Surviving as a Mage in a Magic Academy


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Graduate student Yi-han finds himself reborn in another world as the youngest child of a mage family.

– I’m never attending school, ever again!

‘What do you wish to achieve in life?’

‘I wish to play around and live comforta-‘

‘You must be aware of your talent. Now go attend Einroguard!’


My future would be guaranteed once I graduate. For my future!

Associated Names
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Life of a Magic Academy Mage
Magic Academy Survival Guide
마법학교 마법사로 살아가는 법
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Regressors Love EX
Regressors Love EX rated it
February 7, 2023
Status: c519
This novel is a masterpiece atleast to me, it has similiar humour as in "Running away from the Hero", the novel uptil where I've read so far is pretty enjoyable and is mainly focuses around how Lee Han our main character tends to deal with the absurd situations his proffessors put him into much like real life proffesors.
The only thing our MC has similair to a so called cheat would be his nigh infinite supply of mana, in his words
"If something doesn't work with magic, it means your... more>> not putting enough magic into it"

ngl though I enjoyed this novel, binged through it pretty quick but if the first 60 or so chapters doesn't keep you vested you probably won't enjoy it

(also this is peak comedy and adventure atleast to a student to me, I relate to him on a personal level) <<less
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Ptls.05 rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: c618

This story is about a graduate student in korea who got reincarnated as the youngest son of Wardanaz family, a famous achmage lineage. Because his life as a graduate student is so hellish, he swear to never make that choice again. But as the title suggest, his wish never came true.

This novel is a full on comedy and the jokes are really funny, albeit a bit repitative. It usually poke fun at how Lee Han (MC) deal with absurd situation pushed to... more>> him be the professors with his absurdly high amount of mana and how crazy he is about studying. (Yes, despite him repeating that he hate school many time, he is acually the ideal student for every professor. You teach him how to multiply and he will do calculus. Typical high acheiver student. Anyone who said he is lazy is just reading it wrong


He will attend lecture on every magic lecture there is to attend (normal student choose 1-2 major, some freaks choose 3) currently he is studying alchemy, black magic, fantasy, summoning, transformation, foresight, elemental (he mainly use water, lightning, ice, dark and fire), enhance (?? Idk its call 부여마법), healing, blood magic, music and divine magic. The last 3 is not in the curriculum he just learn it idk why. And he got top score for all of that above, including arithmatic and language. (Also combat magic but he is the only student there anyway) By top score I mean perfect score. Just what you expect from the person who study in free time. He just hate resting at this point.


Yeah as I said this novel focus on comedy from how competant the MC is and how absurd the situation is Einroguard is.


like suddenly its winter because the senior accidentally summon the ice spirit king or sth, chimera from senior's experiment roam the school, the principle (lich) form an undead army and attack the dorm at night as a midterm exam, the student has to boil tree bark as an emergency food because food provided there become a currency in the black market that is founded be the student, river spirit suddenly goes rampant and now theres flood. And all of this has to be solve by freshmen (MC) because professor couldn't care less and the senior can survive just fine without solving them, so they don't. So most of the time MC will be the one who solve it


I feel like these bizarre school situation make this novel really stand out and uniqe. Most school life novel I see (I didn't read them much but well...) rely on some event to happend for the story to be exiting, like a sudden tournament arc, terrorist attack, etc. This novel doesn't need those at all because just surviving in this school is that much entertaining. It may seem like the pacing is to slow when 618 chaps in and they haven't started their 2nd year yet but if you acually read it you will notice that it is totally reasonable considering how many thing is going on in MC's school life. (Just summer break alone is around 100 chaps. There is that many)

Another point I like about this novel is it's character. I have to admit that they are not complex or 3 dimentional or whatever that is. But all of them has their own unique point and charm. Most of the student may seem s*upid at first, and they acually are. I mean, , , they are 15? It's natural to be childish and a little s*upid. There are many memorable cast, like Gainando (gosh hes so silly I love him) the lich principle (his relationship with MC in latter chaps is really adorable, they are really on the same wavelength) and my favorite character, professor Volladi.


every scene he appear, I just laugh uncontrollably. He is so effortlessly funny. How he just appear out of nowhere is so funny and how he acually care for MC and express those affection in a way that MC hate the most like beating him up so that he could be the greatest combat mage to ever exist when he just want to got good grade and be an official/civil sevant. And he likes tea! he dislike meat but loves vegetable and fruit. Isn't he cute???


The best part for me is that THERE IS NO ROMANCE!!! NO HAREM!!!! FINALLY!!!!! although the manwha has a lot of japanese op MC harem there is no romance in this novel at all. At this rate I think he's gonna get marry to his work. There are many female friends he is close with but his relationship with them (and most of the students) is more like a parent. He just take care of them like they're his child. (But I ship him with Gizelle/Yoner tho. They 're both cute...)

