Survive! Gwanggong!


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He possessed a Gwanggong* in a BL game his junior made.

Their names were the same, but there was nothing similar between Gwanggong ‘Kwak Seon-woo’ and small citizen ‘Kwak Seon-woo’. (곽선우)

A black and white house with no traces of any human presence, a refrigerator containing only EviX and Western liquor.

“Agh, it’s cold!”

A shower with only freezing cold water pouring from the shower head, but the water temperature couldn’t be adjusted.

His dear hot chocolate was desperately needed, but the only coffees available were espresso and americano.

He couldn’t even choose a branded sandwich, let alone dakhanmari, which was his favourite food.

Mealtimes were constantly canceled. He needs to keep them somehow.

“How about just one meal… can’t we eat properly?”

In this harsh world, there was only one person who could help Gwanggong live a human life!

…However, he never wanted to create such a strange atmosphere.

Unexplained love for the main sue** and anger that burst when he saw the sub-gong***.

With one ear letting out the emotions that the system imposed, Seon-woo was busy choosing options.

‣ “Shut up!”

‣ “Go away!”

‣ “Nonsense!”

If he could choose…

Note :
*Gwanggong = obsessive gong, obsessive ball, similar to yandere seme
**Main sue = main character sue, MC uke
***Sub-gong = second gong, the second male lead

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Survive! Obsessive Gong!
살아남아라! 광공!
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