Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru


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​Kimihiko Kimizuka has always been a magnet for trouble and intrigue. For as long as he can remember, he’s been stumbling across mu*der scenes or receiving mysterious attache cases to transport.

When he met Siesta, a brilliant detective fighting a secret war against an organization of pseudohumans, he couldn’t resist the call to become her assistant and join her on an epic journey across the world.

…Until a year ago, that is. Now he’s returned to a life that is normal and tepid by comparison, knowing the adventure must be over.

After all, the detective is already dead.

Associated Names
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La detective está muerta.
Tantei wa mou, Shindeiru.
The Detective is Already Dead.
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5 Reviews

Rampage Debut
Rampage Debu
Jul 18, 2021
Status: v5 epilogue
First of all, this story isn't all about a mystery genre novel. Secondly, this is going to be a long rant so ignore it if you wish to.

This novel is a hodge-podge of sci-fi, romance, alien lifeform invasion, revival, fantasy and lots of other genres besides mystery. And yet, it is fairly interesting for such a variety. The MC is Kimihiko Kimizuka who is a magnet of all sorts of trouble; probably being "loved by trouble" is better term for him. His life changes when he meets a girl Siesta... more>> (codename) who calls herself <famous detective> and is roped into being his assistant amidst their first meeting on a plane hijack. Their adventure continues for three more years as they tackle threats to entire world from a mysterious organization <SPES>. However, all this comes to an end as "The detective is already dead".

One year later, Kimihiko, now 18, who has given up living that turbulent life after Siesta's death, finds himself once again being pushed onto his previous job as an assistant when he is confronted by his classmate Nagisa Natsunagi who wants him to find out about the donor of her heart. The gears of fate start to turn once again as he is forced to face the past he has left behind while tackling the mystery surrounding Natsunagi and other girls and their connection with Siesta?!

One of Siesta's famous line is "An ace detective solves the case before it happens". True to these words, Siesta indeed proves herself to be worthy of it. The MC is what you'll call a male Tsundere who always finds himself to be performing the straight guy act. Though he has been with her for three years, he blatantly denies to have any feelings for her. Nagisa on the other hand, is polar opposite to Siesta. If Siesta is the one who solves cases using pure logical deduction, then Nagisa is the one solve the case through pure intuition and human emotions. Needless to say, the MC does his job as assistant to the new detective as well as he had done with Siesta. However, the charm point of this novel is how everything happens according to how Siesta already predicted and she had already prepared counter measures for the same, even one year after her death. Nagisa finds herself acting as substitute detective, with a seemingly reluctant MC as his assistant to grow into a real, ace detective which could even surpass the former deceased detective and their journey to reach it, or at least that is what the first four volumes suggest the story is heading to.

And then comes the plot twist in Volume 5:


Siesta is actually alive; just implanting her heart into her cryogenic preserved body does the trick! Well, considering how Kimihiko had been searching a way to revive Siesta, it doesn't feel a farfetched idea and it was probably bound to happen, but how it happens is a total letdown.


This took me by surprise, and not in a good way. Throughout the first four volumes, Nagisa was projected as the main heroine, she had more character development than anyone else, had monologues in almost every volume, and had most screentime of all other girls (obviously). Heck, even Siesta in earlier volumes had herself said that Nagisa has something that she doesn't have and that Nagisa would surpass her, and even chided MC for stop chasing after her (Siesta) and instead look towards his new partner (Nagisa). Nagisa and MC had lot of heartwarming moments and slowly their romance was developing in each volume to the point that it was even visible to others in volume 4. The MC seems to have overcome his feelings for Siesta and starts looking at Nagisa romantically. But suddenly volume 5 came in and Bam! Everything shifted to focus on Siesta as the main heroine. The earlier volumes seemed like a total lie.

Now I do know that this type of thing is not new; mystery novels can sometimes change to a completely new direction with their objective to make readers realize that they were completely fooled until now and their previous assumptions were all incorrect and it was a deliberate trap by author. HOWEVER, I haven't heard or read where romance target was changed blatantly to the point it was plain obvious to the readers that the author didn't put much thought into it.

Not to mention Volume 5 is full of plotholes:

