Sword of Gluttony Princess


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A poor man without a proper weapon won’t be able to become a great adventurer even if he puts his life on the line.

Dean, a third-rate adventurer was living the poor life, worked as a porter and did various odd jobs like dismantling demon beasts and or carrying luggage more often than fighting the demon beast itself.

Till one day he fell into dire straits, surrounded by flocks of monster, due to the misjudgement of his employers. He was left behind to die as a decoy for those demon beast.

But then he found the heart of a Gluttony Demon which still retained a large amount of power in a hole he evacuated and escaped into. The heart of a Gluttony Demon gave the ability to snatch the skills of beings that have been eaten.

Armed with the Demon Sword of Gluttony which could grow indefinitely, Dean aimed to become a first-rate adventurer.

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Boushoku Hi no Ken
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tommyhunz rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c38
one of the top 5 worst light novels I've ever laid eyes on, MC is a person who gets slightly stronger because of something he found, and his personality is the typcial too trusting and naive. What ruins this for me how dumb the MC is.

... more>>

He gets betrayed by Gilbert and left to die, then when Gilbert is trying to fight an overpowered enemy, he accuses MC of trying to steal his prey only to be overwhelmed, Gilbert is then forced to beg MC for to save him doing the typical 180 on MC telling him he was wrong and begging for help, of course the MC's childhood friend says to leave Gilbert because he got into the situation and it would be impossible for them to help, as there are several high level monsters, but guess what MC says nah f*ck it and jumps in to save Gilbert, saying he never wants to see him again and to leave. Due to plot he barely survives only with the help of the demon sword and his childhood friend.

You'd think he be more wary of people because of his experience with Gilber but no, I sh*t you not, in about 10 chapters after saving Gilbert, he gets invited into another party and guess what, he gets betrayed again this time and guess what again!!! He spares him albeit that in this instant it is because royal guards turn up and take the bad guys away, but MC had ample amount of time to kill and even the sword demon said to kill the bad guys but MC hesitates and is like ehh I'll take my time and reminisce about our time together.

This light novel is the most typical stereotype fantasy there is, MC is too trusting and too nice, leaving him in situation where his friends would definitely have died because of his foolishness. He doesn't learn and is still alive only because of the demon sword, another thing that adds fuel to the fire is that this is pretty turning out to be a harem too! He's saving girls left and right and putting bad guys in their place only because of plot.

Don't read this, I suffered a little trying to like this only to be angrier and more disappointed with every chapter

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Cryarc rated it
June 11, 2020
Status: c105
Weak to strong shounen fantasy story featuring a boy who goes from a wimp into hero complex as soon as getting a cheat but still get tr*shed by the enemies all the times. The action and fights are fine, they're pretty cool actually since the author showcased the MC using his newfound powers in somewhat creative ways to beat stronger enemies. MC got a cheat but since he himself is lacking skill and talent, the fight is still somewhat tense. The cheat sword demoness herself didn't feel like a cheat... more>> since she's at most being useful only as a decoy/short term DPS before being out of commission since the sword is not high leveled enough.

It's just that the MC is kind of being annoying since he's often getting triggered and acts without thinking of the consequences but reprimands his companion for doing the same thing (while he himself never being aware of his own bad habit). The MC constantly put his companion in danger because he have hero complex, "I must help them whatever the risk is, it's my calling!" Said the MC which just a few days ago being a weakling and almost got himself killed by low leveled enemies.

The world bulding itself is the standard Japanese fantasy guild and dungeon, nothing new there. The most notable difference is the weapon system, which heavily affects your performance. In this series world, weapon is everything, you're tr*sh if you don't have epic weapon. Even if you're uber strong/high leveled, once you lost your weapon you're immediatey toasted. It's kind of undermining the people's actual skill, their strength stems solely from weapon. It's one of the most unbalanced game mechanic system I ever read.

