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Lin Yifei’s best friend Chris died in a car accident shortly after winning the Men Olympic Fencing Championship. He finally learned the secret that this cold man had never said at his funeral. Just when Lin Yifei felt regrets, he was accidentally shot. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself back to his childhood.

Since life started again, he would accompany Chris to his glorious throne once more!

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New Chipmunkch33k5 rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Started this since it genuinely interested me after reading a lot from the E-Sports section if Danmei. I was prepared but I still ended up struggling to finish this despite the warnings of the inconsistencies and racist assumptions in this story. Those are sadly kinda normal when the authors don’t do proper research and probably other things I don’t want to comment about at this time.

What disappointed me was the difference or where anyone stood in the MC’s circle, especially in the ML’s case. Sure, the Gong has own faults... more>> too but the MC is a just bad boyfriend; ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY WERE “BEST FRIENDS” IN HIS PREVIOUS LIFE.

....😪 I was going to rant with spoilers but decided against it. I’ll just say that even though the matches were short, it was still thrilling to envision while reading and wish there was more to that; there were a lot of thing that weren’t talked about after the setup was made in the early chapters. <<less
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New timma rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: c22
I feel like I gave this an honest shot. Just really not for me. I don't like the MC. Honestly the author should have rebirthed to like 18. Making him so young results in regression the MCs EQ to zero or grooming, either way not good for a story
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Remichi rated it
February 26, 2020
Status: c14
*inhales...*EXHALES OKAI SO

So long story short, it is about a chinese olympic athlete (MC) who mistakenly got shot after a dispute that happened at his bestfriend's (ML) (who is also an athlete) funeral and got rebirth.

RT, so on the review

as of right now, I am sold to this novel. There are some elements about the novel that I love and imma list them.

    1. It takes place in America
I feel like this is a very important point to make, which is whether or not the story correctly portrays what America is like, and tbh I don't know bcs im not from America. It has aspects of racism and prejudice (NOTE: it takes place in 1998), for example the "lower class schools don't have white people cs of segregation and its located on the outskirts and the white in power has prejudice against the lower class. To me overall, it fits my image of America (dont attack me if im wrong plsss)

(if someone has anything abt this part pls do so tell~~)



MC is the kinda MC I like, not to strong but not too weak but just rt *chefs kiss, his personality is quite refreshing, sometimes he acts like a kid, sometimes he acts like an adult, but at the rt time.

3. ML

UUU ML, all I can say is that, I WANT TO PET HIM, HUG HIM AND SHOWER HIM WITH ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD-cough ahem alright back, so he's a kid who's suffered alot, he and his mother was abandoned by his father for 12 years and suddenly the father cameback to claim kinship. While in that 12 years, ML and his mother was living in poverty

and his mother has to work as a prostitute to make ends meet. He's basically a child who was forced to grow up and bcs of tht he closed all doors


4. Their relationship

its wholesome trust me.

Eventhough im only 14 chapters in

5. The writing



the part where the ML had to leave with his dad... they were in MC's room and ML was crying bcs he didnt want to leave MC and MC too was crying howver he pushed ML to go with his encouraging words, istg the imagery of that scene was amazing, I picture them in my mind and it made my kokoro ache


translation IS AMAZING, tops to her ~~send heartu (

) (


ight im done, I hope yall will try this novel uwuwu

-ps: I might edit after further chapters

one star reserved for the ending
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shooter4binghe rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: c30
i love childhood friends/rivals to lovers : (especially since this was set in the early 00s, the navigation of sexuality coupled with the fragility of crossing the line between friends and lovers particularly stand out. There is initial light antiblackness (MC revealing that as a child he was scared of being beat up by black kids at school) but it wasnt brought up again and his first good friend at school ended up being a sweet black girl. Racism isnt used as a plot pusher. Physical descriptions were surprisingly... more>> nice. <<less
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Devrai rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: c81
High expectations, low delivery. Argh.. makes me angry.

I was looking forward to an epic story about being reborn, self reflection, fighting for a better future together... what I got were 2d characters, 12 year old children behaving like 40 year olds, an abusive relationship, dog blood drama and a rebirth story that doesn’t feel like a rebirth story.

