2 and 1/2. In the last 40 chapters I've gotten tired of this story, because of the points mentioned in justpassingt's review. While the story has always been food heavy, my impression is that food has slowly taken over the entire story. It was at least interesting when there was world building, but now it seems like 85% of the story is food, 10% is mofumofu centric, and 5% anything else (with perhaps 1% of the 5% being plot). I feel bad, since apparently 7 people liked my positive review, but I can't just keep quiet now that my old review is outdated.

Update for 193: I've kept reading, hoping I would come to enjoy the story again, but I really haven't. So, I'm going to stop. The past twenty chapters have been bacon obsessive, even when the chapters are about

going to the Adventurer's Guild

, it still boils down to bacon. Although I 100% do not understand why anyone would eat bacon and think "I need alcohol with this, " much less every single character who eats it in the story, including the underage MC. <<less
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TUSF rated it
December 14, 2017
Status: c14
I should have taken the description more seriously. The lack of a translated title also threw me off, but from my interpretation of the machine translated, it should be "The Reincarnated Young Lady is hungry for Commoner food".

Right, this is basically a "Sugoi Japanese food!!!!" story, where the main-character shows the brilliance of Japanese food to these poor Medieval European-esque people, whose food culture is somehow terribly underdeveloped compared to her superior Japanese cuisine.

The story itself is written alright, but I don't really like this type of story. I'll stick... more>> around, I guess. <<less
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Justpassingthrough rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: --
Once again we see the major issue of over doing it. It's fine to put some emphasis on things but continuously repeating it over and over again is just annoying. The MC longs for food from her past life. Ok. But you don't need to express it again and again. We got it the first time. Authors who write this way tend to lack a plot of any kind. The heroin's quirk is the whole plot. No, really. That's all there is to the story. So the novel becomes boring... more>> and repetitive. The story lacks character development and all the characters are two dimensional, like cardboard cut outs. I honestly don't recommend this novel. <<less
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Yamatohime rated it
June 17, 2018
Status: c237
It is a nice story but there are too much copy-paste. Basically, it is "MC wants to eat something - MC manages to cook it - MC introduces it to others - others say it tasty". This scenario goes for 200 chapters without any character development so far...

I wouldn't say it bad... But reading the same thing over a dozen of times without any changes is boring. It looks like slice of life but I don't have a feeling of life. All because of too much repeating with no changes.
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Shironeko225 rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: c24
The MC is too selfish doing things without thinking about the consequences that she have done to her family. Sometime I dont event know if she a pig or human anymore. But the story is not that bad just hope she have more common sense in the future
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Lucilius rated it
November 1, 2018
Status: c101
Plot - 2/5
Characters - 2/5
Development - 1/5
Setting - 1/5
Overall - 1.5/5

I honestly really tried to finish this and even like it up until a certain point but... I just can't, I just really can't. Some of the reviews here basically share the same thoughts as I. Such as the reviews by Hundred Lilies, Renaxan, SovietWeeb, etc.

It started out decent enough, I liked how light-hearted it is and the fluff but as the story goes on it just ends being so repetitive and tiring to even read... more>> through. It had great potential to be something greater but was not executed well, there are plots that could've been used within the story to make it actually progress as something good but felt like it was cast aside to make a point of "lack of variety of food" = "make more great food!" + "no one will question my knowledge! cause food!" + "ah! cute animals!" and that basically becomes the whole entirety of the story.

It could've been great really since I've only read up to 101 since I gave up trying to read through it as it was tiring as hell in all honesty. Little to no character development, food overtakes the whole story, barely any plot progression or if there even was a plot to start with. At this point on the spoilers tab, I might sound like I'm complaining but yeah at that point I probably am but it's just cause... So much wasted potential. It is so rare to find a decent Isekai LN/WN/Manga with a decent or actual great female lead, and this one just ended being so disappointing in the end.


Firstly, just because she suddenly remembered her past life doesn't equate to her immediately forgetting the etiquette of nobility. It's like as if those 8-years of her life was cast aside for her old one just to make a point that she was a reincarnation of an old woman. That isn't an excuse, I expected that she would be either using it to her own advantage or struggling between her past life's personality and her current one. Little to no background was really given about her personality during her current life before she remembered, pretty much it was glossed over.