This review is not very organize but that shows how much I like this novel. Fr please read this it is really fun please I beg you OTL <<less
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satoshi1 rated it
April 28, 2023
Status: c400
Gotta be honest, after the first 100 chapters, It gets boring. Some will say it's fun, but I won't really recommend it. It's very average as the MC is just too overpowered. He's neither hard-working nor lazy. He's very similar to other stories where an MC wants to be lazy but unintentionally over-achieves. You can figure out how each chapter will turn out after a few loops. If you just want to see an MC dunk on people, praise him for being better than others while dealing with horrible... more>> people, It's a decent read. But you actually wanted to see comedic scenarios with the cast of characters where it's not just the MC, you should look elsewhere. Greatest real estate developer is a lot better in that the cast of characters are fun and they play off of each other rather than rely on the MC's reaction to things.

It's very much like a university vers. Of Hogwarts where the main cast is Harry Potter and his professors. Would prefer if the jokes surrounding each teacher were a bit more original and did more than challenge the MC to use more of his infinite magic supply. Unfortunately, series suffers from WN syndrome where the author just tries to drag it out. Reviews are great though from raws as it's not supposed to be more than a short-read comedy where you might be on the bus looking for a laugh. Where the characters aren't that important, similar to short comics like Cyanide & Happiness. Gainaido is memorable as a side character as he takes on a similar role as Ron, being the subject of the joke, typically making him out as a lost cause, but he does very little much like his sister. Really wanted him to interact with Lee Han more. Really feels like Lee Han doesn't have any friends at school, just kids who aren't like him. <<less
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MarlboroRed rated it
March 3, 2023
Status: c37
Thoroughly enjoyed it. The World building is there. The characters have personalities and this isnt much edgy or dramatic like how most korean LNs operate. Actually its a very good comedy, refreshing and entertaining. I like how the MC's mind works and his common sense differ from the common in his current world as he is a transmigrated fellow, and even if he did spend several years already in the current world, he hasnt much interaction and information because of the convenient background plot of his. Its enjoyable and students... more>> or newly graduates could really relate to some funny events as to how his MC relate his school life to what he had experience in his past.

what just puzzle me greatly is the review of the guy below, where he already read upto 519 chaps. Bro please send link, even an mtl would do. <<less
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Tasear rated it
March 11, 2023
Status: c395
This the story of academy Life of the dark Archmage. The spirits run away from him, while the undead fear him making them the perfect servants

Fun story but never going to finish as we are still. on year one after nearly 500 chapters. If pacing wasn't so questionable then this would be fun story.

All the characters are lively and live in their own without main character in the world. It's fun to see characters who don't just exist for main character but live and breath in the world.

Lastly watching character... more>> slowly live up to rumors that originally weren't true... <<less
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hereforyou rated it
January 30, 2023
Status: c26
Okay this isn't actually a five-star novel but I think it deserves at least a 4.1 so far. The MC is funny and likeable if a little too competent. A good laugh
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February 16, 2023
Status: c33
the protagonist is the typical lazy mf who's actually badass, but actually he's not because he's clueless most of the time and finds success by pure luck and everyone thinks he's a god, but he's actually not, and btw he's also the most handsome man in the universe.

The world building is kinda charming. It's trying to be a Harry Potter parody, but the world is interesting in itself and the author is not trying to bore you to death with exposition
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Chumchum rated it
September 21, 2023
Status: c85
Enjoying it a lot. It's fresh to read something in a magic school setting without the destined person saving the world card. This is not about a person who is lazy but overachieves, this is about a diligent person who wants to do well to make his future easier. The interactions between the MC and his friends are cute plus the students vs professors setting is hilarious. And I take it as a plus point that there is no romance (well till the point I read). This is basically the... more>> shenanigans of boarding school students in a magical world. If you are looking for a action packed serious web novel then it's not for you, if you are fine with a light hearted story without the world hanging in balance then go for it. It's very entertaining. <<less
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forgetdrunkenmoon rated it
August 19, 2023
Status: c746
A pretty good novel to read when bored, although some arcs are boring (example vacation arc or moradi family arc) but most of them are not bad. The thing that make this novel good for me is because of the crazy principal (Gonadaltes) with Lee Han (MC) and professor bloody/Voladi with Lee Han (MC), the crazy master and disciple combination are good. The school is full of crazy bastards as well, and the existance of MC is there as their messiah (omitted).

Some spoiler:

Wodanaz family

... more>>

Start from ch 633 for the Wodanaz family.