The Story: ML dies due to a traffic accident. MC learns during the funeral from MLs father that he was in love with him. During a struggle for inheritance MC gets shot and... more>> dies. Next he wakes up in his 12 year old body just immigrated to the US. Coincidentally ML is in the same class as himself, so MC tries everything to get close to him and have a little better live during this time.

ML was very poor and excluded in class so it started rocky... following is “growing up” and so on.

OK this doesn’t sound so bad but the flow of this novel is also rocky and annoying. So tell me, which 12 year old falls already in deep everlasting love? Yeah ML is this awesome... Also the 12 year old reborn MC behaves s*upid as f*ck. He knows that ML fell in love with him in his last live but neither does he reflect on their ambiguous behavior nor does he realize that ML fell in love with him again. Then when ML confesses he distances himself with the reason “lets grow up a bit and laugh later together about what you thought love”. Since that didn’t work he decided to try and also being in love. What annoyed me here was that he confessed on phone and they didn’t even meet the next days/weeks?

And then the 14 year old ML just says things like “I want it put in” and harasses MC all the time. Telling him “he wouldn’t do anything to him” and in the next moment forces MC to a handjob/blowjob and any sexual encounter is basically forced.

Maybe the writer thought it would make MC look coy but it only makes ML abusive.

The whole story is really unreasonable. It has so many holes that swiss cheese envies it.

I never got that really deep feeling of love between them. ML was always insecure about MC being stolen from him and MC was always struggling with intimacy.

This is neither a love story nor a sports novel. The fencing was rather boring in my opinion but that might be just not my cup of tea.

So... I’m sure to not read this ever again. <<less
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PhoenixChameleon rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: Completed

I SOOOO WANTED to like this! However, (and be warned I can never get the spoiler alert to cover/work correctly so if you continue this WILL have spoilers)... I had to force myself to finish this and began skipping & skimming the longer I read... not a good sign.

COMPLAINT #1: This is supposedly about fencers. Never once does the author go on to describe fencing terms; they're just dropped: 3 different kinds of swords described - nothing about how different, why chose one over the other, etc.... more>> None of the rules of fencing were explained. The competition system wasn't explained either - clubs, teams, school clubs, vs teams, regional, national, international settings - they're all slightly different, but nothing explained. Didn't even bother to explain the differences between the youth and adult competitions.
#2: This was supposedly a rebirth where the MC discovered upon his death that his best friend and fencing rival was deeply in love with him, then gets reborn early on. He then totally forgets this fact conveniently whereas it is supposed to be a huge reason for rebirth.

#3: The ML repeatedly confesses and shows his love to & for the MC, but the MC seems to not understand.
#4: This MC PISSES ME OFF! He is beyond naive and blind to all the people who are attracted to him. MULTIPLE PEOPLE tell him that he is very attractive to both male & females, but he laughs it off despite it happening frequently.
#5 The MC and the ML have indicated they want to be together. However, the MC constantly has to be "kind and nice to girls" smack in the face of the ML... even telling him it's ok to be a Girls Day "reward" which includes romantic and physical activities such as hugging & kissing ("but no farther - wtf?!) or eating romantic meals together. He keeps telling the ML to be nicer to girls who are flirting with both of them. He goes out of his way to accommodate girls no matter if it's not his business - even girls trying to date the ML/his boyfriend.
#6 The MC HAS NO BACKBONE OR SPINE - HE ALLOWS AT LEAST 3 OTHER BOYS TO KISS HIM & DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT BECAUSE HEY ALL "COULDN'T HELP THEMSELVES BEING SO ATTRACTED TO HIM & JUST WANTED TO DO XYZ PHYSICAL TO HIM BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO/HAVE NO SELF CONTROL THEIR FEELINGS ARE TOO STRONG - BULLSHIT! The MC should at least slap them or punch them - something when mol*sted! His good "friend" also mol*sts him and feels him up while he is sleeping! The "friends" and teammates of the MC are all a bunch of "I see the MC and just want to rub one off right now 🍆🍆🍆 ! The ML doesn't EVERYTHING for the MC and the MC is a wishy-washy, vacuous, selfish, unlovable character. The ML is the bomb! Other than frowning all the time, he is incredible.
#7: The MC keeps going back and forth between acting his true age versus a true teenage male idiot. He doesn't reasonably stick with either and the switching back & forth doesn't work for neither. He just comes off as having learned and gathered a lot of nothing from his experiences in his last life... the only thing it does for him is that he is really good in fencing, his nerves are better at competitions, and he remembers a lot of faces & information of other fencers... the information which only becomes useful for introductions to flirting.
#8: The plot adds a lot of messy family crap for the ML, including inheritance rites, a scheming fiancée he doesn't want, etc. It only goes to prove that this novel should have decided what to focus on: fencing, young love, family/company/inheritance rivalries, etc. The novel was a hodgepodge of each... none of which were shaped well or completely enough for a satisfying story. I liked elements, especially the ML, but can't give more than 2.5/5 stars as a whole. <<less
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Chiaroscuro rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: Completed
3.5 rounded to 4.