Secondly, her powers which can be used as a means to the plot such as complicating matters, crisis, etc. could have been as said used but was cast aside in favour of what I've previously said. This also includes the things about the sacred beasts which are fundamentally and technically could have brought an interesting point into the story such as their powers and stuff but was cast aside for "ah! cuteness! of course cuteness! I'm not even going to question the fact that these guys can technically desiccate a whole country if I or them wanted but ahh! cute!" and no one is even questioning at the fact how she even got these deadly creatures who supposedly lived miles away or some shit.

Thirdly, the major thing that annoyed me on this is the fact that no one, I mean literally no one is questioning her. Like how the f*ck did this 8-year old suddenly knew how to make this outrageous (I say outrageous because note that she is in a different world that apparently has bland food with no advancement on the food department whatsoever till she came) food nor even question at the fact that her magical prowess exceed above others nor how their daughter's personality suddenly shifted into something else as if they didn't know how she had acted for 8 years prior to her remembering anything.

Lastly, Sei's situation could have been a far more interesting plot. It had a large potential and then suddenly gets forgotten along the way. It had potential such as the situation of what if's, drama, etc. you know the drill. The same could be said for the other character's, except for the prince. Motherf*cker is creepy, he's like 13? 14? And is crushing on a 8-9 year old child and is planning to get her just because he fell for a cute face and she can cook good food. Pretty f*cking shallow reason.

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Philipas rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: c98
Great story, simple, with some character development, heartwarming and funny. The MC does mess up many times due to common sense problems, however that is also part of the comedy. I don't get why so many haters left bad reviews, the story is well written, don't feel any confusion while reading, both author and translator are good.

The chapters are short, maybe one A4 page worth each, but the update speed compensates (Shinsori is one of the best translators I know, props there). Maybe some people would be let down by... more>> the silliness of the story, but I find it better than the dark theme of many other stories. <<less
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baqar_otaku rated it
July 30, 2018
Status: c47
Tbh, I started reading this story with a light heart, not expecting much. But it has still managed to thoroughly disappoint me. Although there is Minimal plot development till where I have read, it is extremely hard to keep reading it, as it is mainly about food. Literally, its just about how the MC is longing for food--trying to make food--making food--Letting others eat it-- Others going crazy of how delish it is. There is NO chr development. NO Plot development. And minimal World building. I left it thinking I... more>> was only tired of the "food is everything" theme cuz I was binge reading it. But its still the same no matter how I try to read it. Its at a point where I wonder why a translator is putting so much effort into translating it so frequently- or rather, why he is translating it at all. Sure, it has a little fluff. But tbh, im just sick of all the food in this novel. After I read this novel I wasnt even able to enjoy the food descriptions in Transmigrator meets Reincarnator, which is an amazing novel, and the "food p*rn" is good too. This novel really ruined the experience. <<less
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Kuronoia rated it
October 7, 2018
Status: c9
For those who want to read this for the sake of reading a transmigrated/reincarnated heroine who somehow brings 'new' things/ideas to the new world from her previous one, be warned that the behavior of the MC is just mentally tiring. She was supposed to be a grown woman before dying so I was expecting she'd be more refined than her actual age (current body). But NO.

Her reactions and expressions just kill my brain cells everytime I read one so I was basically skipping her narration and just reading the... more>> dialogues. Really too much. I can enumerate a couple of LNs where the MCs know how to properly wield their childishness (yes, I definitely believe this as a weapon for such kind of MCs) but this is not one of them. I am not a hater of fluff. For example, the LN - At the Northern Fort is fluff and is just the right kind of fluff... and within reason. Another example of airheadedness and childishness that I prefer is the LN - I Said Make My Abilities Average!.

She actually acts so unrefinedly you'd think that the 8 years of studying as a daughter of a noble never happened before she finally remembers her past life because that's just how much her glutton self took over reason. When she remembered her past life, her current 8-yr-old personality just died? Weren't nobles supposed to learn manners at a young age... so for her, she just forgot those and everyone doesn't even think it's weird that her behavior shifted so much.

She is so childish and is such a glutton. All she's thinking of and wanting to do were to locate ingredients to make 'Japanese' food (No, I love everything about Japan, this story just ruins that for a bit). The only purpose that I can think of for this story was to satiate her unceasing hunger. I just read less than ten chapters so forgive me if I'm basically complaining when I have yet to know what happens 300+ chapters from where I stopped, but that's just how I got so annoyed and tired that I have to stop otherwise I'd ruin my day. I'd rather read other LNs than this.

