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“You’re exiled from this party, you’re a woman after all.”


“Women really should be recovery magic ‘healers’, after all. A sorcerer’s a bit…”


Putting in enough effort to spill blood, the female adventurer named Tanya who had finally reached the highest class of sorcery was one day abruptly told “because you’re a woman” as the reason to be kicked from her adventurer party.

While barraging the now desperate wasteland with super-advanced magic, the legendary grand witch Laplace appeared and said,

“You, shall we form a party?”


“However, if you’re a sorcerer our characters will overlap so be a magic swordsman. The level will be maxed from the beginning.”

“Seriously!?!?!? (while pulverizing a last-boss-class dragon)”

The grand witch (Legendary) and magic swordswoman (MAX Level) slapstick light-yuri adventure starts here!

Huh? The adventurer school’s examination? Since I was a woman, points were deducted across the board (fumes).

Associated Names
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Onna dakara, to Party wo Tsuihou Sareta node Densetsu no Majo to Saikyou Tag wo Kumimashita!
Sexiled: My S*xist Party Leader Kicked Me Out, So I Teamed Up With a Mythical Sorceress!
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Ispheria rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: v2 (finished)
There are generally 2 types of feminist stories.

One kind (the good kind) elevates women and shows that they can do anything. The message of those stories is that you shouldn't discriminate.

The second type (the bad ones) puts down men and blames them for all of women's problems. They constantly discriminate against men and seem to be completely unaware they're doing it.

... more>> This story is the second kind.

But before we get too deep into that, lets talk about the good stuff.

The art is really nice. It doesn't look like the generic anime style you see everywhere. It still looks pretty anime, but it's got a more pastel vibe to it which is nice and suits the story.

The main characters are unique from each other and have actual backstories that matter to the story. They get some actual character development even if it can be summed up in 1 sentence.

Also, this is the first spell you hear cast.



Now on to the bad things. It's kind of hard to talk about any specific subject like worldbuidling or plot separate from the feminism because it's so tightly intertwined. There are some plot holes but they're not that serious and aren't worth spoiling to talk about.

Like I said, this story spends all it's time blaming men for the character's problems (they're all girls). The characters say that the message is "women can do anything" but the author waste most of the words pushing down men. You could take out about 1/3 of the chapters and the story would be completely unaffected and you'd still get a good idea of how misogynist the world is.

For example near the beginning of vol. 2 the characters go out of their way to complain about how men are the professional chefs in the world despite everyone saying they want food like their mother made. There's no side story about it, there's no resolution or anything resembling a plotline. They just do interrupt the story out of no where and move on. And this constantly, randomly happens. This isn't in spoilers because there's nothing to spoil.

A lot of the stuff doesn't even make sense if you take the time to think about it, but it's not worth going into detail. If I did this review would never end.

It's clear that this world wasn't built to be interesting; instead the author seemed to come up with single case of discrimination they could come up with and molded the world around that.

It would be fine if the world just happened to be misogynistic, because medieval times weren't exactly the best for women, but the author goes out of their way to make sure you know that men are the problem.

This novel commits the sin of making it an "us vs them" issue. "Us" obviously being women and "them" being men. The problem is that in every issue, whether it's sexism, racism, etc. It's never that simple. There's also some people on the other side who side with you, but in this novel it's not the case. That's a dangerous mentality to take.

There isn't a single named man who is against misogyny. All of them are sexist bad guys. It takes until the end of vol. 2 for a single explicit instance of a man being nice to the girls. And he doesn't even have a name. It's just throwaway guy to say something so the author can pretend they didn't spend the last 2 volumes telling people that every single man is a sexist pig.

You'd think that at least some of the male children they play with would have names so that they could raise the next generation of men to not be sexist. But not only aren't they named, it's never even explicitly stated that any of the children are boys. So there's a wasted opportunity.