1. Cliche plot that tells different story.

2. Wholesome friendship

3. Quite fleshed out characters.

4. Side characters / villains with actual personalities

5. The fluff outweighs the angst in later chapters.

6. Happy Ending


1. The MC is a total Gary stu. He suffered the "I was supposed to be 22 but I'm mentally just a teen" writing. He's also THAT dense protagonist MC.

2. Author made ML sounds like a genius in fencing but

... more>>

Author made MC win against him and made MC world champion. ML was supposed to be a genius/natural in fencing and whatever bad point left from his childhood should have been covered by MC's teaching so the CURRENT ML supposed to surpass the OLD ML. Yet MC beat him. Doesn't make sense because author's description made MC the type that's "good" because he's "experienced" or at least made MC sounds like he wasn't as talented as ML


3. The story very quickly turn into reverse harem


Ofc the dense MC didn't realise it until he's being kissed "forcefully" by rex/kevin

Author should have saved kevin as the "rival/good friend" that helps because he's a "good person" not because he liked MC so much.



Kevin is THAT second ML. "The perfect 2nd ML who will be the safety net for MC when ML fails" LOL

It disappointed me because I hoped his character to not be that and he's exactly that.


I think I judged this novel quite harshly because I was presented by an idea and it kinda didn't hold up to my expectations. Still it's entertaining and good enough so if you hesitate to start then I say you should read it. <<less
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Xaviera rated it
November 2, 2021
Status: c81

The level of denseness is beyond me, hence the deduction, lol. I should've rounded up and rated it 5 but I feel like it wasn't quite there to give it a 5 so 4 it is.
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nkai rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: Completed
It's not bad, not too good either in my opinion. Don't expect too much. Idk what's in the author imagination while writing this story and I don't mind, after all this is her/his work. For the CP, I don't mind their force sexual relationship (?) if that what so called to describe their relationship. after all, they're still minor. There's an angst, and a bit swetness. If you want fluffy romance this is not for you. I'm always on ML's side lol don't ask me why. MC knows that ML... more>> have feelings for him since before he got rebirth but he choose to be a bit dense and unbothered to ML's feeling towards him (?) idk what is he doing I find it kinda annoying sometimes. Anyways, side characters are good. There's a villain that will ruin the CP and can make you irritate and want to punch their faces. <<less
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Ainslee rated it
August 21, 2021
Status: c81
It's not a heart moving or even a heart wrenching story, it's very lighthearted.

Nothing different from any other school life danmei novel, sans the fencing theme.
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lightmoon22 rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: Completed
I love every part of this except how things end for the evil character seriously I don't know what kind of massage the author is trying to Achieve with this one

... more>>

the cousin have tried not only once but twice to kill the MC and nothing happen to her

like seriously she have pointed a gun not only to the MC but to the other but, there was no legal consequence to her action or any other type of consequence of the matter. What more frustrating that, they indulged her ego until the end.

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LostMySoul rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c26
A heartwarming novel. No unnecessary drama. Just focusing on the pure love between these two boys. Definitely recommend this one. Not yet done but I know the rest of the novel won't disappoint.
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LaisseSeul rated it
October 26, 2021
Status: --
I should've not held my expectations high. ML's character and attitude really made me feel unconfortable. He's not a scumbag, but...I don't know. If I were the MC, I wouldn't ever choose to be with him. I liked the support ML (?) more than the actual ML. Although I get where's character came from, it's still never an excuse. He lies on the boundaries on loving MC and being disrespectful to MC. I also understand that ML is still immature but huhuhu who tf would want an underage manipulative sad... more>> boy lol.

