Teaching the Blackened Male Leads to Become Better


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Ming Jing woke up and transmigrated into an otome game as a Mary Sue female protagonist. Due to the virus invasion, the male protagonists in the game have all blackened with extreme personalities, doing everything they can to have her to themselves.

The male protagonists with their innocent expressions: We just want to fall in love with you!

Ming Jing smiling brightly and charmingly: Fall in love?

No, this father here just wants to teach you how to be human!

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kaiden rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: c109
Read the first two translated chapters then mtl'd the rest until Chpater 109. Couldn't find chapter 110-112 but Chap 109 was titled the Final Chapter. Nice arcs, a proper reverse-harem though the FL never actually harboured any feelings at all. The s*x scenes were very weirdly described: some involved them entering a forest to find a lake with a clam in it to describe the vag -_-, others an oasis in the desert. A lot of imagination required to understand what was going on ... more>>

though she never actually ended up going all the way but rather a replacement body did.


The transition between arcs were very jarring, I often thought I had missed a chapter. They end mid-way with the only proper conclusion being the high-school arc, zombie arc and the beastman (orc) arc. I wish the author had spent more time developing some arcs like the Idol one or the Brother one but nope. Would've given it a lower score cause of this but they were still interesting soooo

Ending was abrupt -

turns out that when she was at Uni, two twin brothers fell in love with her but kept it secret because they didn't want the rejected one being sad. Were happy to be in a poly relationship and share but thought that the FL wouldn't. But they ended up blackening so decided to do therapy/electrotherapy and got rid of their bad persona. But! It somehow snuck online into the games the twins had been developing and then somehow brought the fl's consciousness into the game.... yeah idk how either. She ended up forgiving them and then disappeared off into the sunset with her family. So yeah, no real ML and no real harem at the end of the day... Idk what happened to the other ML in the game, probs dead?


Great translations though! So kudos to that Nana! All in all, worth giving it a read if you have some spare time and like a goal-driven fl. If you want a fluffy romantic HE then not really for you. <<less
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Nicolesmith rated it
May 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I love this type of QT, where the FL goes into worlds and makes a ton of people fall in love with her, then breaks their hearts. And in the end she doesn't fall in love but remains independent. And although she has to act as a naive sweet girl, she is really aggressive in her minds and takes the opportunity to beat up the targets when she can.

Now, the one thing I can't stand is the smut! It is so absurd. I guess it had to be censored, but... more>> the men 'travelers' have volcanoes and she had a mussel/clam or a lake. Reading it, I had absolutely no idea what was happening. And some of the arcs end very abruptly (especially the Brother arc and the Idol/ Masters arc). Despite this I love reverse harems with a heartless FL, so 5 stars. <<less
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