Supreme Soaring Immortal


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The eternal struggle between good and evil, Qin Shuang steps onto the path of cultivating, meeting various heroic individuals on her way to immortality, experiencing various events on her journey.

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Sam7 rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: c2512
This novel is such a gem! I love cultivation novels and I feel like I've read a good amount! Female authors tend to focus more on petty fights between woman, love triangles, overbearing male leads, and heavy romance etc. They never seem to explain cultivation, like oh, just cultivated for a whole day and night in my space and I jumped from 1st layer of refinement to the 10th layer! I'm a genius! But we know theres more to it than that! I actually enjoy the process that an author... more>> takes to explain cultivation, like IET or Lady Cultivator, I like the creative take of the cultivation methods. I enjoy the process of cultivation and everything about it! And I like reading about their fighting techniques. So yeah, I was surprised that there was this cultivation novel that explained the cultivation process but also included her fighting techniques! Female transmigration/cultivation novels tend to leave this out. So I read it and it was a great journey and I loved it!

Story starts with our heroine Liu Meiruo dying and being reborn into the Seventh Princess's body Qin Shuang! In her previous life she was a Martial God, but now shes just a waste. Sounds familiar, right? But what makes it different is that the author doesn't focus on petty fights between woman, love triangles, and overbearing male leads. There is romance but its subtle, you wont even know its there. The heroine is smart and decisive! The characters are good and all male leads ain't falling head over heels in love with the heroine, but they are definitely impressed by her. And what I like is that the heroine relies mostly on herself, the ML isn't indirectly helping her, he doesn't do everything for her, he isn't paving the way for her. She is a strong and capable female lead. The plot does follow the usual cultivation plot line, but in a way thats well-executed and engaging. Its a novel about cultivation and adventure. But if you don't like cultivation, this is probably not the novel for you. This seems to be the authors second work. Her first work is called Ultimate Female Fairy and I had read it because there was a manga on webnovel of it, 45 chapters in and its kinda slow, (novel version) I think theres more romance in her first novel, but anyways I like her new work better! If you like Phoenix Destiny, Lady Cultivator, An Unyielding Wind, Legend of Fuyao read this! <<less
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HamsterOverlord-sama rated it
December 18, 2019
Status: c138
This novel as for ch138 has shown great world-building with many interesting characters and a good cultivation system. It has the various cliches like face-slapping or arrogant young masters but the (I'm comparing the novel with other xiaxia's but with male MC's cause I have not read many with female MC's) arrogant young masters don't behave like animals in heat and many opponents who start out by looking like general stepping stone types grow and can admit their mistakes. The MC also admits that she has much to learn and... more>> she does learn a lot and wants to learn instead of being an arrogant self-righteous as*hole like some other MC's in other books of similar genres do.

The MC is OP but she's neither the most OP nor is she the biggest cheat in the novel. The potential ml's so far are charming and have their good points. They are also not flawless and they actually have their own lives outside of MC's life.

The novel lacks competent female characters if we compare with the male characters but they exist in the novel too, which is kinda cool


I kinda hope that the biggest cheat in the novel so far will end up with his master instead of joining the MC's subtly building reverse-harem. The foundation is already there and it would be something more interesting than him getting together with the MC. Just saying.


What I wanted to say is that the novel follows the cliches but in a way that is somewhat unique to itself and it adds a bit of its own to them. The story is worth the read, at least <<less
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