Having a golem (usual) and demon as their servants, the head of the household (LH's father) is outside the dimension exploring along with the 1st brother helping, Lee Han sending an extremely short letter for his arrival (4 words only/extremely normal) and throw it to the exploration hall (something like an otherworld gate).

the mother is the director of an ancient library and have an extremely menacing demon form, she even call the professors at Einrogard as mundane wizards. She usually erase others memories about her when they met with one finger. The parents (her mother) predicted the future that Lee Han will be the principal later on, in which Lee Han deny it everytime someone say he's the principal heir

The second brother (Arsil), he's loved by the spirits and kinda look like a spirit. He also talk in spirit language and only the family understand it because of their blood relation. He's not a wizard because he's not interested and don't have talent in magic. He like to give Lee Han some of his artifacts which is extremely dangerous to the user but gave the safe one to MC's friends. +Some ancient ruins appearing at their house like it's normal

(Ch 633) Lee Han joked about his ability/talent of making the spirits run away from him, Arsil (the 2nd brother) laughed out loud and knocked on the table.


The principal/Osu Gonadaltes


The principal is a human previously (a prince) who turns into a lich who cut off his desires and emotions. His human form is described as filthy handsome by MC. His crazy alter ego (parts of the principal cut off desires) will later appear at ch 732


MC entering 2nd start at ch 696 and will start meeting the seniors directly. Following from the manhwa (in case someone want to continue reading), ch 52 (manhwa) is ch 48 (novel) <<less
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Itachi_is_god rated it
July 23, 2023
Status: c149
I've been reading the MTL version of this novel, and while the translation sucks at times, the actual plot and story development is hilarious and amazing. It kind of reminds me of tr*sh of the Count's Family but with the plot focusing on academy life instead of world-building as TCF does.

Similar to Cale from TCF, the MC of this novel is constantly misunderstood by his peers and professors. He personally wants to be a slacker by graduating and getting a cushy position in the imperial court. However, he has an... more>> unlimited mana source and a lot of talent (a lot of it derived from his time as a graduate student), and as a result, the professors put more pressure on him to succeed and become a better mage. Of course, instead of complaining about the workload, the MC works even harder because, in his mind, the Professor controls his grades and he needs to get good grades to get his bureaucratic position. But in the Professor's eyes, he just keeps meeting and exceeding their expectations because of his passion for learning magic, so they pile even more work on him.

While the MC is a little OC, his incredible ability at all kinds of magic is explained so it's not like it comes from nowhere like other overpowered MCs who are born with their power. The only skill he was really born with was his incredible mana amount, but even then, that can be a detriment for mages in this world since they need to work even harder at control. So MC honestly had to work hard for every bit of his OC'ness and the novel really goes into the time and effort he put into becoming so good at magic.

There are a lot of hilarious interactions that result from this constant misunderstanding, so it's a really enjoyable read so far. It is definitely a more slice of life and a chill kind of read compared to more serious novels, so if you're into that kind of stuff I highly recommend giving it a try. <<less
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Bado rated it
March 28, 2023
Status: c40
Good pastime read, interesting characters that can be just absurd but still tolerable not too much of romance but shows some hints, The MC has potential not that super OP yet not so many 3rd rate villains because many of his schoolmates still acts like a child and very simple minded with some exceptions, school setting is unique etc, enjoy
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MrCents_04 rated it
February 7, 2023
Status: --
It is just a typical story.

Cry Andrich from Strange Grief will be disappointed at this guy.

The MC is a lazy bastard who aint a fan of working.

... more>> You will never learn anything from him. He keeps whining like a puppy, complaining about reality.

He is introvert... Yeah, he is an introvert who acts like an Alpha when he needs to act. He aint a sigma like Holmer Aldnoa from Lousy Agent, Liam Banfield from Space series and Leon Bartfold from Otome Game.

Harold Stoke will be disappointed from the MC. Children of 13 years below will never learn from the MC.

He aint eventhe same mindset of the MC in cannon folder.

However, it deserves at least 4.0. Well, good luck to endure the pain of his s*upid actions. <<less
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Ukhaaa rated it
July 3, 2023
Status: c746
This is great story. I am very entertained by Lee han's life in Einrogard. I like the interaction between lich principal and Lee Han, Lee Han's interaction with professor voladi is also entertaining.

... more>>

Sometimes there are some unreasonable situations in the academy, Like suddenly winter came and the ice king appeared or when Phoenix appeared and burned all the students' assignment papers. It's so preposterous, but so funny. We can feel the pressure that the students of the magic academy feel


Sometimes I feel annoyed with other students, both Lee Han's classmates and upperclassmen. As if you can't really bestow everything on Lee Han. But if the story isn't like that, it's not fun, right?


Look forward to the funny but troublesome otter Professor, Verdus 😂. He's funny, but I can't stand it if I have to face him.


I love people's misunderstanding about Lee Han and what the Wardanaz family taught Lee Han 😂😂


It seems like the story continues until Lee Han becomes the next Principal of Einrogard, just like Lee Han's mother predicted that he will become the future headmaster of Einrogard.

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