Tanin wo Yosetsukenai Buaisouna Joshi ni Sekkyou shitara, Mechakucha Natsukareta


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This guy made my otherwise ordinary days a little more fun!

One day, Naoya Ookusu, the class president, gave a lecture to one of his classmates, Risa Enami about her lackluster attitude. But from that day on, Enami has been trying to go home with him for some reason. Why on earth?

Associated Names
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After I Lectured an Unfriendly Girl Who Doesn't Let Strangers Approach her, She Really Took a Liking to Me
Hito wo Yosetsukenai Buaisou na Joshi ni Sekkyou shitara, Mechakucha Natsukareta
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Chaitanya09 rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: v1c43
It's a very... slow novel. The slice of life tag is not just for show in this one. This is a story about a former delinquent dealing with the aftermath of leaving that life behind and being forced to deal with another delinquent, namely our FMC.

The main characters are interesting to say the least, can't say the same thing about the side characters tho.

Also, It's got a harem tag but I don't think it matters as we've got a main female lead, so chances are thin about it turning into... more>> another generic story.

Finally, kudos! to the translator, the quality is consistent and the speed is great. Looking forward to more chapters. <<less
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anokatax rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: v2c63
Read all of the start vol1ch1 to vol2ch25, which is the end of what the (fantastic) translator has translated so far of. The translation quality is extremely good, updates a LOT, and I enjoy the series a lot and think its a great read.

It is a high school romance at its core with some drama elements. There's a light mix of humor, but for the most part, the romance and character relationships are the main focus.

Plot-wise, the MC made a very huge mistake in the past that he regrets and... more>> carries to this day, and he somewhat sees his old self in the FMC, making similar mistakes. When he opens her eyes to this, their story together starts.

MC's Past:

His mistakes caused his mother's death, and if not for him, she would still be alive.


I enjoy the cast of characters a LOT. The MC is really the type of MC I like - someone who is competent and smart and physically capable but still carrying mistakes and a very heavy internal burden. The FMC is still a bit of an enigma, but we're slowly seeing more of her situation and why she is as rough as she is to most people.

Other side characters: I enjoy the little sister and family situation; it is heartfelt and sweet, and I like the way they watch out for each other. I also like the classmates - I really enjoyed his dynamic with Fujisaki the female co-class president as a close personal friend, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed his dynamic with the delinquent Yamazaki and really enjoyed their past together as well as what Yamazaki did for him. Saito and Shindou are also humorous otaku friends that I enjoyed as well.

A lot of this story just clicks really well with me, and I think the pacing and development speed is quite good. I can see the buds of certain relationships forming already.

I highly recommend it for those who want an enjoyable high school romance/drama with an enjoyable dynamic between a semi-rough, loner girl and an extremely competent and capable male lead with a difficult past and heavy emotions in his heart.

EDIT: Read a bit more to v2c33 which is the end of one of the flashbacks that tells


how the MC helped Fujisaki with her bully issue when they first met a year ago. I liked that they worked together and grew together slowly over time, and I think it adds some nice depth to the side character. Still enjoying and looking forward to reading more.


EDIT again: Finished v2c63, which is the end of V2 of the web novel, and I stand by what I've said. This has been an enjoyable series so far, and there's much more development potential in the future too. Highly recommended, excellent translation too. <<less
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theeskalator rated it
September 26, 2022
Status: v2c63
Is the TL dropped?

I really like this story.. The trauma is really heavy and reading a different perspective from a 'broken' mind really intrigued me. How they look at the reality differently really doesn't make sense for normal people.
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Kuroakai rated it
December 15, 2021
Status: v2c63
My rating will probably change as the story progress. When I first saw there's a little sister character, it's already giving me a bad vibe due how annoying little sister character can be for this type of story. At first I had a relatively good impression of the little sister until the side story as the little sister being judgemental with Enami for no specific reason beside rumor when she have zero interaction with the Enami. I at first thought little sister was genuinely concern about MC but the side... more>> story literally change my view on her. Although Enami might seem th**ny at first but as the story progress, she start having slight changes for the better and we're slowly seeing more of her situation and why she is as rough as she is to most people. Fujisaki on the other hand doesn't feel much ngl, she feel like a typical goody girl you would see anywhere and most important point is she had quite an amount of time to let MC know her feeling but didn't do anything until she saw MC getting along well with Enami. <<less
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blahblah123 rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: c130
My score will probably drop later when the harem factor starts to ruin things, but right now it's a solid slow romcom with good characters. I can already tell the unnecessary harem is going to drag out the main plot and be annoying later on though. The 2nd FL is some nerd who has had forever to confess but hasn't, so when the main FL and the ML start progressing she's going to do that thing that happens in every harem WN and make the whole situation annoying as f*ck.... more>> Edit: I read the raws and it's still good at chapter 130. Still not a lot of romance but it's not stagnant and the story is enjoyable. The characters are well thought out by japanese romcom standards. <<less
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Hykal rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: v2c63
Honestly I read it with a thought it be action novel with a lot of fight but got scam however, this novel suprise me with it story. The plot is a high grade for slice of life drama. Not much romance happen yet but the way female characters fall in love is too well write not even little force plot in there. Hope slot more people enjoy this novel too. (Btw anyone can teach me how to add to list novel this my first time reading fully from novel update)... more>> <<less
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enkiros rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: v2c39
At first glance, this seems like the average romcom but it has a dark undertone all throughout and even with some very graphic and disturbing scenes. There's actually very little romance, the protagonist is quite passive and very clearly doesn't want to have anything to do with dating, so he usually just stutters and makes incoherent noises whenever he is confronted about it. There's a narrative reason for this but imo you don't need 130 chapters just to have a very slight teasing of an annoying love triangle. I don't... more>> think the romance will go anywhere tbh. And yes, there's a love triangle btw

The part that keeps me invested in the story is that the MC is kind of a detective when it comes to the characters. He tries to "solve" them; to ponder about the reason for their every action. It's an interesting way of presenting your characters.

This novel also meanders a lot between mundane scenes, emotional flashbacks, and character development. It doesn't help that the chapters are relatively short and each is pretty much a self-contained scene. Something to keep in mind I guess. <<less
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July 31, 2021
Status: v2c4
The story sets of slow gives of drama to raise the tension to fill your curiosity and then slowly takes you along with the flow of pages after pages.

The characters are amazing both female leads have amazing character development and past and the male lead is someone who actually does things like a normal person so its kinda relatable. Even the author depicits the story so marvelous.

The only fault is there are some parts where its hard to understand from whose perspective the story is being told and I don't... more>> know if its a translation error or done by the author and some pronoun errors.

But considering the slow pace its a amazing experience I want to read this series although there hasn't been any romance in between any of the female leads but the story is setting it up and its mostly drama but I loved it. <<less
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