But even worse than just blaming men for everything, the author does things they would definitely find abhorrent if the roles were reversed. For example

near the beginning of vol. 2 again the girls are running a food stall at a festival. A man passing by says that the girls should be in bikinis. So one of the girls cuts the clothes he's wearing up so that it looks like a bikini.

While this was fine for a comedic moment (I mean, it wasn't even that funny but neither is the rest of the novel) it doesn't jibe well in a feminist story. If it was the man doing it to one of the girls he definitely been the bad guy. But it's okay for a girl to do that?

You could try to claim that the author was saying it's fine because the girls were getting revenge for something the guy did, but that's literally the motivation of the main bad guy.

Well, kind of. The author is kind of wish washy about that.

One minute his ultimate goal is immortality, the next it's getting revenge on women because the women in his life left him, the next it's creating the ultimate weapon, the next it's making a bunch of girls his obedient s*aves.


I could go on and on about the problems with what this author thinks is feminism, but the point is that they discriminate against men even though the message in my opinion should be that you shouldn't discriminate.

Even if you somehow ignore all the feminism that the author shoves in your face it's hard to give the story more than a 3. The story is average at best and the writing isn't anything exceptional. While the characters are relatively good, they don't get enough time to shine because they have to constantly be complaining about the sexist society they live in.

All in all, it's hard to recommend this story to anyone. <<less
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biscuitlevitation rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: c15
I like this story! It's a nice revenge tale with a cute romance.

But I gotta say, the butthurt reactions are hilarious but tone deaf. Saying sh*t like "this is misandrist" when all of these obstacles are things Japanese women face in modern day to day life. Getting fired because it's assumed they're less capable and should be a baby factory housewife? Getting rejected from prestigious institutions specifically because of their gender, to the point that male test scores are artificially inflated and women's are deflated? Lots of mol*station and sexual... more>> harassment? All are pretty much ubiquitous in Japan. This isn't unrealistic at all, but a fantasy analogue of real social issues Japanese women face. You think this story is unfair to men? Imagine living as a woman in Japan!

Guys don't have any problem with sexist fantasy worlds when the female characters don't fight back against it. Game of Thrones, Goblin Slayer, Shield Hero, etc. Constant r*pe and racoon s*aves you RAISE FROM CHILDHOOD are totally cool and even hot. But if the women explicitly call it out then they get their feelings hurt. They're mad because there isn't a Kirito-style white knight telling women that they're actually the ones oppressing themselves, but don't worry, you can join his all-woman harem! Affirmative action is fine if it's for his dick! <<less
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KatherineFtw rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: v1
It's like a really poorly written yuri novel without the yuri and 200% more "all men are evil". You can't indulge in this novel, as it's constantly hitting you over the head with a brick.

There's other novels that have handled this topic much, MUCH better. Some more serious, some more light hearted. This novel is just a mess of poorly written ideas and lackluster characters.
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Brasdf rated it
October 2, 2020
Status: Completed
So very bad. I'm all for stories with strong females and the enodrsment of gender equality, but this is just very poorly written. The two main characters are actually not bad, they don't make sense in context, but as stand alone charcters they are quite nice. They are overpowerd, however that is part of the draw for the genre, and they aren't perfect so human interaction can occur and have effect. Another good aspect is the art. The rest is just crap.

I read the officialy translated light novel so the... more>> translation is fine.

Minor spoilers ahead (and a rant, it is a rant) :