And by the way, as my a last statement of complaint (and I'm sorry because this will burn and I don't care anymore)... This story really reached more than 300 chapters?! Are you serious?! <<less
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Hundred Lilies
Hundred Lilies rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: --
Somehow I feel the author doesn't quite understand the concept of reincarnation... or maybe it's just me?

Yes, the MC reincarnated into a duke's daughter, but from birth, and she doesn't remember her past life before the age of eight (keyword being remember, not death and takeover) - which means our little MC already had a personality, a child's traits and whatnot before her "wake up call". And yet, as soon as the MC remembers her past life she suddenly becomes the past life's personality, like a total takeover.

The author's use... more>> of reincarnation is one big failure and poorly executed. For that the novel only deserves one star if not actually none!

Dear author, your use of reincarnation would only make sense if the child, that the MC is, died, and then the body was taken over, but since that is not the case you can't just kill off the child's personality, traits and whatnot. The MC, as a child, didn't die!

But, since the story is cute, heartwarming and silly I give the novel three stars. <<less
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Cykrosis rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: c280
I really enjoyed the beginning of the novel but as it continues she just turns into mary sue the chef.


she becomes a yes man just agreeing to whatever anyone says & has a weak will

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CluelessClover rated it
June 27, 2018
Status: c261
This is a very slow story, be warned. I am at chapter 261 but the MC is barely 10 years old and is months away from the School/Academy Arc. There is no plot yet, although I am hoping for a glimpse of it when she finally joins the academy.

For those 260+ chapters, all she did was obsessed about food. She yearns for ingredients from her old life. And unexpectedly (wow what a shock (not!)), she finds an entire store full of it. She feeds magical, sacred and divine beasts with... more>> her magic-infused japanese food, while other humans almost begs to eat her creations. Honestly, if you want more detailed reviews, read the others. But truly, be warned! You will either hate or love this. <<less
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Jullyenne rated it
April 19, 2018
Status: c115
This definitely does not deserve some of the critical views on it. It is a heartwarming, cute and easy read kind of story. The focus, of course, is central to food, the undertones of shoujo are there but at the point I am at, it's minimal. This is understandable as she's still a child. It is with an unbelievable amount of pleasure that I can however, inform you that the romance aspects do get stronger as the story develops.

The viewpoint is mainly from the MC, an atypical food obsessed oblivious... more>> reincarnated noble girl whose highest aspirations is to be able to eat well. She freely uses magic and is not too keen on manners. Reading about her is very charming. The other reviewers are harsh in their views about her character in that she is selfish and a glutton, this is false, her family and servants dotes on her and do their best not to indulge her. This becomes more aware during the progression of the chapters, the interaction between her family can be seen as comedic considering how the MC often gets them to see her side of things. The MC is not the most proper of people, but she is relatable in her desire to eat good food, and sweet as she likes it when the people who eat her food like it. In some cases I can say it reads a bit like "Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orima" in its daily slice of life sort of style, however, the life part is a fantasy world with magic.

Overall, the MC is cute and funny though her self awareness leaves a lot wanting, in some cases this a charming point. The other characters have yet to be developed thoroughly as we only see through the MC's eyes but it is getting there as the author introduces other viewpoints. The childhood arc is slow to finish and the chapters are short, but the pace that it holds is still satisfactory as it doesn't rush into things too much. In total, I very much like this story and will be regularly checking it's updates as I am very excited to read the school arc- it will surely be even more exciting as she grows older. <<less
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SovietWeeb rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: c25
I had this open in my tabs for at least a month waiting to read it. Well, I did and I dropped it real fast.

Took me less than 6 chapters to realize this story isn't gonna be anything interesting. The story lacks Plot, Characters, and anything to keep me interested. Most of the dialogue is about Food and more food and how this food is worse than this food or why food from Japan is better than food from this world. This story has a weird obsession with food and... more>> it gets grating fast. I never understood Japanese stories and their obsessions with talking about food in so much detail.

I was interested in this story primarily cause this was an Isekai novel with a female MC that doesn't have a romance tag. Something rarely is seen. Well since I dropped this on Chapter 25 I can't say for sure later on. But there is one kid that is introduced that if this was a romance novel he'd be the love interest.

