Survival Game


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This is a battlefield where you kill or get killed.

Gender or social status do not matter. Only the strong survive.

From 120 billion human population, only 40 billion can stay alive. In this 40 billion, only 18 billion are reserved for the females. There is only a 6.66% survival rate for Xia Mo.

After being betrayed and killed, she gets reincarnated before the game starts. Determination burning in her heart, this time, in this second life of hers, she plans to secure a seat in the 18 billion slots.

Survival Game begins.

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lamb rated it
March 18, 2017
Status: v1c17
The translation is not of high quality, the story is full of plot holes, and the story is full of plot holes. Great idea (blegh) for a book, but there is the small problem of it not being consistent with the reality it has created. If you do start reading this the first thing you notice is why would her best friend do that to her when there was much more to come after the game ended. Or this f**king game, that doesn't simulate the enviorment that these people need... more>> to get used to. Not only that but it goes above and beyond to distance them from what they need to face later. 'They will emerge all alone in this new world, so lets make the simulation have a developed society.' 'They won't retain any magical or special skills they learn in there so we must make them incredibly important.' 'They obviously need to not know about how their own body will function when they emerge so let's make them into superhumans in the game.' Oh and f**king plot conveniences have already started appearing not even twenty chapters in. I mean huge plot conveniences. Just look at why the MC didn't kill the boy she meets right after she starts, or the skills that he has, or that she is willing to go out on a limb to protect him just because he can harvest herbs a bit better than her. Just don't read this it isn't worth your time, and it is a shame that good books like reign of the hunters and rebirth of a thief who roamed the world get recommended as similar to this. <<less
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Keima-kun rated it
March 29, 2017
Status: c26
I rarely write a review with just a few chapters in but I feel like I have to do it seeing that the other review is not giving justice to this novel.

Basically, this novel is the combination of apocalypse+survival+virtual reality genres. I can barely expound on the characters as it is only the beginning but the MC is a typical strong female lead with strong will. So, people who enjoys reading novels with female MC might enjoy reading this. Up to chapter 26, the amounts of notable characters can be... more>> counted on one hand, which can be a blessing or a curse. A blessing because it allows for the world building and a curse because the characters developments and interactions are minuscule.

The plot are definitely lackluster but as I mentioned, it is still the beginning so we can expect it to be elaborated later on. People would find it boring because the plots are moving slowly, and the fact that in spite of it being virtual reality, there's no clear distinction of titles, professions and quest systems that are normally found in VR. However, people who enjoys reading about survival genre might found this novel to their liking. To me, it is leaning towards Korean novels like Reincarnator, etc. And I quite like it.

There's definitely plot holes and certainly MC with plot armors, but around 99% of novels in NU have them so who cares as long as it is enjoyable to read.

Anyway, there is just too little to write about, but the novel is definitely promising. <<less
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October 1, 2017
Status: c18
The premise just doesn't make any sense. Out fo 120 billion people, 40 billion will survive ? Isn't it just people have 2 kills on average then the game ends ? Seeing as everyone is killing eachother won't it end in a few hours then (in an hour or so in the game, the MC already managed to kill around 6 people) ? If you want to take the strongest people, why make it in some medieval-fantasy setting and not a modern one where you actually get to use weapons... more>> you would need in real life ? The MC doesn't feel like she's thinking at all, as well, she doesn't plan anything ahead, she doesn't think when some guy wants to follow her.

Oh and let's not forget the most important of all, they have absolutely no reason to be killing eachother but everyone seems to be the worst scum earth has ever seen. <<less
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iiWonderWomanii rated it
September 30, 2018
Status: c12
Personally, I really like this and am a fan of the survival genre. This is one of the few series with a female lead in a survival genre. The beginning, I wasn't a big fan of; it didn't make sense. However, due to the rush of adrenaline in later chapters, I feel like I can forgive the rough beginning. I happen to like the writing style and the way the female lead views things. She's practical and realistic but still not absolutely cold, and I think that's awesome.

It sucks that... more>> this novel has such a low score, I think it's deserving of a much higher one. I hope more people will try to get past the first few chapters. It's a really good novel if you give it the chance to shine! <<less
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