Tenonaru Hou e


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A long, long time ago.

Nopperabou is a lonely youkai ostracized by other youkai because he doesn’t have a face. He hides himself behind a fox mask and waits alone for someone he can one day love.

200 years later──

Tatsumi, a partially blind employee at a generic company, was aware that he was the odd one out at his workplace. Tatsumi’s sole delight was spending his lunch time with Kusamakura- the fox-mask wearing man that he met by chance. He’s a little otherworldly and uses old-fashioned words, but he’s honest and straightforward with Tatsumi. Before long, Tatsumi finds himself falling for the man.

At that time, strange things start happening around Tatsumi…

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Te no Naru Hou e
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TwoWhiteShirts rated it
June 1, 2016
Status: c3 part68
It's a really slow paced story and the prologue is pretty long.

Also it's little emotional at first because both characters have circumstances they struggle with but it's heart warming to see how they both find each other and their friendship makes life better for both of them.

I'm just anticipating the romance between them XD
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miyabichama rated it
September 11, 2023
Status: Completed
Hello. New translator here. Just wanted to leave a little review on this novel. I picked it up randomly as I was searching for more light novels to read and the cover caught my eyes. I wasn't sure at first what I was getting into because the summaries for many of BL light novels tend to be quite vague at times. So I was quite surprised when the story turned out to be a bit more than what I assumed from the cuteness of the cover. After I finished, I... more>> came across it on here and saw that it was incomplete and dropped so long ago. So I thought if some people are still waiting for it, it would be nice to finish it up.

Anyways, as the summary says, the story follows Tatsumi, a blind salaryman, and the strange man he meets in the park. Kusamakura is a lonely nopperabou- a youkai without a face, who has no friends and has a complex about his.. Lack of face. The two hit it off and chat every day in the park.

The story picks up more half way through, when Tatsumi starts noticing strange things in his apartment.

Those strange things being youkai that are harassing him late at night. That's where the story takes on a nsfw turn. The youkai continue to harass him every night and since he cannot see, he doesn't know what's happening nor how to get away. Eventually, Kusamakura comes to his rescue as he notices something is off.


It's a short and sweet fantasy story. The many different youkai 'friends' are also quite interesting. If you like a little bit of supernatural BL, an MC with disabilities, and human x non-human relationship, give this one a try~ <<less
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