The boy is probably the most annoying part and the story has him do these of rude things to the MC that is a Noble like him eating the food she made cause she won't tell him something, Blackmailing and even assaulting the MC. I'd love if the MC was a smart character, And, Used the fact that some commoner just tried doing the above-listed things. As he besides being a douche is also preventing her from making Asian food. I don't even see the reason why the MC begged her parents for him to work at the Mansion. She knows how to make Asian food so he's not needed.

Eh story with potential to be good but lacks the ability to use that potential to the fullest at least In my opinion. <<less
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Miao Meow Liz
Miao Meow Liz rated it
September 17, 2021
Status: c464 part1
This novel started out okay, cute actually. But now the MC is 10 and dealing with school and other nobles - and while I'm reading this in the hope and curiousity that the MC will develop a spine, things just get worse.

She's 10, but cooks for multiple people, multiple times a day. Many of whom don't need to eat but are just gluttons. She has no close friends who are no dependant on her for food and gossip. And everyone around her is a pushy love interest, despite being an... more>> adult woman, she can only screech in shock and pretend to ignore everything. It makes me depressed. <<less
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Narutolvr rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: c200
Debated between 1 and 2 stars but ended up going with 2 since 1 star to me means essentially unreadable. And this story isn't unreadable; you probably will just not want to read it lol. So, note that my true rating falls ~1.5. That said, let's get on to the review! It's a lengthy one so I'll do a quick summary first before jumping into details.

Summary: author started out with an idea in mind but no plot. Managed to wing it for the first couple dozen chapters but still... more>> didn't write an outline and promptly began to forget what she wrote- cue plot consistencies about sacred beasts, one of her speaking choppily one second, elaborately the next, then back to choppy again. Convinced the author started a diet by chapter 30 since, after that, food seemed to be the only thing in the novel, other than her support of the furry community (let's all rub up on animals!)

Full review: I've a lot of gripes with this novel, some unique to this story, others can be observed in a majority of Japanese LN's. Either way, there are a lot of problems with the plot/character design that make this story a chore to get through

  1. Too much narration; not enough exposition. There will be literally 6 chapters that cover one small action happening. How does it take up 6 chapters? Because we must know what the MC is thinking at every point, every step of the way, to the most minute of details. I find this to be a problem in most JLN's, but it's particularly egregious in this one. A simple 3 line dialogue can fill up a full chapter because, after every reply, the MC must share her thoughts, interpretations, and random distractions. In terms of action, that literally means the MC is just thinking in place for a good chunk of the plot; not a bad thing in a novel about a paraplegic detective trying to solve a string of murders, but not so fitting for this novel. Makes the story boring and draggy.
  2. Mofumofu. Another issue with JLN's as a whole (especially those with female MCs) that's overly pronounced here. Was fine the first few times, but it becomes overwhelming very fast. It's to the point where a majority of the MC's actions seem to be driven by her urge to rub up on some animals. Was this part of the rise of the furry fetish and I just couldn't tell? Personally, I don't mind, but please don't suddenly change characters' personalities so everyone has an urge to get up close and personal with any and all animals like the MC
  3. Japanese food banzai! Everyone in her house loves Japanese food. So do I, but am I eating it every day? No. Would people who've literally grown up their entire lives eating something completely different let their kitchen be fully contracted for a different type of cuisine day in day out? Doesn't that idea directly clash with her own strong cravings for Japanese food is living in a family eating western style food? Super unrealistic. If only the author could turn it down a notch.
  4. MC knows everything. Once again, it's a JLN thing (I'd expand this one to include most Chinese LN's as well). But what gets me with this novel is that no one seems to doubt anything? No one finds it odd that a duke's daughter wakes up from a fever one day and suddenly starts cooking randomly and knows a bunch of information about a country that even people from that country don't know? Or how about her weird questions of 'is there a ___ like ___'? Doesn't that sound weird to anyone? No one wonders how she knows of its existence if she doesn't know what it is? Of course not! Just a simple 'I heard it through the grapevine' will suffice for everyone in this story, including people literally running a kingdom I guess.
  5. Where's the isekai? Honestly, this might be my biggest issue with this novel. What's the point of her being reincarnated in another world if the other world barely plays a role in the plot at all? It's like having a gigantic full wall window you cover up with wallpaper and pretend isn't there. Sacred/magic beasts were originally a unique part of the world but then the author turned them into either weirdos with an inexplicable love of Japanese food as their main personality, or pets. Magic is just a tool for her to get pets, or pick up ingredients easier. Honestly, you could change the setting to a wealthy Japanese girl who liked cooking and had lots of pets and not one aspect of the plot would change. How ridiculous.
All in all, this is not a good story, made even worse by the fact that the author set up quite a few potential avenues/plot points in the beginning, only to have them disappear or dissolve into the mundane. It's just become extremely boring, with a plot that manages to be both pointless and unrealistic, and characters who are there just to push the author's agenda of MC/Japanese food/mofumofu is the best! There are other isekai novels that are much better or, at least, move to actual action much sooner than this one. <<less
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Renaxan rated it
July 15, 2018
Status: c304
Im not saying this is bad story, but honestly its likely cooking novel warped in isekai material. And most of them I could felt as filler that even idk where's real plot or fillers.

