Tale of an Edible Girl


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Kuria Kei, a chef who was endeavoring to open his first new restaurant in Tokyo found himself in a desert of another world after passing out in the middle of preparations. Rescued by Aisa, a girl who lives in the nearest village to the desert, he started his new life under the care of her family as he developed his cooking skills, and eventually discovered the disquieting food culture held by the citizens of that unfamiliar land.

Associated Names
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Shita no ue no kimi
Your Taste on my Tongue
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VenRayne rated it
November 27, 2019
Status: c5
This novel is beautifully written and characters had a very much real reactions and personality. The author makes me think about things I normally won't think, the novel tackles about something that I don't think after all.

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this story revolves around the "Clear" who found himself in another world with only his chef skills at hand. The story progressed with Clear hesitating to do something that's against his morality and principles and worst of all, its legal and a custom in the country he currently resided in. He doesn't want to do it and doesn't want anyone else to do it either. And even if he did not do it she will still die. He just want to save the girl he loves though the girl doesn't like to be saved. The romance in here is good. Though Clear did not say that he loves her we can see that he really do and Aisa did too. The ending leaves a bitter taste but I can say that its quite refreshing since the ending is not what you normally read with jp isekai novels. I guess the ending is realistic if you think about it. Clear is not an OP protagonist and is struggling on what to do to save her. All he had is his chef skills and his sharp brain with no one to help him and there is no one that wholeheartedly agreed with his views. And what he against at is a custom, a tradition that is deeply rooted to its citizens.


If you don't mind tragedy, why not give it a try? <<less
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Noahswift1 rated it
July 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I really loved the book. The look into a culture of cannibals', and the perspective of a person, getting forced to do it.

The ending I think really went well with the story.

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The fact that the king lied about almost everything. Like about the sakla, being from "earth" (the bloodline.) or that he could never go back.

Also with Aisa not wanting to die at the end. Really made it more impactful. That she wanted to be eaten, just because that's what was expected of her since she was a child. Only knowing that it was not what she wanted after reading his letter.


Very good novel with, what I believe is a realistic depiction of going into a unknown world. With really no useful skills (cooking is but you know.). Getting forced to go with the flow with his only skill, and even eventually doing something that he thought was wrong. The ending could have had more but I think it would have lessened the feelings of all the characters. <<less
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MrKusabi rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: Completed
A dark isekai, but I hesitate to call it "horror."

Honestly, that is the crux of the story. Cannibalism is viewed as a horrific practice from our perspective, just like for the protagonist, but this author manages to lovingly describe this culture's practices in such a way that you honestly start to question your own morality on the subject. A bittersweet tragedy, perhaps, but other than a few descriptions of butchering (no different than describing normal meat prep), there's not really horror here.

Short but packed with emotion, I feel this is... more>> definitely worth a read. <<less
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zzinzz2009 rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: c5
This novel is well written. It made me remember about a oneshot from Fujiko Fujio called "The Minotaur's plate", especially on how the author depicted the differents within the vision of values between MC and others.

... more>>

To be honest, first four chapters did not hit me hard. The girl (Aisa) dreamed to be a dish, so she got what she wished for. If this is how her and people there evaluate values - I respected that. However, the last chapter just hit different. We know that she wanted to live. But she can't. She saw the miserable of her live, wishing for herself to be the last Sakla. Despise that, the person her love can't read her letter, and her wish failed. The last chapter had succeeded in depicting the Princess as the real villain - or at least that what I think at first. Thus, thinking about her position and her worldview, I can sympathy with this princess. She knew what she did were wrong to MC and Aisa, but she also knew that's what it take to keep her culture - which she think is right, to keep continue. Henceforth, her action of burning MC's diary and Aisa's letter is not something villainous, but it's her attempt in trying to shoulder the burdens alone.

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