You can still give this novel a shot. I'm just venting. But for sure I'll be dropping this novel :/ <<less
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remarkablyrenee rated it
September 20, 2021
Status: Completed
If I had to describe it it'd be like this: A friends-to-lovers story following a boy (Xiao Fei) who returned to his past self after his best friend (Chris) died in an accident. After the funeral, Chris' father reveals that Chris had loved him all along. Soon after, Xiao Fei dies and is sent back to when he first met Chris. Regretting the pain he'd given his best friend in their past life by not realizing how he felt, Xiao Fei vows to make sure Chris is happy in this... more>> life.

Honestly I think this is the first book I give a 5 star rating to on NU. This was amazing and if it ever gets translated officially I'm buying it in a millisecond. I have 0 ability to translate this to english myself otherwise I'd buy the original too.

This has everything I love in a shounen-ai. Well, not sure that's exactly the right category, but this story has that bittersweet, growing-into-our-feelings feel that I always relate more to shounen-ai than to the more explicit stuff.

I'd classify this as shounen-ai, sports, drama, romance. There isn't much trigger-y stuff in it at all--the only possibilities being where love interests are handsy, but do come to their senses. And the emotions are all handled very maturely--no protags that make you want to beat some sense into them here. <<less
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kalerus rated it
September 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.2/5


The story is cute, more realistic than most reincarnation novels. Both our MC and ML had many regrets in their first life, and they are able to resolve them in their second life. The fencing aspect is what makes this novel unique, although a lot of the matches can be hard to visualize if you've never seen a fencing match before. The translation was smooth, and I really appreciated the annotations that were added to certain terms. Big shoutout to the translator!

... more>> Characters:

The story has its "angsty" moments, but our couple is very devoted to each other, so there's never an extreme worry whenever there was a conflict. One thing I do have to say is that in terms of connection to other characters in the story, I felt that the ML only associated with the MC. The MC is always surrounded by other supporting characters, and often times many other admirers. This is tricky since it has the potential to be annoying, but the MC is a very sweet, earnest, and hardworking character that allows the author to pull it off without being too biased.

Read or Skip? Read!

Overall, it was an enjoyable read. I went in not expecting the novel to do anything but entertain me, so it did what it needed to do. It's not groundbreaking, and you can definitely pick apart certain aspects of the novel if you wanted to. However, if you're looking for a more modern, sweet, story with some fencing added, it is definitely worth a read! <<less
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Akiraluna rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is kinda confusing I enjoyed it. Maybe It's just my cup of tea?

At first are fluffy moments, but it continues with ML's possessiveness and MC's eagerness to Fencing.

I actually like how the ML deal with the situations. But! THE THING I DON'T LIKE IS HOW COMMON TO OTHER MLS KISS OUR PRECIOUS MC LIKE BRUH AAAAAAA ehem*

... more>> It's kinda depressing when the ML caught the MC been kisssed by other guy like Ughhh!

And the fencing plot went along and how the MC and ML endure over year they don't contact at all.

In the end, ML got the MC completely after he became adult. The ML really held back for 6 years wow... <<less
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dday0425 rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I rated this 5 stars based on their childhood relationship alone. They're very cute together and their friendship are precious untill the confessions, where things turned weirder and weirder.... more>>

untill now I still don't understand what's going on? They confessed to each other, but they acted like nothing happened. Even see or contact each other lesser than when they're just ordinary friend. (And I mean it, they contacted once or twice in a long while, not even see each other once when it's summer vacation. I'm confused.) Besides, MC still keep saying irresponsible things, such as if you're woman, I will want to marry you and the teasing about girl's festival. What's the point in saying that when you know how the ML feels about you anyway? At the time, kids with that age acted and spoke better than the MC who was reborn tbh. The ML also have a tendency of forcing himself into the MC. At some point, I'm afraid he will r*pe MC one day. He seems to not really care about his consent, although he didn't do it until the end (yet). However, forcing m*sturbations with kids under ages (although both of them are underages) making me feels uncomfortable.

