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Mikuriya Tooru, whose hobby is reading and special skill is housework, was reincarnated into the mob character Oswald, the cousin of the villainous daughter and the evil general’s first love, who was abandoned because he had been sleeping unconscious for a year. In order to save his cousin Lucrezia, he has no choice but to marry the King’s younger brother, the evil general….What? Since when was there boys love?

Associated Names
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Kakowa re mobu wa shizuka ni hiki komoritai
Kakoware Mob wa Shizuka ni Hikikomoritai
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BobChan rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: c11
The story isn't something new and it's done... rather poorly. We meet the ML, Theodore Vassallo right off that bat and he's pretty 2D. He's obsessed with the Oswald (the vessel the MC inhabits) and due to some events, he turned to an alternative method to save his obsession. This leads to the MC, Mikuriya Tooru transmigrating into the body.

I don't know if the author was just lazy or something but the story lacks explanation and fillers.

... more>>

After the MC transmigrated, the ML asked who the MC was and it was plainly devised on how they jumped over this hurdle. The MC just straightforwardly told the ML who he was and the ML accepted it without another thought. It was just plain boring what happened and lacked any feeling.

Not joking at all, here's an excerpt from chapter 2:


“Well, who are you?”

... What!?

“Huh... ? What... ”

“Oswald’s soul was shattered by [Moria’s Honeydew], but... I wanted it. It could be in any form as long as it was alive. The witch says that for that purpose, she has to draw out the soul of Oswald’s previous life or something and put it in the vessel. Well then, who are you?”

... Too much, ... I feel crazy...

I sigh.

“Mikuriya Tooru, 19 years old. My hobby is reading. Special skill is... housework in general. Maybe... You guys, say, I come from a different world... I think, but, Oswald, I have his memories...?”

“You have his memories? So what kind of man am I in them?”

“What, ... kind... ”

The king’s younger brother from memory is a mysterious person and who only occasionally speaks.

That said, His Royal Highness lowered his eyebrows.


And that's literally what happened... It lacked personality, any emotion, and most importantly, momentum to push the storyline.


Everyone, including the MC is flat. They have no real personality and are more like the mob characters on the side. Overall, I don't recommend this novel as there other novels better written than this. <<less
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Kazekun rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: c12
This, umm actually translator is doing great job in translating, it's just the story itself, how do I say it? I don't understand anything in this story. I mean, it has good premise actually, but somehow I felt plain in reading it when I expect good story from the synopsis. The pace is too fast like "what the hell is happening?!". I gave 3 stars for translator and good premise.
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HalfFriedChicken rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: c19
I feel like I´m missing something.

Like this is the translation of half a chapter each time and we start at the first "half" of the next chapter without knowing what happened at the end of the chapter before...
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judeiiro rated it
January 27, 2021
Status: c30
This is the most bizarre writing I've ever read. The translator did a good job trying to get it to make sense, I can't imagine how it's like in MTL?? 5 stars for effort!

The premise isn't the most unique out there--MC reincarnates into a mob character of an otome game and the heroine is also reincarnated/transmigrated. MC brings in IRL creations to the fantasy world, yadda yadda. However, the MC's thoughts are frustratingly all over the place, I'm not sure what he's trying to achieve anymore lmfao

From the direction it... more>> seems to be going, I'm gonna bet my last bowl of instant noodles that

MC is the saint and he will overthrow the heroine along the way, whether he likes it or not


Might recommend for a boring day, or for the brave, bless your braincells on this jumpy story flow <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hibatsu rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c24
Tbh idk why I'm still reading this novel. I'm trying to give it a chance since there's like 178 chapters and all but really most of the time, I don't understand what's happening every chapter. It keeps on jumping. I supposed I should read in between the lines, but frankly the author's writing is terrible. So far the smut tag is unjustified.
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Nura_Blast rated it
December 2, 2022
Status: c30
kinda fun, quite slightly above average Japanese isekai Yaoi. MC isn’t too dense and not at all self depreciating (beside when something bad happened “because” of him). There are only 30 chp so far, and it’s been dropped for 2 years now so I can’t talk about the later chapter, but so far the ML don’t have much presence. Well, the chapters are a bit shorts so I think it’s better to say that it’s only been 20chp so far. BUT, the pace is way too fast. It’s missing a... more>> few transitional part like, the 4 years time skip was skipped too much and the I personally have a hard time assimilating the adopted daughter’s personality beside the brother-complex/daddy-issue. Beside the ML, they all simp for MC, viewing him as a “god”. This about an anime background character mentally screaming “KAMI-SAMA!!!”. A bit cringe tbh.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself just because MC wasn’t a dense mf with so much insecurity he wasn’t blind to his own values and achievements. He isn’t still isn’t aware of his own beauty it that doesn’t matter since he isn’t already married with ML, so, meh.

I liked it but it’s too bad no one picked it up and I don’t know Japanese. But I will keep this inutiles “on hold” list and wait. But I also might just search for an MTL. <<less
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Sheerluck31 rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: c14
Well, what can I say? Each chapter is incredibly short, and so are the interactions. The story seems good, if a bit bland, but there is no flesh.

Only the bare minimum is written so one can guess what is happening.

I'll keep reading. Maybe it gets better.
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Takitori rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: c20
this story is cute, I really like it. Those two are also a cute couple with one of them being obsessed with the other.
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