Sword God


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A young boy named Chen Zong got lucky and found a mysterious Sword Seal. With the help of it, he rose to be a God in Sword who defeated innumerable top talents in all universes from a remote borderland.

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Jian Dao Tong Shen
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PaulHeron rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: --
It’s a fast-paced novel. MC is actually smart. Yeah, not kidding. He knows when it's time to lay low and when it's time to stand out. He knows when to attack and when to back off. It's basic wisdom that most MCs of Chinese novels sorely lack.
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Swordash rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c14
It's really good for 14 chapters. Wish somebody translate it. Detailed information on techniques is the one for me whereas saying the name of technique and after 5 days MC is already at smaller accomplishment without any details.
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rhianirory rated it
January 15, 2020
Status: v2c13
has a very typical start with very little to differentiate this story from a dozen others but I like the focus on the sword and am interested to see where the MC will go from here. Other than helping his dad, I'm not sure what his goal is for getting stronger. I also have no idea where his mom is but if it's the same as those aforementioned dozen other stories than she will be from some big family/clan in an upper realm who got taken away since his dad... more>> was an 'unworthy lower realm tr*sh' blablabla. Or maybe they mentioned her and I just missed it? <<less
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hardwaters rated it
May 23, 2019
Status: --
Its description of Tiger Fist is so detailed, which is amazing as I am so obsessed with Chinese Kungfu but somehow it also causes the plot a little bit unattractive in the beginning. Guess it’ll take some time for conflicts and plot to develop. But, the ML’s characteristic is showed
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