Tenonaru Hou e


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Long, long ago, there was a nopperabou, a lonely youkai with no friends because he didn’t have a face. Hiding his “face” with a fox mask, he waits alone for someone to love him. Two hundred years later… Tatsumi, a blind man employed at an ordinary company one day feels a faint presence at his work place. Now his one and only joy is spending his lunch times with Kusamakura, the man he met by fate when he picked up his fox mask that day. Even though he has an old fashioned way of speaking, and seems like he escaped from an ukiyo-e print, he faces Tatsumi with a straight-forward honesty, and eventually love blooms. At that moment, mysterious things start to occur around Tatsumi……!?

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Te no Naru Hou e
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
10/27/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part109
10/26/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part108
10/25/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part105-107
10/22/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part104
10/21/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part103
10/20/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part102
10/19/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part101
10/18/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part100
10/16/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part99
10/15/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part98
10/15/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part97
10/14/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part96
10/13/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part95
10/12/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part94
10/11/16 Ichinichi BL c4 part93
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TwoWhiteShirts rated it
June 1, 2016
Status: c3 part68
It's a really slow paced story and the prologue is pretty long.

Also it's little emotional at first because both characters have circumstances they struggle with but it's heart warming to see how they both find each other and their friendship makes life better for both of them.

I'm just anticipating the romance between them XD
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