Our MC is duke daughter who seemingly as master chef of japanese cuisine. Then most plot are about cooking, and how people enjoyed her cooking. Other character development are good altho its lacking (since everyone adores MC so they're ret*rd) atleast im remember their name. The plot are damn slow, yet full of cooking. World building somehow... more>> unclear, maybe its otome game world, or isekai.. Theres also not villain appear in 300 chapter.

Honestly this isnt good read to marathon, you will easily get boring because endlessly cooking plot loop. But im manage to read till lastest release, with some break between my read. Personally im enjoyed this, tho sometimes make me bored. <<less
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Joh483 rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: c414
As many others have said this story is really reallly slow, the plot is so so, but is a heartwerming reading for passing the time too? Well for me this novel is a daily life of a lady that is a reincarnated foodie, and I mean it when I say "daily life" 'cause the chapters are basically every day of the MC since she was 7 years I guess? We have fillers (chapters with different POV) too and some times its quite long story. Also that explains the story plot?... more>> 'Cause we don't have major or exciting things happen so often. Most of it is about the MC wanting to eat food from her previous life and doing anything to get her goal, sometimes she cause troubles too but we don't have a really big conflict. After reading until C414 I can say that finally she went to the school (that she was talking about going since c50 I guess?) So its really slow. But I laugh in a lot of chapters and I like it the mofumofu part and also the MC ingenuity that really is an airhead for the proper knowledge of her new world in some parts. But its quite nice to read. About plot development I have a felling that the author is kinda creating the conflicts as the story goes? We have a principal conflict i guess but the story is so slow paced and the MC somehow naive that we can fell like it was forgot? And the MC is just living trying to avoid the principal conflict and trying to get her hearts desires? without knowing that her actions are changing other people thoughts and lifes indirectly.

although she finally gets told by her fellow reincarnated friend in >c350 that her way of eating rice was spread to the commoners and because that they have a better way of living. In arround C300 she also creates a smoking factory? And helps people to get new jobs and more requests for adventures. Although she is developing the place she creates a lot of troublesome situations and doesn't talk before with a proper adult because she is afraid that they will forbid her to do it. So she doesn't act as an adult at all, more like a teen.


So if you wanna some isekai-foodie-mofumofu-slowpaced-kindafun story this one is for you ?? <<less
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Newbii rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: c404
It's a slow life writing about fluff and being a prodigy using your modern NIPPON knowledge in gaijin medieval setting. I share the MC's disappointment when the capital served her dishes that she invented instead of learning of various fantastic european food.

If you want a slow warm fluff of the 1st sentence of this review then this novel... this is for you.

What turned it from a solid 4* into a sad 2* is the MC's lack of self awareness... and refusal to learn. Is this how being old will do... more>> to you? You refuse the reality that you have basically revolutionized food industry, is blessed with gorgeous looks, and has magic capacity that you have been told to put shame to the magic military's own head. I just want a slow life and good food. It does make for a character flaw, but damn is it really hard to read after the 5th time she does something outrageous in that world's standards... then proceed to not even bother to learn what the standards are. MC's supposed to be an adult yet her selfishness is on par of that a child. I guess it fits her physical age. <<less
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Anikarp rated it
January 29, 2020
Status: c20
There's... really not much of a story. It's always about food, and the story feels too shallow. Even for me who enjoy the occasional slice of life, it's too food focused and about gaining back the Japanese food she was used to in her old life. Now I've read some good cooking novels out there that make my mouth water, but this isn't even one of them.

The other characters aren't important at all and don't feel like they have a real personality, their interactions might as well not be there.... more>> You can just put up a wall and she'll keep on having her conversation without noticing. If you're into that kind of thing, or just want to waste your time, then-... no, I don't recommend it after all. <<less
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