Tales of the Wickedly Vicious Underground Empire


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It’s 5 years after the fall of the Magic Empire.

The Holy Kingdom is now the one who leads the Union of several countries, While restraining the other powers, it neglected to keep peace. The people of Holy Kingdom dream of perpetual peace. But with the wealth taken from Magic Kingdom, the buying of all s*aves from minor powers, along with pillaging, they indulge themselves in the territories they snatch. However…

Unknown to them, there are forces that moves behind the darkness.

These people, are mementos of a dead Empire.

The prince and princess of the long gone country, a pair of siblings.

Harva, the princess, is a weak but lovely and energetic little girl

Alarc, the prince, is a handsome young man with beautiful and kind smile.

“That day, is the unforgettable day for us right, brother?!”


The siblings escaped that day, the day when their beloved country turned into a land of nightmare. The day when the white sacred walls turned into crimson-stained walls of blood and fire. And the day when they lost everything. The siblings trained themselves, endured pain and sadness, losing soul and sanity, selling their soul to the darkness and evils, and now… losing their former self, they create the foundation of what would be their last and dearest wish…

”To grant our wish (revenge)…, —we create the Wickedly Vicious Underground Empire”

….thus, starts the dark tale of revenge and retribution.

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Jaaku ni Shite Akuratsu Naru Chika Teikoku Monogatari
The Story of the Evil and Unscrupulous Underground Empire
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keklel rated it
January 25, 2017
Status: c6
Man this story had potential. Too bad the ridiculously heavy game elements ruined it. The story is set in an actual (not game) world, a medieval fantasy world with magic. So why are there so many ridiculous [Skills] with weird names? Look at this passage:

>Against enemy attack by chance he use [Parry], and attacked from that gap. When [Suppress] was being used, it isn’t possible to use other skill, because the offensive ability of his weapon is high, it seems to be able to give damage without a problem. The... more>> skill [Weapon Destruction] that was used by the amazon. That is a skill that only can be used once a day, that means she was pretty cornered to use that! The success rate for [Weapon Destruction] is very low, for that there is a [Weapon Destruction Increase], physical strength and martial art bonus add up to it but even with that the gap wasn’t reached to the weapon?

Why is [Parry] a skill? Why isn't it just an action? What the hell are these "bonuses"? How the hell does fighting even work? The explanation makes it sound like a game but it's clearly not a game. That just makes it more confusing. I gave up trying to understand this weird game-like-but-not-game world. <<less
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MondoX rated it
April 23, 2016
Status: --
The story is not bad, but not great. The story is from the perspective of the "bad" guys, and how and why they created a labyrinth (dungeon). It is an interesting take on the whole dungeon theme, but hopefully they build an army and leave the labyrinth to fight with the wicked "Holy" Kingdom. The story reminds me a little of Re:Monster because what is generally believed has the bad guys, are creating an army to fight the humans.
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