Suspicious People Settled Down in My Dungeon, but Could the Government Office Do Something About it?


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A Dungeon Master’s Diary.

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02/12/18 Novelonomicon oneshot
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blasterwisard rated it
April 13, 2018
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I like how the story is the opposite of the other MC dungeon masters out there. No OP or ability to fix any problem. A standard dungeon master's life.


Well, end of life... But it's a well written epitaph for all the forgotten dungeon masters.

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Rhyse rated it
February 13, 2018
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Uhm.. What??

I seriously can't understand what I just read.

It's pretty much about groups of adventurers who somehow made some short of small community?? inside the dungeon. And then the master of the dungeon send slimes, goblins, tiger cubs, wyverns to drive them away but they were all killed. The end.

I'm seriously confused what just happened
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