Well, after I finished the novel, I must say I'm relieved there is no r*pe scene. I can see characters development in a positive way, which is very good. For me, this ending is already beautiful whether it's their love, family or career. It's fulfilling.

I think MC winning in the end make sense though. With the experience from his last life, he started young, met a lot of new people, get himself a brilliant coach, it's natural he'd surpassed his last life achievement. The fact that he kept losing to 10s Chris despite he ranked no.7 in the world is stranger for me.


Moreover, the author seems to be confused with ages and times very often too. Making it confusing for me often times. Isn't Kevin 4 years older the MC and ML? How can he be in University when MC and ML are in grade 7?? Shouldn't he be in grade 11 ??? Why the highschool competition (grade 10-12) held between age 14-16?? Isn't MC already 14 when he's in grade 7? (Actually should not he be 13? Since he finished his elementary school at 12?) I remember the author did mention their age in the context. The timeline when

ML moving to Washington was confusing too, did they didn't meet each other for so long? But they were just in their beginning of first year of middle school when they reunited, weren't they?? well I guessed it's probably long. I originally thought ML left in their last year of elementary school (age12) and met again in grade 7, but Elizabeth said she saw ML at age 11.

There are more confusion like this throughout the story, I don't know if this is because the novel was edited from Mtled or it's the author's mistake originally though, but I guessed it is more likely the latter.


oh furthermore, if someone kiss me without my consent, I'll really hit him whether he's my friend or teammate or anything. The way MC coped with this incident is terrible. I wonder what would he feels if he found out Chris kissed someone else too? Even with how he treats girls, maybe you'd think MC was just being a gentleman, sorry no, he is just being a bad boyfriend. What he did, most of the time, is unnecessary, and very prone to misunderstanding. This showed me he cares about anything else but the ML, which made me think it's probably better if they stayed best friend since MC kept acting like so and he is already such a good one anyway.

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dee_ism rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: --
It's fluff, a bit angst, and a lot of fencing which I love. A bit predictable, a bit family drama with dramatic villain, but it still an okay read.

The MC is a Jack Sue trope, but I like him. He has a good mentality and personality. I also like the squad around him.

What bothered me is....

... more>>

The few non-consensual kisses with ML2 and ML3. I don't mind when it's done with the ML1, Chris, but is a no no for others, even when I also like ML2 and ML3.

Well, Chris at times also annoying when he pushes his way to Lin, but at least Lin loves him. And Chris still maintain that last line to be consented with Lin.

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Nicole06 rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: c79 part1
I am still waiting for the ending part, omaigossssh, lovin it but im more to devoted interest, altho there is some male kiss the Yi Fei. Still I felt like he’s cheating huhu
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Fisukisuki rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: Completed
It's Good. It's Great really. Lots of thing I like and enjoy. The sports moments itself I Love it even though I don't understand Fencing.

But the whole story is not as good as I expected. The start to the middle of story is really good, but the rest of the 1/3 part of the story... Hmmm. Well, I just have different opinion.

Beside the Villain, everyone is likable characters really! But doesn't mean they don't make me frustrated. Even the MC frustrated me sometimes. I like to side with ML more... more>> in this case.

If I read the spoilers of something I dislike which happened in this novel, I probably won't even read this novel. Thank god I read no spoilers. But if you want few little spoilers of what I dislike, I'll show you.

MC get kissed by the 3rd ML and the 2nd ML and then 3rd ML again. All of them is Non-Con and then DubCon. But I dislike how MC is so weak even when he tried to get away from the forced kiss. If you dislike it, you can struggle more violent!!! The struggle he did was weak than what he should can do!!! Sure both of the 2nd and 3rd ML is his friends, but still!!! I didn't dislike the 2nd & 3rd ML, they're likable and good characters, but. Uuuggghhh

And the Unsatisfying ending of the Villain. They get threatened but didn't get the punishment they deserve to get!!!! I don't care if the harm wasn't known to public or they're still 16. They Deserve To Get Punishment!!! More than just Threat!!!


So that's why I don't have the right feeling to give this novel a 5 stars. I like the novel, I enjoyed it. It has great Translator, but that's all. <<less
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