Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!


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Lin Wanwan is a pitiful mentally-disabled girl. Not only does she suffer abuse from her stepmother, her stepmother even attempts to use her as a sexual commodity to pleasure others. Eventually, the poor Wanwan dies from an overdose…

Perhaps a god or a devil had witnessed her tragic fate, but Wanwan gets a brand new chance at life—an external soul takes over her body and gains Wanwan’s memories.

The resurrected Lin Xiao swears to seek revenge for Wanwan.

Having witnessed Wanwan’s death and resurrection process, Tang Chen is intrigued by the changes she undergoes. When he tries to cheat Wanwan to gain possession of her, a knight descends from the sky and saves her. He allows her to seek his help thrice.

Just who is this mysterious knight?

The revived Wanwan demonstrates her astounding talent and intelligence. Not only does she leave her enemies helpless against her, but she also becomes a celebrity who sweeps through the entertainment industry. Who exactly is she?

When Wanwan interacts more with the knight, she realizes that he is actually a devil…

“From this moment forth, every inch of your body is mine. Resistance is futile.”

He had descended like Satan, wantonly occupying her body and mind…

It’s fine. Even if he’s the devil, he would still be trampled beneath her feet.

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New jamanovel rated it
April 7, 2019
Status: c34
Great novel, funny and cute :)

I really wanted to read ahead but the CHINESE TITLE IS WRONG so it's hard to find the raws online. Please fix this or someone comment with the correct title (or a link to the raws would be much appreciated too lol)
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