Suspicious Guardian


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Alicia once lived a free life at the desolate estate of Baron Fordbent. But when her grandfather, her only blood relative, passed away, she suddenly became an orphan.

The law of this country states that she will have to get married in order to keep her inheritance.

It is Marquis Malik who appears before her during this time of crisis, suddenly claiming to be her guardian. His duty is to marry Alicia.

From an orphaned virgin to the bell of high society, Alicia’s drastic change is all thanks to Marquis Malik and his enormous fortune and wide social network. But, why does this guardian and everyone else around him look so suspicious?

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수상한 후견인
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07/12/21 Mystical Series c5
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06/21/21 Mystical Series c3
06/14/21 Mystical Series c2
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Lemur rated it
December 1, 2022
Status: c5
Pretty interesting beginning. The writing is good, and the plot isn't terribly cliched. I can't say much else since only 5 chapters have been translated so far.

It's a shame that it was dropped. Here's hoping another translation group picks it up.
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