Tanin wo Yosetsukenai Buaisouna Joshi ni Sekkyou shitara, Mechakucha Natsukareta


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This guy made my otherwise ordinary days a little more fun!

One day, Naoya Ookusu, the class president, gave a lecture to one of his classmates, Risa Enami about her lackluster attitude. But from that day on, Enami has been trying to go home with him for some reason. Why on earth?

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Hito wo Yosetsukenai Buaisou na Joshi ni Sekkyou shitara, Mechakucha Natsukareta
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New blahblah123 rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: c130
My score will probably drop later when the harem factor starts to ruin things, but right now it's a solid slow romcom with good characters. I can already tell the unnecessary harem is going to drag out the main plot and be annoying later on though. The 2nd FL is some nerd who has had forever to confess but hasn't, so when the main FL and the ML start progressing she's going to do that thing that happens in every harem WN and make the whole situation annoying as f*ck.... more>> Edit: I read the raws and it's still good at chapter 130. Still not a lot of romance but it's not stagnant and the story is enjoyable. The characters are well thought out by japanese romcom standards. <<less
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New Chaitanya09 rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: v1c37
It's a very... slow novel. The slice of life tag is not just for show in this one. This is a story about a former delinquent dealing with the aftermath of leaving that life behind and being forced to deal with another delinquent, namely our FMC.

The main characters are interesting to say the least, can't say the same thing about the side characters tho.

Also, It's got a harem tag but I don't think it matters as we've got a main female lead, so chances are thin about it turning into... more>> another generic story.

Finally, kudos! to the translator, the quality is consistent and the speed is great. Looking forward to more chapters. <<less
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