Sword Art Online: “If You Were Here”


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If You Were Here is an Alicization what-if story, answering the question of what would have happened if Raios and Humbert hadn’t been around to force Eugeo and Kirito into breaking the Taboo Index.

In this timeline, Eugeo and Kirito graduate from the Swordcraft Academy, win the Four Empires Unification Tournament, and become Integrity Knight apprentices at the Central Cathedral. However, Quinella (Administrator) and Cardinal are still at odds with each other. Can Kirito find a way to resolve their century-old conflict and bring the two to work together?

The story was released as a bonus with the 8th BD/DVD volume of the Alicization cour 1-2 Blu-Rays/DVDs and is based on Material Editions 28 and 29, with 50 pages of original content not part of the M.Es.

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Date Group Release
06/08/20 Dreadful Decoding part8
06/08/20 Dreadful Decoding part7
04/23/20 Dreadful Decoding part6
04/10/20 Dreadful Decoding part5
04/09/20 Dreadful Decoding part4
03/21/20 Dreadful Decoding part3
02/29/20 Dreadful Decoding part2
01/01/20 Dreadful Decoding part1
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ikkisno1 rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: part6
This alternate story is much lighter than the original story. If you are looking for fight scenes or dying people, this is not for you.

The format that the translation is posted may be confusing. The story starts after all of the notes and the first set of buttons. Also, the "prologue" is the entirety of If You Were Here and the parts afterward are actually the direct sequel titled If You Wish It; thus, DO NOT SKIP THE "PROLOGUE"!!!! If you do, you'll be very confused about where the alternate... more>> story deviates from the original.

Also, it is highly recommended that one reads the original Alicization arc or watch the anime before reading this. <<less
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