Survive! Foolish Bottom!


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I grew up receiving plenty of love as the youngest member of a gangster family. The things I currently like the most are men’s passionate friendships and motorcycles. Although I’m slightly dumb, I could cover it with money, so I wasn’t dissatisfied with this world…

How had the situation become like this?

“Since your fans probably long for cheerful and refreshing Parkha-ssi! Can I ask for some aegyo to take a hold of their hearts~?”

“Aegyo, f- What aegyo?”

In an instant, the atmosphere turned heavy as if someone had poured cold water over it. That’s right. This was the music show stage.

And I…

‘Ah, f*ck.’

『Σ(゚ロ゚;) A pro idol doesn’t say horrible words like that! (`Д´*)o』

‘I’m f*cked…’

『To be reborn as a great idol, a compulsory penalty will be imposed!』
『Automatic selection after 3 seconds ♥』
‣ Cute aegyo ♥
‣ Very cute aegyo ♥
‣ Very very cute aegyo ♥

I’d become the main character, idol ‘Parkha,’ of this damn game.

From the beginning, I shouldn’t have started this kind of game. I should’ve deleted it as soon as I downloaded it. I shouldn’t have stayed up all night to clear it. I really shouldn’t have done something like request to participate in a beta test!

However, even if I regretted it, it was too late.

『Automatic selection is completed ♥ A choice has been automatically outputted!』

‣ Parkha did that because he was so nervous (´ノω;`) I’ll show you my aegyo (*>ω

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살아남아라! 아방수!
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