    • How did they remove Chameleon's seed from Kimihiko? It wasn't something that could be removed easily (because he wouldn't have been running around, hurrying to find a way to revive Siesta as he didn't have much time left because of ingesting the seed) but right at the beginning of Volume 5 he is miraculously free from the seed and it is mentioned only once that it was removed. Again, how?
    • Right at the beginning of volume 5, we're introduced to a living, breathing Siesta and we are only later informed that her heart was taken from Nagisa and put right back into Siesta's body which made her alive again. How is it possible? Did the author forget that the AI <Siesta> was using IC chips, artificial spinal cord and other items in Siesta body and a mere heart transplant won't be enough to revive Siesta without removing artificial parts? It seemed to me that Siesta revived simply because author wanted to, common sense and plotholes can go to hell. Or so author's thinking appears to be.
    • Nagisa woke up again because Alicia's heart was found and transplanted into her. I might have already used it too many times but again, how? As far as I remember, Alicia was killed and her body was destroyed but in Volume 5 they miraculously found Alicia's heart which was there for without any reason (because <SEED> wants a living body and not a mere heart to survive so there should be no reason for it to exist after so many years), just conveniently waiting to be found out. Another BS author pulled out for no reason.
    • The main antagonist of this novel <SEED>, an alien lifeform, had no human emotions and only have his survival instinct for which reason he spread his seeds hoping to find a suitable vessel. As a 'parent', he has no feelings for his 'children' and mercilessly kills any of his children who doesn't follow his order or fail to do their task. He fails to pay any heed to repeated attempts of Hel to love her as a parent and instead tries to kill her. And Volume 5 comes in and his goal suddenly changed to a 'parent protecting his children' and gets easily swayed by human emotions (Wow!). Way to go author, you just showed how to forcefully change the mindset of a villain to something that was already discarded without any explanation, simply because it was your whim. Now pray tell me, Author-san, how do I change my thoughts about him from four volumes as a merciless, emotionless mu*dering alien lifeform who regarded humans as insects and killed many of his 'children' who weren't fit to be his vessel to a protective parent with human emotions without properly explaining his changed mindset from Volume 5?
    • Nagisa had already realized her feelings for Kimihiko in Volume 4 but when she wakes up in Volume 5 she tells him that never liked him. She never said anything about it in earlier volumes. Now she totally behaves as she never had any romantic interest in him (Did she suffer memory loss while in Coma?) The author is hell bent on making readers believe that her relationship with MC never existed.
    • Worst of all, Siesta's character is COMPLETELY different in Volume 5 than from earlier volumes. She doesn't act like someone who had already solved the case before it begins like in earlier volumes but is reduced to a naive detective in volume 5 who just keeps shouting Assistant on and on and has to think about things on the spot and finds herself cornered again and again. She, who was supposed to take lead in these matters, leaves things to her Assistant especially during the <Tuners> conference. I had to re-read Volume 5 twice to ensure that I wasn't accidentally reading about some other new character intoduced whose character didn't match with Siesta. Even the AI made on her behaved more Siesta like than the original.

It looked like the author was writing two parallel stories and accidentally swapped Volume 5 of both stories. Volume 5 clearly speaks of rushed writing and it appears that next Volume might be the last (or at least the story seems to be entering the final arc). This gnawed at me so much that I searched over the Internet and finally found the answer to all my questions on wiki: The original draft had Nagisa as the sole main heroine and Siesta as minor character but after submitting the story in 'Rookie of the Year' award, the author changed Siesta as the main heroine. This is something that happens a lot of time and is nothing new but the problem is how the author did it. He made the first four volumes based on original draft (i.e Nagisa as main heroine) and then changed it in Volume 5 based on new draft (with Siesta as main heroine). It was done so forcefully that the author threw whatever BS he can think of to justify various actions in Volume 5 but failed to do so as it didn't connect well with previous volumes and was left with various unexplained plot holes. Either the author should have sticked with his original draft with Nagisa as main heroine or he should have made changes from the very first volume to suit the new draft with Siesta in heroine spotlight.

This is one of the rarer novels that taught me how a single major flaw in one volume can lead to the entire story being ruined. It was worth a 4 star from me till Volume 4 and Volume 5 made me realize that reading it was a huge mistake. I actually wanted to give it an even lower rating for wasting my time but Siesta's beautiful illustrations made me stop (Dammit!). 3 stars from me for now, I might change it if future volumes manage to justify the changes in Volume 5.

Edit: I should have trusted my instincts; the story went to hell after Volume 5. Another letdown and another star knocked off. I'm gonna pretend I never came across this novel. Now to find a good novel to cleanse off my palate. <<less
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Jun 04, 2021
Status: v3
Everything perfect!!

listen it clearly, Everything perfect " Except Tsundere MC "

I think most people thinking the same, >> Tsundere <<. We're forgiven for female because it cute.

But totally opposite for male. :/ Understand right ?
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Feb 21, 2021
Status: v2 prologue
Pretty damn good.

Characters are hella interesting (also kinda bhaddd) and the plot is very compelling. Every event had you immersed into the story, whether it was the problem solving or the feelings involved between characters. The author really had you feeling like you personally knew Siesta. Anticipating more translations :)

Over the first volume, I'd give it like a 4.2-4.5 stars.

The fight at the end of it was pretty lame but it's forgivable since it's not really the focus anyway.

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Apr 30, 2021
Status: v4 epilogue
I had been waiting for it to be translated for a long time and had average expectations but when I read it, it exceeded my expectations. Once you start reading you can't stop at all. Also I didn't expect supernatural content but it's still a good read because it connects all dots in the story. I hope that the next volumes will be as good. I can without hesitation recommend this to anyone who wants to read a good novel.

... more>>

I honestly want to see Siesta come back to life and the MC to end up with Siesta. Lets see if the MC can do the miracle and save both Siesta and Natsunagi


Honestly I have only read till volume 4 so I don't know much about volume 5 which many people have considered a letdown compared to the rest of the four volumes but I guess there is no problem with giving it a try since the story is good till volume 4 <<less
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Simple Wizard
Simple Wizar
Mar 29, 2021
Status: v2 prologue
Truth be told, after reading the description, I was expecting something else. I thought that it's gonna be a book mainly about reminiscing the past and comparing it with gray mc's everyday life.

However, the plot is entirely different, than I would suspect. Kimizuka, who was living without any reason to live, gets pulled back again into his old life, but truthfully, not as an assistant despite what he claims, but as a detective.

... more>>

I'm disappointed about one piece of plot, and that would be the fact, that Siesta won't be back anymore.


It's a nice novel, which I can easily recommend. <<less
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