It's standard Japanese fantasy, not so bad but also not stellar, it's enjoyable to some extent. <<less
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tradvillain rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: v2c1
Let me start off by saying that this is not a terrible novel. Though, it's not amazing either. I legitimately thought this was written by the same author as Unwanted Undead Adventurer, because of how similar the writing styles are. By that, I mean that this novel has A LOT of exposition. I mean a single chapter might have one action occur, while the rest of it is the MC either describing why he took such an action, why this action is a thing he can do, or how such... more>> an action can take place in this world. It's not my favorite kind of style, but it's not enough for me to knock off too many points.
Where is the 3-star rating coming from then? Well, like the reviewer Old_Man stated, the MC is naïve. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, because I enjoy naïve MCs that either learn from their mistakes or push through with their idealism and win regardless. However, this MC is not naïve, he just has a room temp IQ.


I don't mind MC's that refuse to kill. I'm not an edgyboi, and don't read CN novels for that very reason. That said, I cannot get behind the MC being betrayed by Gilbert, then having his "revenge" be that he slams the table at a restaurant and says "don't talk to me ever again, bucko!" The MC has the nerve to act like that was some sort of win for him. The author explains (in excruciating but well-reasoned detail) why the MC is forced to do nothing in this situation, and why he has to let it go. That's fine. Just don't act like this is some sort of victory over the dude that almost got you killed. I guess the author got some complaints or something, because 10-20 chapters later, the MC implies that he's not satisfied leaving it there, but it felt out of character since the MC was already established as your typical doormat. I'm calling it now, that any revenge on Gilbert will probably be done in the background by a third party (monsters, another adventurer, the military, his own greed) and will not be cathartic in the slightest or that the author will just plainly forget about him.


The other problem I have is that the author leaves nothing to the reader's imagination.

!!Pretty big Act 1 spoilers ahead, but honestly, you'd have to not be paying any sort of attention to not see this coming.!!


Gilbert's betrayal was okay, but the one with Fredo (or whatever his name is), was done so poorly, I actually laughed out loud when he betrayed the MC. I mean the author introduced a strong character out of nowhere, with a kind personality (in a setting that admonishes kindness), and has him invite the "weak" MC to a dungeon capture with a tsundere airhead (read "harem capture target"). What do you think is gonna happen?

Then the author spends 5 chapters telling us that the MC feels something's off, but can't explain it after F-kun kills a trio of PK-ing bandits super easily, even though this supposed trio had been wiping the floor with high level adventurers (and the author will not let this go unheard since he repeats it ad nauseum).

Then F-kun turns out to be the true bandit! Woah! What a surprise! The author sure got me with that one!


Positive notes:

  1. Translator is doing a nice job. There are some hiccups here and there, but it's 100% legible and that's already more than I can ask for. (Though the curse-words in one chapter are censored using 1337speak which threw me off, luckily changed to *'s in the following one)
  2. When the story is good, it's good. There are some chapters out of what I've read that had me excited (for example, some of the fight scenes in the second major fight).
  3. The ideas behind how things work in the world can be interesting (i.e. Battle bones, demon cores, etc.)
  4. The logic behind the MC's actions can be really interesting when it doesn't take an entire chapter to explain.
I'll keep reading this, but it's a novel where once I reach the current chapter release I'll probably let it build up for a long time.

(I'll be honest only write reviews when I've been drinking and get exclusively angry at a novel, so some of this is probably hyperbole and nitpicky. I'm also just an a**h*le that reads absolute tr*sh so don't take my opinions too seriously.) <<less
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Old_Man rated it
December 2, 2020
Status: v2c4
It's not enthralling by any means, but so far it's been interesting enough to keep me reading.
Yeah, the MC is naive, but most people today are quite naive, so I find it realistic in that regard.
The way that this novel deals with demons is different than I'm used to, and I found that to be interesting.
I also like that the world is not full of honorable people, as it adds realism and strife to the story.
That being said, it seems like the story is translated by someone who doesn't know English very well, and it's awkward to read this odd little story.
I'm following about 15 online novels, and this one, despite being uploaded weekly, is still easy to remember since the world is so different.
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Hantosh rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: --
This WN answers the question: what would happen if you gave a s*upid shounen protagonist an OP cheat power? MC proceeds to not abuse easily abusable cheat power to grow OP, and to constantly engage in life-and-death fights above his pay grade because he's s*upid.

I admit, I got suckered in by the amazing art, figured if they had the budget to blow on that it might be worth checking out. I stand corrected.

The world setting is kinda interesting, if only the author just focused on the dungeon exploration.

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