    • We have an immortal sorceress that has been imprisoned alone for 300 years. She suffers no mental issues from this at all. That is plainly unreasonable story wise. Forget loneliness, can you imagine 300 years of hunger ? Why not say she was asleep for all that time ? Makes much more sense.
    • The main character is a great mage that for some reason attached herself to some human debree and just went along with everything he said and really was the main enabler of his crappy lifestyle. He was her "best friend" in spite of consistenly horrible behavior to everyone including her. One has to imagine he bullied people constantly and she said nothing for years, until he finally fired her, which is ridiculous, becasue she was by far the best asset of the party. If anything, firing her is the nicest thing he did for her. That guy was scum, but I'm not even sure he was particularly sexist. He just used sexism as an excuse for personal gain. If a guy joined the party and allowed everyone to walk all over him in this way, he would have likely been just as abused. I'm sorry, there are crappy people in the world, always being nice is not a valid life strategy and pretending otherwise is unhealthy.
    • The whole backstory of the third chracter is just a riot, it is hilariously bad. This is a larger spoiler, but it is info dumped on you in the book as three passages near the end anyway so this is just a shorter version of that. The story is : She is part of a assassin family with a "blood stained legacy" serving the king. Her father wanted a boy, but forced her to train as an assassin anyway and didn't allow her to be girly. She has excelled at this, but hates it. Years later, the father then forces her to marry some other guy and teach him the assassination techinques (why not the father ?), quit the assassinations and be a mother instead. This is bad not because of the marriage, but because why shouldn't she be forced to do an extremely dangerous job she detests ? How sexist. Then, her whole family is murdered by another assassin group also serving the king when she isn't home. They explicitly decide not to kill her, which is bad because it is also sexit. I'm not joking. Not murdering her is bad. Why did the king condone one of his groups killing the other is a mystery. Why kill the mother if killing women is no go? Is it good the mother is dead ? Why didn't our insulted assassin seek revenge and prove them wrong ? No one knows. She decides she is at fault for the murder of her family beacuse she wasn't born a man, which is ridiculous, and so the obvious course of action is... be exteremly horrible at healing. That is her chosen course in life and she is such a bad healer, she literally can't heal a scratch. The book then explicitly lectures you on how this is not only okay, but great. How dare you ask a person do something they are useful at when they instead can play act and be completely useless ? The party insists on taking her as a healer, even though she really can't heal anything, in place of a normal healer and presumebly just die if they ever get hurt. Why can't she do some other Assassin adjacent job ? Like a ranger or something ? The irony the aforementioned lecture happens just after our former assassin stops pretending to be a healer and actullay uses her assassin techniques to be useful to the team. The absurdity is clearly lost on the author.
    • There is a plot point about there being a huge conspiracy about how mages should show a lot of skin to improve mana circulation so that females dress lightly, but in the story, 95% of mages are male, also beacuse of sexim. Do they also dress in a skimpy manner ? Why would they agree to this ? It is obvioulsy dangerous. Whole thing is silly.
    • There is another section where a chracter complains she keeps getting gifts of choclate from people, and no one bothered to ask her if she likes chocolate, so she has to suffer and eat it. The woe. What horrible life she has. First, most people don't get gifts for no reason, this is already a privilege. Second, you don't have to eat it, just gift it to the poor orphaned children you are visiting twice weekly and have never seen choclate. Third, it isn't weird to assume a person likes choclate, 85% of both sexes like choclate. Saying something like "thank you, but I like salty snacks" isn't that hard. This isn't sexism.
    • It just occurs to me now, but the "healer" complained no one will take a level 3 healer, even though men of the same level do find a job. But men aren't healers, and even if you are a sucky warrior, you can still hold a shield and stand in the way of an attack. You either die, and no one cares, or you get better. However, she is a healer who can't heal and has to be protected. Obviously no one would take her. Also, just heal people in the town until you get better, I'm sure cheap healing services would be popular and if you can't improve, then you are useless as a healer and should stop.
    • The healer is such a chuunibyou, besides being a former assassin with a tragic past, she says things like "Think you can keep up with my dark blade?"
    • There are also other dumb plot holes. Like, the party level being decided by average level even though higher levels are exponentially stronger. The fact the woman who lived her whole life in a sexist society gets suprised and angry about somehow discovering it suddenly, and not the woman who slept for 300 years and came from a much more equal society, who takes things in stride and just acts against it.
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