Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God


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With the flick of sleeves, it overturns.
With a thrust of punch, it shatters!
It’s a vast world filled with adept martial artists!

The ancient clash of the titans brings forth the wrath from heaven.
“They send down the thunder, they send down the fire! ”
They bolted the continents separating them into a land of 9 countries covering the 18 provinces, and the world therefore, ushers into the era resonating with the Dark Ages.

However, as the things run downhills, rise forth the cultivator team comprising the big deals.

Ye Shang, a young villager with a cinder burning in his heart thus, set off into the world of cultivation. A life-changing mystery! A competition for the throne! The winner becomes king!

What’s in store for him?

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