Tang Dynasty: Live with Princess Changele, Li Er Is Going Crazy


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Tang Dynasty:Live with princess Changele, Li Er is going crazy

After Xiao Ran woke up, he find that half of his bedroom had gone through time and space.

Next to him is a girl with exquisite features and a beautiful appearance. The girl is actually Li Lizhi, Princess Changle of the Tang Dynasty.

In the seventh year of Zhenguan era(a era of Tang Dynasty), thermal underwear, baby warmers, and hot water bottles have become the best-selling products in Chang’an City.

This year’s Chang’an City was very cold…Xiao Ran made a lot of money!

Relying on Blue Star’s various technologies, Xiao Ran successfully captured Princess Changle’s heart and prevented her from marrying Changsun Chong.

The purification of fine salt, sugar, medicinal materials, and potatoes and sweet potatoes all entered Datang one by one.

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New SunWukong rated it
June 14, 2024
Status: c30
I like the story premise itself. It is a unique twist on time travel to ancient times. I am quite confused about the rules of someone crossing through other part of the world/time-period? For example: Can anyone from either side go to the other? Or is it just MC and the princess who only can go back and froth? If so, then how far can both go? Can the MC take the princess in the modern side on a date?

As the MC is still connected to his world and is... more>> grocery shopping and going to work (which he quits) why doesn't he have TV, computer, laptop, smartphone/smartwatch? How will he make money as he quit his job? How will he manage to buy all the stuff he is introducing to the ancient time without money? How will the MC pay the rent and utilities like electricity bill, water bill etc.? As the author clearly told us that the MC will not sell antiques (which if are genuine can sell for a whole lot of money) but will sell gold instead which sounds quite nice at the beginning but after certain time period people will start to question where the gold came from and another problem with flooding the market with all these gold can make the price of the gold go down.

How will introducing all these new stuffs affect his own modern timeline? Or is it completely different parallel universe stuff? Hope the author and translator keep updating this more. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New Allister rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: c14
The idea itself is interesting, though I wonder how the flow of history would get messed up by the products entering that empire.

If that is not adressed at some point, it's going to suck, from a flow and reasoning standpoint.

The plot for now has a decent tempo.

... more>> The MC, I can understand the desire for commerce, but what's up with wanting to charm her romantically?

There's so many reasons why that's a no-no._.

And to be honest is pretty shitty from him to don't explain things properly.

It's not like the only way to charm someone's taste is MSG...

There's so many tasty things that aren't bad for health anyway. At least he didn't seem to put MSG on the old lady's dish x.x <<less
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